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Enjoying my Q9c


Dec 24, 2008 by StefanyDoke

I recently bought a Q9c for my work phone, I work for Alltel and absolutely love this phone. I find other reviews quite harsh actually! I haven't had any problems with my Q9c, the only draw back I have found yet is with the texting. I guess I just type on it too fast for it to keep up. And it has frozen a few times. But other than that and overall great phone, for my first smart phone.

Great phone dependable


Dec 24, 2008 by jfnjfn

Phone excellent quality. Voice great. Emails on exchange flawless.

Cannot say enough good about it.

Worst Phone Ever


Nov 18, 2008 by CadetChip

Worst phone ever made. Slower than a pack of grannies with broken hips, even the simplest of functions such as the calculator take over a minute to complete. trying to make a phone call, i type in the first number and that alone takes 30-40 seconds to even appear on the screen.

The entire reason the device was created, to call another telephone, barely even works half the time. i type in a number, press the green send button, and it just looks at me like a confused three year old with a particle physics textbook, "what am i supposed to do with this?!"

Texting, oh boy. every single text i send frustrates me eve more. after the first few characters, the rest of the characters disappear into "motorola fairy land" and by that i mean i'm typing them, and they are there, i just can't see them anymore. (motor ) see, annoying isn't it?

I've been told to go to motorola or verizon's tech support, which i have. both of which told me that the phone is operating just fine and nothing is wrong with it. so apparently motorola has sought to create a phone who's sole purpose is to breed a level of anger never seen by man, one capable of tearing the universe in half. they have succeeded, hold on everyone, this is gonna be a bumpy ride.

if you're looking to buy this phone or anything else made my motorola, do yourself a favor, RUN. run as fast as you can and as far as you can. when you think you can't run anymore, when you think your legs are gonna fall off and your lungs are going to jump out of your chest, run 10 more feet. hopefully you will find yourself in the happy and gleeful lands of LG or Blackberry.

Do not Purchase


Jun 30, 2008 by escoe12

I have had this phone for about 4 months now. I am on my third one! It freezes up on me several times, it will just shut itself off whenever, and it is extremely slow considering I have everything stored on my card. The internet is actually descent. Camera is ok. It is a good phone to text on. Overall the phone is terrible, I will never buy a Motoroloa phone again, will stick with LG. If you want to phone that freezes up, turns off automatically, and if you just like to visit your local Verizon store often, then this is the phone for you!

this phone is nothing but a paper weight.


Mar 30, 2008 by brickedin21

I bought this phone just a little over a month ago, about 6 days past the verizon 30 day trial of the phone, it all of the sudden started freezing and locking up to the point where i would have to take the battery out, put it back in, wait 5 min for it to start up *thank you microsoft* and then i would have about 30 seconds to use it before it would start locking up again to the point where it wasnt even worth my time trying to use it. luckily, i called tech support and they were nice enough to give me an additional 30 days trial on any phone i want since this happened so early in the deal. STAY AWAY FROM MOTOROLA, even the woman on tech support said that the most phones that come in for repairs/problems, are almost always motorolas. im switching to audiovox next week.

Great!....on Sprint


Feb 25, 2008 by the 07boi

I got this phone for sprint on February first...and i love it!!

Back in october i had the Q9M on verizon and returned it after a week...the batter like was horrible, signal not all the good and it was slowwwwwww.....

I was hesitant when i got it for sprint but gave it a try. The Q9C is sooo much better

Battery life-Lasts 2 days on heavy use
Great Reception-never dropped a call(even with no bars showing u have good reception)
Web is Fast
Texting is easy and fast
Loud ringtones
Nice Screen
Not too big, Not too small
when on the phone(off speakerphone)people hear me good, i hear people good
windows media, music and videos sound good
Speakerphone is not that strong

Sprint's Q9C


Jan 7, 2008 by Echelon86

I have had this phone for 3 weeks now and have been disappointed on nearly every front. For starters, my charger went out within 2 weeks (for a $600 phone!), activesync worked once and now fails to sync any information, and the phone is sluggish and WM6 is buggy. My music (in WMP) plays at barely audible even when cranked up to 100% while the ringtones are nice and loud.

The worst part about this phone is the service, which is really bad. I previously had a Katana with sprint and have a few Sprint pre-paid phones (virgin, trumpet) that get better signal than this expensive paperweight. The worst thing about it is that Sprint refuses to take it back.

This is the worst investment I have ever made and I am very disappointed with how Sprint wants to handle this (by not handling it). It's no wonder they are losing over 100,000 customers per month. Do not buy this phone for any reason. It looks nice but is completely non-functional as a smartphone. Even as a phone it is on the lower end of the spectrum.

I wanted to like this phone..


Jan 7, 2008 by JSpired

I really, really wanted to like this phone, but ultimately took it back..


**Good call quality
**Great internal GPS

**MAJOR dust under the screen!!
**Lots of dropped calls

I previously owned the original Motorala Q (on Sprint). Dust under the screen was a huge issue with this phone and is again with the follow-up.The call quality with Motorola is excellent, but unfortunately, dust under the screen and dropped calls was enough for me to return this unit.

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