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"Hears" the problem


Jul 3, 2008 by wwpat

My phone is OK if I'm in a quiet spot when on the cell. If not the person I'm talking to can hardly "hear" me. I have 2 of these phones and they both do the same thing with NO recourse. So lock yourself in a quiet room and talk your heart out. I can't believe I didn't see any other complaints about this.

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Not Impressed - But hey, it works...


Jul 2, 2008 by sdgmcdon

So, I have owned the 650, 700w, 700wx, 700P and now 755P...Also owned most other type of WM smart phones on VZW. Officially I'm done trying to like Palm OS.

I had a 700WX, was bored with it, tired of waiting for the 800w, so a few months ago when the 755P came to VZW I figured it's only a few more months, maybe *this time* I'll like Palm OS, so I got it...Should have kept the 700wx.

The Pros:
It is a phone and does make and receive calls

It is a PDA and thus does display calendar items, contacts, and sends/recieves emails.

BT tethering & BT hotsync both work really well.

The application I use to open lockboxes as a Realtor is really fast and pretty stable

Form factor and shell material better than 700 line

When you perform a hotsync it backs up EVERYTHING including call logs, menu settings, sounds etc. That's nice.

That's about it...

The Cons:
Palm OS interface looks like a childs drawing representation of a pda....back in 92'

BT Headsets work, then don't work, work, then don't work. Static most of the time. Just flat can't rely and use a headset with this phone. This is however true of the WM flavors in 700 line in my experience

Message alerts do not work reliably...sometimes I get an alert, sometimes I don't

SLOW SLOW SLOW - Much slower to respond than 700wx

Crashes/Locks just as frequently as any WM device I've ever had

After a hard reset you have to reinstall versamail and/or sync device from computer to get emails, calendar, contacts etc back

Video plays in tiny little box in center of screen for a lot of videos...on WM video can always be played full screen.

Seeing as how I have no more space to write I will leave it with saying if you know/like Palm OS and you are not a heavy business user, the 755P will probably work fine for you. If you are a heavy business user stick with WM, it's built for business users unlike Palm OS.

Now if they would just release the freakin 800w already! Grrr...

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Good and Bad


Jun 6, 2008 by PhoneSmith

I had to download chatter mail - because the Verizon wireless sync is horrible (i.e. every now and then it would send the same e-mail about 29 times). Very frustrating.

The camera is not good - it's really grainy and you can't zoom in - which is a feature I loved in some of my previous phones.

I've been told by more than one person that the phone sounds horrible when you're on the receiving end - especially when you're outside. The microphone is very sensitive and picks up all background noise.

But - the phone is okay so far, despite everything mentioned above. Would I recommend it to someone? Probably not.

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Not as good as the 700p


Apr 26, 2008 by JC1

I had the 700p both with Sprint. I upgrades to the 755p as part of my switch to Verizon. I've since switched to the 700p from Verizon. I found that this phone is slower in switching between apps. It might be because I had wireless sync set up though. This phone has a defect where background noise is very noticable by the other person on the phone. I have not had that problem with the 700p. People rave about the Google Maps on the 755p. Folks, you can download Google Maps on the 700p, it just doesn't come preinstalled. I prefer the large SD card on the 700p to the microSD. It's much quicker to take out. I can put it right in to my computer and don't have to deal with adapters. As far battery life, just get a seidoonline.com extended battery for the Treo 700p. Yesterday I was out all day and at night my battery was still at 85%. This extended battery does not add width to the phone unlike with other PDAs like the i760. There is also an extended battery for the 755p. I don't see any good resason to upgrade to the 755p. I must say that I love the touch screen of a Treo. I can quickly set an appointment without having to scroll through too much. Lastly, you can buy a used or refurbished phone on eBay and not have a contract unlike the new 755p. This way I paid half as much and I can still upgrade to a new phone whenever Palm comes out with something better or Verizon comes out with some decent quad band touch screen PDAs. They do not currently have a good selection for what I need so the 700p is it for now. AT&T has some excellent PDAs right now. Verizon is lagging.

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Love my Treo 755p


Apr 21, 2008 by golfncpa

Purchased the Verizon Treo 755 in January of 2008. I wanted a PDA for my calendar, contacts and making phone calls, and can sync with my PC at my office. I didn't want a PDA for the Internet or email features. This phone does exactly what I want and was looking for. If you are looking for a PDA with the features that I described, then I'd get this phone.

