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Moto Q 9c is better than most I've tried.


Jul 2, 2008 by BradQue

After recently receiving a Moto Q 9c (Sprint) at work and liking it, I launched out on a search for one for me. That proved difficult but finally successful.

Coming from a older Verizon Moto v710 and a TMobile Sidekick, I find the Moto Q has lots of features that I like. Some Pros include:

Ease of use and a real keypad instead of a touch screen or a slide out keypad that, while usually larger, is not as convenient or quick to access.

Setup was easy and Sprint's Customer Reps were very helpful, the activation process going without a hitch.

Straightforward setup for 3 email accounts and all worked fine from the start. As did navigation, TV, and other optional features.

Easy to sync with my Vista PC, add programs, etc. I was even able to install software that allows me to see live motion video from my home security camera. (Take that Verizon.)

Battery life with extended battery is decent.


The darn thing is hard to find - nobody seems to be selling it anymore.

Attempts to do an online upgrade from WM 6.0 to 6.1 have been unsuccessful so far.



Jul 2, 2008 by jskinvest

I have had the q9m phone for over three months and here is what I have to say: I LOVE THIS PHONE!!!!!!

1) Windows mobile interface is elegant and intuitive
2) All kinds of third party applications available
3) Internet browsing is fast
4) Call quality is crystal clear and reception is top notch
5) Best keyboard you will ever find
6) Predictive text makes texting and emailing a breeze
7) Email is fantastic. I downloaded push effect by Qorefuncion and I get my email messages on the phone within seconds of when the are sent.
8) Perfect form factor..super thin, fits great in hand

Cons: (not many)
1) can be a slight lag now and then...nothing terrible
2) No GPS..but the newer q9c has it

I have no idea why some people give this phone and WM6 a bad rap. In my mind windows mobile has the best functionality and the q9m form factor is perfect.

You can have your blackberry..I will take this phone any day.

Motorola Q9m good phone somewhat


Jun 27, 2008 by callways

I really wanted to love this phone and did for about 10 days. I had the Moto Q9m under the sprint carrier. My Q9 died on me after trying to run the internet explorer application. A little unhappy about that. I'm not to sure why it did that or what i was supposed to do so I took the battery out let it rest and put the battery in. When I powered it up it went as far as the Motorola screen and wold not do much more than that. I then went to the PAlm Centro which i liked a little bit better for a couple of reasons and finally the Samsung Instinct which i love.

texting was better than originally expected
picture capturing almost instant
camera is quality
email client pretty good
superb battery life

NO MMS kind of need that taking many pics sending straight to clients
buttons seem to wear easier than expected
extended battery made device a bit clunky

overall enjoyed the phone just wish I could of had more time with it and MMS.

My First Smartphone!


Jun 26, 2008 by MotoGal26

So this review is going to be on my first smartphone! The MOTO Q9c- Licorice. I just reciently came over from the Motorola V9M, and loved the phone, but needed a phone that could everything that I needed to do, seeing how I travel, and really appreciate not having to carry my laptop everywhere I go! So far I really enjoy this phone, however the first one that I got was defective, within a few days I recieved my second one, and have really enjoyed it!

The PROS of this phone:

- Windows Mobile 6, very user friendly just like using your own computer/laptop.
- Bright, colorful screen!
- 1.3 mgpx camera, suprisingly is a really nice camera on this phone, downgrading from a 2.0!
- Very loud ringer/ mp3/ speaker volume/ear volume, I feel it completely blows my RAZR2 right out of the water.
- Internet does not move as slowly as some may say, and uploads software quickly onto phone.
- LOVE the "my documents" on the phone, I use this phone mainly because all of my school is online, so I can type up documents and submit them through to school! YAY!
- Strong signal for me ( West Coast)
- Flashy looking phone, was going to get the green, but I think the black looks really classy.

The CONS of this phone:

- Doesn't do it often to me, but does reboot on occasion which can be a bit irritating.
- Hanging up from a call at time freezes, which can be a bit annoying.
- Freezes on occasion after accessing the internet, or larger file.
- Camera can be kind of difficult to get too, but hey, phones weren't made to take pictures, cameras were!

Overall, I really enjoy this phone, I was a bit worried because 1. it's my first smartphone, and 2. it's my first "bar style" phone in 5-6 years, as I've always been a fan of flip phones, but the minute I got it, I was just please with it.

In all honesty, I can't say I will have the phone a very long time, as I do get bored with phones easily, and already have my sights set on the HTC Touch when it comes to my carrier!

