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Oct 13, 2008 by lremy22

I give this phone a perfect score because I am upgrading from the treo 700wx so I am really comparing my experiences between the two phones. When I first got the 700wx I was thoroughly excited about it until I saw its limitations however with the 755p I see no limitations(not at the moment at least). For those who may see things otherwise I must note that this is my first time using a device that runs Palm OS. I know that this os is a few years old but all I have ever known is WM so this is a new experience for me.

1. Reception is awsome
I took the phone to my mother's house in West Orange New Jersey where cell phone signals(outside of verizon) go to die and I had a strong signal even in her basement

2. Phone is very user friendly, I became knowledgeable of it right away

3. Crazy super fast internet

4. Java Enabled (unlike the 700wx or wm phones in general)

5. can switch between calls without any problems (unlike 700wx)

6. Docs to go are great
(for ppl using office 07 just save your docs in 97-03 compatable mode, when you go to save as)

7. Push email works great (so far at least)

8. keyboard is nice and spacious for easy typing or texting

9. Resolution is great 320:320

10. IM, Yahoo, MSN, AOL (something that the 700wx lacks)

11. Rubber coating makes phone easier to handle and less likely to slip out of your hands

12. Nice and compact, stub is gone

13 reception is wonderful, volume does not have to be turned up to the highest

14 sprint tv, agps,

15. Pairs easily with bluetooth, (something that 700wx had difficulties with)

16. Very PDA oriented for the person who knows the value of a PDA

17. Palm Desktop syncs very nicely and it does it when you want it to not everytime you connect.

18. Able to use battery from 700wx as an extended battery,sync cable, and charger.

19. Seems that there is software out there that can allow you to print docs from this phone

cons: os needs update

Love Love Love!


Dec 21, 2007 by luvthissprintmgr

I love this phone. My friends go as far as saying I'm married to it. I have my service through Sprint, and I have had no problems whatsoever. I tell a customer every day about this phone. Though it can be spendy, it is worth it. To get the best battery life and service through this phone, i would recommend taking the battery out every other day or so. It has so much going on that it needs a minute to reset sometimes.

*battery life is great, even when on the Internet. It will last me all day sometimes 2 days.
*love having my calendar at the push of a button
*2 words- GOOGLE MAPS. love it.
*totally able to customize.
*download-able applications, I have my Bible on mine.
*Obviously, the touch screen.
Chat-like messaging
*Great sounding ring tones and speakerphone
*No annoying vibrating, just a simple patterned light vibration.
*"Skin-like" exterior, it doesn't show every little scratch.
*Palm support. They are awesome!
*great camera

*remove battery to keep it from freezing up.
*only supports certain e-mail carriers through versamail.
*NO ONE makes accessories for this phone, not even Palm has a good selection.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this phone or Sprint!

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650 to upstage to 755p, 755p hands down.


Sep 22, 2007 by iMWi

Went from the 650 which I loved, but thought it was quite bulky, to the samsung upstage which was tiny..but I loathed some of its features after a while. Decided to go to the 755p as it was the newest Palm OS out there.

Needless to say, I will NEVER go back to a flip/bar/slider phone again.

My treo is so customized, I love it...does eveything I can possibly ever need.

I know I am a little partial, but the PALM OS is such an easy and user friendly platform, anyone should be able yo pick it up and go after a little getting used to.

If you are considering this phone, I would make any other phone an underdog in comparison as this is a do all machine, granted its a phone first and PDA second, still..does more than any average to business oriented individual will ever need.

GPS Navigation s


Aug 31, 2007 by mikedaddy

I was impressed by the phone. I never owned a Treo or any type of PDA phone other than an old Palm V which I never ended up using and giving to my daughter for school.
When I stepped into the Sprint store, they showed me the phone and informed me on some of the features and I was impressed. The thing that got me was the GPS Built in technology. Sprint also offered a package called the Navigation Pack. I wanted to use this feature because of my business but found that when I called Sprint, they do not have a Navigation package for 20 bucks. I have been misled. And the phone isn't supported for the Navigational software that sprint offers with the 25 dollar package that they offer with this. They sold it to me but don't have it available for the phone. Sprint is a crock of Sh##.
OTher than that. the phone works fine. Just needed to vent.

treo way better then the blackberry


Aug 28, 2007 by stefone

I've had this phine for about 2 mounths and honestly speaking I think its a great phone. I love it. I went from having a sidekick 3 and a nextel i930 to dropping both phones and buying the treo. I haven't regreted it yet and I don't think I'm going to. the internet is very fast. Its faster then my computer at home. lol. I pay all my bills on my phone. The only complaint I think I have is that the instant messenger is not very instant. It has I lag sometimes. You won't receive your messages right away. But the again sometimes you do.

fast internet
a lot of space to download more apps.
very light.
keyboard is comfortable.
camara has exelent quality.
and my favorate the touch screen.

cons. instant messenger lags.
scratches easy when u drop it ( but hey that gose for all phones )
battery is not strong at all. (maybe because I'm always using it) Nothing that an extra battery can't fix. lol.
but this phone is great. I love it I love it I love it.