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$579.99 Smartphone?? Not Hardly!


Dec 17, 2007 by jstorm

Pros: Still trying to come up with a good list.

Cons: Freezes up constantly, Battery life is less than desirable, email....it'd be faster to drive to that person's residence that wait for an email. The "web not even go there.

As of today my Treo is completely locked up! Can't power it on or off. Pulled the battery out for a few hours, reinstall it and ........yep, still just flashes back and forth from the Alltell screen to Access powered. WOW! I pay $109 a month for service to this "Smartphone"?

I know I probably sound a little worked up, but come on. Get Real Palm!!

Do yourself a favor if you are looking at purchasing this phone: Step back and walk away!

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Great Phone


Dec 12, 2007 by Dibman

I'm by no means a power user of this phone, as I primarily got it to replace my Palm Pilot. (Why not have 1 device that allows me to get rid of 2?) I don't use Bluetooth because I think it's ridiculous, I don't have internet because I am near an internet accessible computer nearly 24 hours a day, and I don't have an email account linked to it because I'd rather not know that my work/home email is piling up. I strictly got this phone for my personal organizer and cell phone. And believe it or not, I'm not some technology-fearing old man, I'm a 26 year old computer programmer.

With that being said, I think this is a spectacular device. I can easily make it a few days without a charge with a mixture of palm applications, games and phone calls. I have not experienced the infamous reset, and all in all am very happy with the phone.

-Palm application ease-of-use
-Battery life
-Crystal clear phone calls
-Spectacular reception (Sprint service in the Midwest)
-Nice stylus

-None yet

I read nearly all of the reviews on here before I purchased my phone, and must say, some of you are rating the phone low because of your own actions that do not appear to be the phone's fault. The phone doesn't hang up unless you press the button firmly? Actually, I think it does, it just pauses for a moment when it brings up the box that says how long your call was. When I'm on a call I hang up on people because the buttons are sensitive? Right... Keyboard tough to operate when I get my nails done? No comment...

Again, I don't use bluetooth or the browser, so I can't put any feedback on those. But all in all this is a great phone. I would not pay $579.99 for it, but highly recommend looking for it on Ebay or other auction sites, picking one up cheap (got mine for $125.00) and getting the insurance just in case.

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Awesome phone


Dec 10, 2007 by robm122

This is the greatest phone I have ever own. It's does everything and it's really powerful. I am really happy with this phone. It is defitnetly worth the price.
One of the draw backs is it's bulky size but considering the power it has it's worth it.

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Excellent product


Dec 8, 2007 by ajs253

Have had the 755 for three weeks now and am enjoying it more and more by the day. First off, I am starting to fall in love with the uncluttered and organized screen of the Palm OS again. Rim is great and WM6 is wonderful too, but sometimes you want the clear organization of a Palm OS. (If only they came up with a newer version). The 755's new body without an an antenna and it's new exterior makes using and holding the phone so much more comfortable than its predecessor. The other thing I am enjoying is its super fast data connection and excellent reception. All in all, it's a great all purpose phone.

Cons, I wish it was a little thinner.

I like everything else about this phone.

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My 4.4" x 2.3" x 0.8" Office


Oct 15, 2007 by tarhead

First thing that got my attention was the size and feel of the 755p. Rubberized exterior and wide grip makes it feel like a phone. You don't get that how do I hold it feeling that comes with flip phones.

The software bundle that came with the phone is fantastic. With this creature you can create, receive, edit, ir beam, bluetooth, or email a spreadsheet or word document - without losing it's original form, as you listen to your favorite music. Wow. And yes, if someone calls you while this is all happening, you can pick up the call.

Great gaming platform, music platform, and work platform.

It comes with a embedded Kinoma player that handles most streaming video, which can be upgraded to their latest version - with has so much media I haven't seen it all yet. Kinoma will live stream any clear channel radio station.

Very easy to use and manipulate with the ability to multitask. I use sprint in central Texas and the internet speed on this little critter is incredible. Using sprint TV, the connection is so quick that I can watch Fox News on my TV. as i watch on my 755p and see maybe a fifteen to twenty second split between the two.

Not only that, but it's a phone too!

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