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Moto Q9M overall good phone/pda


Oct 6, 2007 by cleansho93

I have had this phone for about 10 days now and overall I am satisfied with it. I work for a wireless retailer and see just about all the new phones that come out. I must first say that I have never been a Motorola fan even though I thought the original Q was not too bad. As soon as I was able to order this phone into our store I did and purchased it. So here it goes...


Style- I personally love the look of this phone with the flat black finish and red accents.

Keyboard- Very ergonomic and the keys have a great non-slip service to them. One of the best keyboards I have used on any smart phone.

Sound quality- Very good on this phone, much better as compared to previous phone (LG EnV)

Speakers- The sound quality of music played through the speakers on this phone is awesome, one of the best sounding that I have heard.

Signal strength- I put this under pro's even though the signal strength is not by any means extraordinary, though I felt it necessary to mention due to the Phone Scoop review stating it as a "major shortcoming of the Q9M." I use this phone in the St Louis, MO area and found that the signal strength was comparable to that of the LG EnV (known for excellent reception). It seemed that the Q9M generally had one bar less than the EnV in several places, but in most good coverage areas they were about the same.


Battery- Battery Life is not as advertised, though most phones rarely are. With normal SMS, web browsing, and voice call usage, I find myself charging it about every day and a half.

OS- Operating system is a bit laggy, but not enough to be a problem for me.

WiFi- No built in WiFi

So there we go. Overall the Q9M is a nice smart phone with many well-thought features. I would recommend it for anyone looking for a stylish smart phone at a reasonable price.

Phone is OK


Aug 24, 2010 by troybuilt

Personally this is a good phone. I've had it for a few years from verizon. Had the regular Q then migrated to the Q9m then Q9c.

I've had the Q9 series on both phones replaced several times due to soft keys making popping noises after a month of owning it.

Another issue with this phone is the lag/freezing especially while trying to take a picture it will never be a quick shot with this phone. by the time the picture is taken you see nothing but motion blur. I've been to the everythingq site and done the hacks and it does not fix the issues. Windows Mobile 6.0 - 6.1 will always be a laggy freezing OS until these manufactures figure out that more processing speed and ram is needed to make the OS run efficiently.

Another issue i have with this phone is the speakers "stereo speakers" they sound great and makes music and anything audio sound good quality without hearing cracking noises in the speakers but eventually you will hear it and the volume level for both media and ring tones isn't very loud as most phones today are.

All in all it's been a good phone despite the problems it does have. Motorola and the rest of these companies needs to make phones with better speed and ram and more internal memory to make these phones great and the customers will keep buying from them and not losing money on exchanges because they want to save money on making them.

Good for my use


Jul 10, 2009 by whoswanda

I've had the device six months and had no issues. I use it for business, mostly for email from exchange server. Since I've not used a touch screen phone, don't miss it.

Pros: good touch to key board; easy to set up and navigate; love being able to update contacts, calendars & email straight from the server w/o having to sync.

Cons: wish battery would last more than 24 hours

I've found that if I turn it off an a regular basis I don't have any problems with freezing or locking up. Seems most people never turn off their devices, and really it's like a mini- pc and needs to be rebooted.

Not perfect but best I've had so far


Mar 4, 2009 by mystikalkat

I have had to have mine replaced once so far. It continually locked up and had to remove battery to restart. My new one has shut it self off 3 times for no reason. And now my internal memory is full and the only extra on it is my Google maps. None of the reviews I have read have mentioned a memory problem. So is this a problem only I am experiencing or does anyone else have it too?

Moto Q9c Issues


Feb 25, 2009 by djenningsoh

OK, we see the Pros/Cons and note the unhappy users biggest complaint: Lag/Slow/Freezing.

How come some of the users don't have these issues? It's all in how the phone is used or the settings with regards to Text Messaging.
Fix the problem and you might actually like this phone.

