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What a dull phone.... blah


Dec 9, 2007 by ch141102

So this phone is pretty much the same phone as the treo 650. Not many upgrades. I got it thinking it would be so much better and so much more fun.... but it's not. It still freezes like the 650. The only huge improvement is the internet is faster. Also when ever I'm in a call, i manage to hang up the phone because the buttons are extreamly sensative. So if you want something dull that you'll get tired of in a few months than the treo is the phone for you.

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An Improvement


Sep 14, 2007 by hbonner

Have gone from a 650p to 700p to 755p. My observations:

* Love the coating. I had problems with the 700p slipping and falling out of my hands. I used to have a Motorola V505 and it had the same coating. Good tactile feel, makes it feel warmer. Good when trying to grab it in the car.
* No external antenna
* Seems a little faster and more stable than predecessors
* Love being able to do everything from it - GoodLink for corporate functions, web access for personal

* Wireless access still a little pokey, even with graphics shut off
* Faster & more stable is a relative concept - still goes nuts on me 1-2x weekly
* Still a little too thick to fit comfortably in a pocket. If they could shave .25 to .5 inches it would be very nice to put into a pocket instead of having to carry it on a belt case
* Battery - the first one I got was AWFUL, good for 1-2 hours and knock off 30% using BT headset. Have a second one and it's working better. Still don't believe the 4.2 hours of use.
* Bluetooth - BT is BT, right? Plantronics (got the Voyager 510) has a compatibility guide and I have learned for obvious reasons that the 755p is not listed. Would not hold pairing for more than 10 minutes at a time. Same for all Plantronics wireless headsets.

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Still working with it


Jul 27, 2007 by jwrighty

I've had Palm and a Dell Pocket PC, but this is my first PDA phone. I was expecting something similar yet different with the palm treo. What I found is that you can't exit out of applications, but need to return back to the main screen, you can't access graffiti and any graffiti option you buy on the Internet is substandard. For me the buttons are way too small and my BT has not worked correctly since I got the thing.

Also when playing video's from the Sprint TV, I've found them to be choppy and the screen has frozen several times on me. I really don't like the lay because it has too many programs that I don't need. I'm thinking about going with the Mogul. It runs the window's application and has had some decent reviews. I'm going to try to work with the palm for the next week to see if there are some thing's I just haven't been doing right. But I don't know about this phone. I often find Palm applications more fun, but Window's based applications more and workable.

Sprint TV
Voice Command (though you need to search for it)
Good fit in the hand
Google Maps


Phone list looks like an poor version of an ACCESS data base

No Graffiti and any buyable options are substandard

Can't exit out of any appliations

BT really hard to work with

Can't change white background on the main screen

Small rounded buttons, this will be tough if I get my nails done. I found I have to press the buttons with my nails.

Screen freezes when playing a music video

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Same hOrSe, different color


May 16, 2007 by HandH

First of all, the 755p is what it is: the same old, tired, non-multitasking Palm OS, with most of the same old, tired apps: Blazer, Bluetooth, non-flash camera, etc, etc. Probably a good choice for a 1st time smartphone buyer, but definitely NOT worth the $$ as an upgrade from a 700p, and a step backwards if you're coming off of a WM5 device.

- form factor: although only barely thinner and lighter than the 700p, the new, rounded edges & lack of ext antenna really fake me out into thinking it is a much smaller phone.

- reception & call quality is as good or better than my previous Treos

- BT headset (Cardo Scala) has maintained pairing and gets decent range. No static on calls with the 755p in my pocket.

- firm grip w/rubberized finish and concave sides

- mini SD slot: finally, a cover!

- Exchange ActiveSync support built in

- included IM client: I've only used AIM and it seems to work just fine

- a few, unplanned, soft resets -- and this was just trying to use/configure some of the bullt-in apps. I hate this, but have conceeded that it is simply a 'feature' with all Palm-OS Treo's

- still get some slight, but sometimes noticable, 'white screen' lag when moving from Blazer to main screen

- VersaMail: hard to believe, but you can not set a vibrate alert for incoming email! Incoming mail always 'wakes up' screen; also, can not push tasks (like you can with WM5)

- Bluetooth v1.2 gets a huge thumbs-down IMO. Would have been OK 2-years ago, but what a joke for a mid-2007 release.