Motorola and Microsoft don't work


Jun 23, 2008 by jedge01

I've been using the Q9C for about 3 weeks now and I for the most part, like the phone. I'm a pilot and I don't have the luxury of waiting for a cell phone to keep up with me, and this one has done a pretty good job up until recently. Unfortunately, in the last week things have started taking a turn for the worse. I've had to shut the phone down repeatedly over the last week, to include actually removing the battery 3 times in one day just to be able to make phone calls because the phone has frozen up. The good thing about this phone is the battery, and it's Windows. The down side is it's Windows.

Windows-easy to use

Battery life-VERY long. Even with multiple emails, phone calls (with Bluetooth running constantly!), web usage, text messages, mp3 player, etc. the battery still lasted 3+ days on a charge.

Easy/comfortable to hold

GPS seems to work very well from the few times I used Google Maps.

Keyboard is easy to use, keys spaced nicely, and textured for a nice feel.


It freezes up constantly (even with the aid of the Task Manager).

Can't send Picture Mail (C'mon Microsoft, it's not like this is difficult!!)

Volume could be louder

Speakerphone isn't that great

For some reason, it decided my 2 GB sd card had too much on it and erased all my music.

For some reason it won't allow me to SEND from my POP3 accounts, but it would allow me to receive. I could send from my Microsoft Server Account. Sprint says this is an issue with RoadRunner, my email provider. It worked fine with my old PPC6700 though.

And now, as I wait for my Blackberry Curve to arrive tomorrow, the backlight won't turn off. Even after turning it off then on, and removing the battery, nothing helps.

Moto Q. Sweet or not?


Jun 14, 2008 by Maddy Rene

I own this phone and I absolutely LOVE it.
I like the way it looks, the key pad and everything about it.

The only thing is, This is my THIRD moto q 9m in a month and a half. And it's not because i don't take care of my phone, I take excellent care of my phone. the reason why this is my third replacement phone is because after about a good week, to two weeks The battery dies and turns off and when ever I try to turn it back on it freezes on the "Verizon Wireless" screen. It makes me so sad when it freezes because this phone is amazing and i love it. If this phone does the whole "freezing and not turning on deal" again I'm trading it for a different phone.

Other than that, I love love love this phone, sure it's a little slow at times but it doesn't bug me that much.



Jun 10, 2008 by Aqua

I find this phone worser then the basic moto Q.
From the reviews I am seeing.

I also heard the Moto Q dropped the price by 50$

Goood Lord!


May 30, 2008 by WashCaps

This device (Q9C)Verizon- is fantastic!

I have had the device for a few days now and have to rate this an easy 5.

1 and only 1 flaw that I can find right now is the battery life. I do believe that is my fault with the sheer usage from the thing!

Speaker phone, office quality
Active Sync, seemless.. almost BlackBerryesque

Camera, video are all bonuses.
Great reception
Wonderful look

Finally Moto.. Good Job!

Cons, Cons, Cons


May 26, 2008 by fltmedic

I bought the phone and had it for 2 weeks when it locked up beyond a "hard reset". They gave me a new phone. I cannot sync it with my computer because I do not have outlook, so I lost all of my information and had to go to the store, and have them pull the information out of my old phone. There is no wireless back up for this phone, so if you don't have sync, well, you lose your information. Two weeks later with the new phone, I kept noticing that people were calling me, but the phone would not ring. Once again a hard reset and a trip to the store to put the information back in the phone. This time I got smart, bought a SD card, saved my pictures and video to it, but last night, two weeks after the last reset, I noticed that the backlight would not turn off, after yet another hard reset and losing my information, the backlight will still not turn off. SO, I'm going back to the store tomorrow since I have had 2 phones and need a third in 8 weeks, and getting another kind of phone. To boot, somehow, I cannot format my SD card and it is showing that nothing is on it! This phone has done nothing but cause me grief for 8 weeks. I close my windows, I take the battery out once a week like they say, and do everything correctly and it still does not work. My provider will not help now and says that I have to go to the store and ask for a refund, and I will change phones then.
This phone is horribly slow all the time, they say make sure that the windows are closed by using the task manager, but that doesn't seem to help either. Meanwhile, I sit and wait with my battery draining and the backlight stuck on and a useless SD card, losing all of my pictures from my trip 2 weeks ago. Hopefully somebody will read this review and reconsider, I do see other reviews with similar problems. Ugg how frustrating.

It is ok


May 22, 2008 by bpfoscar

This phone looks nice, even with the bump in the back bc of the extended battery. The phone has a lot of great features like the large keyboard which is nice for texting and it is an easy phone to navigate through. With that being said I wouldn't really recommend this phone. It is really big and bulky and quite heavy. The speakerphone is terrible. I had mine for not even a full 24 hours and I swapped it out for the blackberry pearl. Much better phone.

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