Palm 755p is Worth the Purchase


Aug 7, 2007 by Palmloyal.com

The Treo 755p is one of the most useful Palm OS device ever created. Coming from the Treo 650, this is the best Palm OS phone on the market.

Can't say more then what has been said so far.

It is a great tool straight out the box; however, with a few added applications it is made into a much more useful device.

I have outline the features in a FREE podcast

Palmloyal Podcast #21 - Treo 650 and Treo 755p Compared

Essential Treo 755p Freeware Applications

The Best Phone Ever!!!! Worth the $300.00


Jul 26, 2007 by Jays_Razr

Hello Everyone is Phonescoop land! Can I just say, I've had my fare share of cellular phones, from Audiovox to BlackBerry, and out of them all I will NEVER go back! The Palm Treo 755p, is GREAT!!! There is no reason for one to complain about this phone or the service. I've had mine for about 2 days now, and I wouldn't trade for anything else! Palm Treo's are the best PDA's to purchase. The Camera is Great. Touch Screen, keyboard, everything!! A++++! The whole entire family either has the Treo 755p or the Treo 700wx on the Sprint Network!! Another thing, I get reception everywhere!! I recently left T-Mobile, they are too pricey and have NOTHING to offer. Come on now... $30.00 for a T-Mobile Dash or Wing. And all you get is access to the Internet. They have LOST IT!! My monthly bill with Sprint is only $98.99 excluding taxes. That's with 1 LG Fusic and 1 Palm Treo 755p, with the Sprint Power Vision Access Pack which is only $15.00 and Unlim. Power Text which is only $10.00. Plus by being an employee for the Hitachi Foundation we get a discount of our Monthly bill!! So Sprint is the way to go! Good Luck with your purchase!


A great PDA phone


Jul 25, 2007 by czechkayte

I work for Sprint. I've been through my fair share of phones, and I will admit this is my first PDA phone...so I was a tad apprehensive.

My advice? Don't be. It's extremely easy to use. There were a few things that I had to get the hang of at first, but I have co-workers around me who have had various models of the Treo to help.

To correct/answer a few things on previous reviews:

--The Treo 755p uses a mini SD card as opposed to the standard size because of the slimmer form factor. For Palm to be able to fit everything in, they needed to make a little room.

--The mini SD card IS EXPANDABLE TO 4 GB. Not 2. FOUR. Right now though, it's tough to find a reasonably priced 4 GB card. However, with sites like newegg.com, you can get a 2 GB for $20. You can't beat that.

The phone comes pre-loaded with Google maps, which is easier to use than Sprint Navigation anyway, and it's free (granted you need a data pack to access internet).

--"Oh, but I want GPS."
Why? It's $20 (that's with the data pack). Yes, it talks to you, but it's AGPS (assisted GPS), which operates off of the towers, NOT satellites, so if you have no cell coverage, you have no GPS. Might as well get a Magellan.

--pTunes is great. Unlike other mp3 phones, you can have the music playing all the time, no matter what you do. If you get a call, it pauses, and then it starts up again when you end the call.

**All in all--great phone, and extremely user-friendly for the first time PDA user. Would definitely reccommenc.

Won Over Tough Customer - The Wife


Jul 24, 2007 by PhoneCop

My Wifes 1st PDA phone and she loves it. She is "old fashion" & was quoted as saying that a mobile device should be a black brick with a tiny screen, dial pad, green button to begin a call and a red button to end the call.

( I have ad the 700wx since it was released in Early Sept 2006)

I say this to illustrate Palm OS ease of use in this device.


- EASY TO USE a PDA for anyone
- Beatiful Device (Sherlock Burgandy)
- Bold, Bright, Vibrant Screen
- Egro - Feels great in the hand
- Phenominal Speed Sprint EVDO (Evolution Data Optimized - for you techno trivia buffs)
- Threaded SMS TEXT - (Chat Style Text Messaging WHY was this not thought of before?)
-Great Speaker phone
-Bejeweled (preloaded) is addictive
-This device just makes COMPLETE SENSE

- Plastic Stylus - WHY????
- MINI sd card as opposed to a standard sd card -- WHY???
- Have to BUY additional software and accessories to use Navigation when lower lever sprint devices have it built in.. WHY????

Overall this was a feel good purchase with no regrets. and if you can say that about a $579.99 phone then that is somthing,

Up and Running Quickly...


Jul 23, 2007 by KeepNTouch

I have had the phone for three days. The last PDA I had was not a phone and had a Windows interface, so I was not familiar with the PALM interface. Nevertheless, I figured out a few things quickly, but I also understand there is a lot more I need to learn to fully take advantage of all the features.

Ringer Volume
Sound Quality
Multiple Input Options (Touch(the)Screen, stylus and keypad)
Browser is quick
Calendar (planner) is an upfront button
Can fit in the palm of my hand
Small enough to wear
Automatic screen lock
Music Player sound is good
SprintTV Clips (surprisingly entertaining)

I look forward to working through the music player, adding the voice dialer, and configuring my office email.

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