Those that experience these problems most likely have their text messaging settings set-up to memorize words/phrases. Turn this setting off and clear the existing memorized history and your phone will be cured!

I hated this phone until I did this fix...

Check it out:

Good Luck!

Nice phone


Nov 14, 2008 by kyamcg

I have had the Verizon Q9m since before spring break, and it is a pretty nice phone. Here is a quick summary of it...
-very nice keypad
-big screen
-fast texting
-I like how easy it is to start calls and messages by just starting to type the name.

-gets a little slow when running multiple programs
-hits buttons in your pocket, and keylocking everytime starts to get annoying

about a month ago i updated it to the Q9c software, and now it runs much better. The threaded SMS helps a lot, and there isn't so much worthless media software on there.

If you want a smart phone, I would really recommend this one!

Good phone, unless it freezes up!!


Sep 25, 2008 by dcollin4444

I was looking for a smartphone that has MS Office files (Word, Excel), access to the full internet, email & had text messaging. I wasn't interested in a blackberry so this was the perfect fit for me. However I had to take this phone back 3 times because the phone froze up. Yes, 3 times. When the phone worked, it was great. It worked for 1 day the first time...4 days the 2nd time & for a month & a half the 3rd time. Verizon said that the problem was due to software, but 3 times with one user seems more than small problem. After hours of frustration and losing all my contacts, I have purchased the Blackberry Curve 8330. I'm getting used to it but I'll be happy as long as it doesn't freeze up on me...

Q9m: Not for the non-tech savvy


Aug 14, 2008 by peastvold

I have the q9m and I am actually quite happy with it, but there are things that could be somewhat better. The ONLY difference between the q9m and the q9c is that the q9c has GPS capability.

-Windows OS 6 provides a good collection of program options for whatever your needs are.
-Laptop tether option is great for getting internet on your laptop wherever there is not Wi-Fi (also makes it so you don't have to buy an aircard, just use your phone for the modem instead).
-I got a Nintendo emulator to work on it, as well as Doom... Yay!
-Syncs with your Outlook through the net for awesome features keeping your email, contacts, and tasks the same on your PC and phone, provided you have an exchange server.
I think the keyboard is good, but someone with non-dexterous fingers may disagree.
-Phone automatically splits TXTs into multiple messages if they get too big.

-When you get a bunch of apps running, you must call up the task manager to quit them. (There should be a way to close the apps while you are in them)
-If you are running an exchange server with a self made security certificate (non-Verisign etc.), you must export it from your server and import it into the phone in order to sync.
-Verizon has no upgrade for Windows Mobile to 6.1, which fixes some of the annoyances of the 6.0 OS.
-You can't make gmail, hotmail, yahoo etc. your main email that shows up on the home screen.
-Texting could be threaded.
-Video Capabilities are limited to 15fps

I may add more to this post later, if that is possible.

I Took Mine Back


Jul 29, 2008 by z8206

Pros: Does as advertised, except.

Cons: Bad experience! I had the Verizon 9Qc for one day and it locked up. Took it back to Verizon and a technician performed a hard reset and gave it back to me. The next day it locked up again, so I did a hard reset. Same deal the next day, so I exchanged it for another 9Qc. Same thing with the second 9Qc. Long story short, I now have an ATT Moto Q 9h. Better features and no problem locking up. Would not recommend the Verizon 9Qc.

Great phone with some problems


Jul 28, 2008 by Rolamoto

Pros: Great call quality, the extended battery Sprint includes lasted me ~2 days with fairly heavy texting and moderate Internet use, the Windows Mobile 6.1 upgrade is really nice, miniSD (the memory this phone uses) is cheaper and holds more than microSD, the phone looks beautiful.

Cons: Both my dad and I bought this phone and within a week both of us had a fair amount of dust between the LCD and the plastic over it, It can get really bogged down if you don't end applications, and the delete key is in a really weird place.

Other thoughts: For a multimedia phone it really should have a 3.5mm headphone jack.

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