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Returning and going back to my Q


May 30, 2007 by fritzthecat

Having been away from a Treo for a while, I was hoping for something new, and maybe something exciting. With the 755p, I got neither. I'm returning it and reactivating my Q. The deal breakers for me with the 755p:

1. still get choppy performance when switching between apps. Versamail seems to be the culprit, as well as Blazer

2. Multiple times/day I get "129" errors. Right after I get one, I can't make or receive a call until I first power cycle the phone. Sprint says it is because I am loosing my connection with the network, but this never happened with my other Sprint phones.

3. Moving to Versamail was a takeaway having come from Pocket Outlook. Pocket Outlook does everything in the background, while VM lights up the screen for new mail, downloads and alerts. Also, as mentioned in another review, no vibrate alerts and no task sync with active sync

4. No stub antenna but still brick-like compared to the Q.

I'll miss the touchscreen and the nicer keypad on the 755p, but this phone is just not worth the extra bucks. Maybe next time you'll get it right, Palm.

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Not for me


Jan 9, 2008 by JLoPerkins

I have this phone but it got on my last nerves, because it doesn't power down completely and that kills the battery. Also your calls & text messages still show up even when the phone is in lock mode. Other than that the phone is OK.

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Sorry Palm lost another dedicated customer !!


Sep 2, 2008 by spgrogers

I was so excited when verizon came out with this phone it was short lived for verizon they had so many problems with this phone they discontinued it shortly after they approved it.I was so excited to get mine but after my wife and I had them for a couple days quickly realized Palm had screwed up again. Have been a palm customer for many years. Have tweaked and played with them for many years. Started with 2 650's them had 3 700's and then 3 755p all with many of the same issues. But now I use it for business very, very unreliable too many lost or dropped calls very common with Palm. Same common complaints as everyone else freezes up, sometimes cant see who's calling in,Bad reception. Bad , Bad Palm you have lost a very loyal customer for many years.I love the touch screen and applications of palm, but the reliability is just not there.The phone feels great and looks nice,but again not reliable. Will be trying out a Blackberry hope they have found a new loyal customer.

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If your having Sprint problems


Mar 13, 2008 by spencer2302

Here are some CEO #s and Emails if you need more just Google it


Adriano, Jerry - Customer Experience Executive | 913-762-8080 | jerry dot adriano at sprint dot com | KSOPHI0306 - 3C555 | 03503
Carter, Matthew - Base Management Executive | 913-794-2200 | matt dot carter at sprint dot com
Hallier, Shelley - Director | 913-794-1132 | shelley dot r dot hallier at sprint dot com | KSOPHF0402 - 4B465 | 10000

GARY FORSEE-CEO (703-433-4040) FAX 703-433-4352

Angelino, Mark - SBS Executive | 703-433-4440 | mark dot angelino at sprint dot com | VARESP0501 - 549 | NX9733 - 00100
Dziak Jr, John - Corporate Strategy Executive | 000-000-0000 | jack dot dziak at sprint dot com | VARESP01HR - HR | NX1482 - 10500
Fleming, Denise Russel - Director | 703-592-5536 | denise dot r dot fleming at sprint dot com

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Mar 7, 2008 by TreoBlows

If all of the features of this phone actually worked it wouldn't be a bad device. Having said that, I am on my fifth (yes 5th) Treo. I bought the first one and the next four came from Assurion insurance. The Palm Treo phones are HORRIBLE. ALL FIVE have had the same problems; phone locks up after sending text, phone shuts off when you're on a call and someone else calls in, Security feature which is supposed to turn the phone off at a user selected time of day doesn't work, Oh and then there's the headset jack!! All five phones have same problem, remove the headset and the phone thinks it's still plugged in which means you can't use the phone anymore! Sometimes plugging the headset back in will let you use the phone, other times NOT and the phone becomes a paperweight. STAY AWAY from the Treo's unless you have a high tolerance for frustration.

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Dec 4, 2007 by harryartin

I have had this phone for over 6 months. It is a Sprint phone. When you press the hang up button, it doesn't hang up unless you really press the hold up button firmly, so you inadvertantly never hang up your phone. Plus, the phone has terrible wireless signal strength. It is always dying too early-not much battery life. It is always dropping calls. It freezes for no reason many times. With the technology that's out there, I don't reccommend this phone, unless its for some kid or young teenager. thanks.

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