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Treo 755p...the bad


Dec 25, 2007 by rosie images

I love almost everything about the 755p after upgrading from the 650. first of all, the battery SUCKS. If i have an extremely busy day of calls, txting and emails, it is literally dead by 4pm. Not acceptable, but fixable with an extra battery. The other problem I can't figure out. If i am on the phone, not blue tooth and not speaker, the person I am talking to can literally hear all of the background sounds like they are their and it is very distracting to the person on the other end. I have spoken to others with the phone and they have shared the same complaint...its almost like there is an external speaker, but like i said, this happens when its not on speaker phone or using the blue tooth. Neither issues are bad enough to cause me to get a new phone, but you have to remove yourself from loud situations whenever the phone rings. Any answers to this problem?

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Treo 755


Jul 22, 2007 by KingJohn405

I upgraded my phone and got the treo 755p. This phone is really amazing and does everything on the go. I have had this phone for about 2 weeks now. Everywhere i go, and even out of state i get signal and can make calls. I have never had any problems with this phone and everything is all here in one phone. I really recommend it.

- Bluetooth
- EV-DO speed net.
- multimedia
- Email
- Signal/Quality
- Ease of use.

The only con i see on this phone is the size, its rather bulky but has a nice feel to it. They could have made it a little thinner.

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Great Choice for Sprint Smartphone


Dec 15, 2007 by dabeastro

I was almost scared off from buying this phone by the other reviews that have been posted. I'm very happy that I was not in the end. This phone is great.

Call clarity is great
Speaker-phone works well
Palm OS has LOTS of software available (LOTS free too)
Touch screen has the correct sensitivity
Solid feel and fits well in my pocket
Good battery life for what it is
Easy Email Setup

Palm OS is on its way out
Camera kinda stinks
Web browsing is kinda lame
Sprint crapware can't be removed

I almost went with a phone with WM6 and thought about a BB but the Treo won out. Yeah, Palm OS is not exciting and is not long for this world but it IS much more stable than anything M$ puts out. Add to that the number of software options and it's really evident that while WM is the future, it's not quite there yet. (By the way, most all of the apps for old Treos work with the 755p) As for BB, there is no way I'm paying the extra $30 a month to Sprint. Maybe if I was with T-mobile or maybe if Sprint had the Curve but not as things currently stand. Granted, I'd probably look cooler with WM6 or a BB, but looking cool and being cool are pretty much at opposite sides of the universe:)

As for hard resets, the only ones I have had are when using Blazer and visiting websites that aren't really set up correctly for the mobile and when using third party software that does not work correctly. I think that if you're truly tech savvy, you won't have a problem.

Who is the phone for? People who need to keep information close and don't want to carry a PDA and a phone. If you're in need of a 'Email Machine', the Pearl is probably a better choice.

This is a great device. However, unless Palm comes up with something good, I'll probably be heading to WM in a few years. Or Android:)

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One of the best


Oct 21, 2009 by Chad4359

I have had my Treo for well over a year now and continue to love it every day. For anyone who has used the Palm OS the Treo 755p is the top of the line hardware wise and it shows. It runs every app quickly and does not have many errors or resets (unless you use an app that it doesn't like). Messaging, email and web browsing work perfectly everything is fast and responds quickly. I have grown to love the keyboard (I have also had the Treo 600 and 650) and believe the design, ergonomically, is perfect, however I have had some issues with the keyboard hardware. I have had to replace the keyboard three times over the 18 months I have had the phone (once myself and twice with a refurb phone from Sprint) with my 650 which I had for roughly the same time period I only replaced the keyboard once. The voice portion of the phone works pretty good. My main complaint about that is the lag between the phone app and the contacts it is much longer than it needs to be. Also, when the phone is functioning well and not having any app resets it can reset for no apparent reason when trying to make a call, this has been a Treo problem for as long as I have owned them, I am being very nit-picky on this as it does not happen that often but can be very frustrating when it does. Clarity is no better and no worse than any other phone I have owned and signal is also on par with Sprint coverage.


QWERTY keyboard
Threaded messaging
Palm OS
The patented Palm silence switch


Palm OS (for those who don't like it)
Hardware issues
Resets when using voice.

Bottom line is if you are a heavy voice user and don't plan on using many data/PDA functions please don't buy this phone and come here and bash it. Yes it is a phone but also a mini computer as well. There are many phones that are just superb at being just a phone.

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I hate this phone


Jun 18, 2009 by motulist

The phone is incredibly frustrating to use. I've had this phone for a few weeks, and the more time I use it the more and more I hate it. The interface makes you press a million buttons just to do the simplest things, nothing is placed in any logical order, it's completely unintuitive. The phone is sometimes very slow to respond to button presses, and also sometimes doesn't register it when you press a button, so if you press a button and nothing happens on screen then you don't know if it's because the phone is being slow to respond, or if it didn't actually recognize that you pressed a button. And sometimes when you press a button on screen it actually blinks, so the phone KNOWS that you pressed the button, but for some buttons it requires that you press and hold down the button for just a split second rather than just tapping it. So after you hit a button and nothing happens on screen you have to wait for like 2 or 3 seconds to see if it's just being slow, or if it just didn't respond to your pushing the button. And you can't just press the button again because if you do then once your finger is already in motion the phone may finally respond to your previous button-push and so it'll change the onscreen controls just before your finger hits the screen where the old button used to be, but now it's some different button so you wind up clicking some random button which makes the phone do something you didn't want, like call one of you contacts.

Ugh, don't get this phone.


- Good voice clarity (but a big lag time between when a person starts talking on their end and when you begin hearing them through the phone)
- Good signal reception
- Good battery life
- one-touch button on the cable to sync w. computer


- everything else

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755p *WARNING*


Mar 29, 2009 by alphamfdawg

The phone is nothing more than a telephone. Once you download applications such as the free software that comes with the phone or Sprint Mobil, because Sprint no longer supports Versa-mail, the phone reboots itself repeatedly. I've contacted Sprint and they sent me 3 replacements. Then they told me it was a Palm problem. Palm walked me through a "hard-reset" which is a total erase and start-over function. When they couldn't fix the problem, they told me it was a Sprint software issue. So basically, I have an expensive phone that I can't use the way the ad's, Sprint and Palm says you can.

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Had better, had worse.


Nov 8, 2008 by chocolateman85006

Although i'll miss Picture Mail and Sprint TV, I had to go back to the Treo 700wx. The Pros and Cons'll tell ya why.

The phone power cycles in its own.
Doesn't support Hotmail.
Has limited camera/video features.
Uses mini SD cards, which are harder to find, nowadays.
Although I chose autosync, the e-mail didn't autosync.

No dropped calls.
Pretty good battery life, for being a PDA phone.
Sprint TV
Picture Mail
Allowed 3Gforfree.com ringers, whereas most Sprint Windows Mobile phones don't.

Palm is getting better, but still can't beat Windows Mobile, IMO.

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Drove ,me crazy


Sep 12, 2008 by Syrup

I have had this phone for over a year and my problems began right from the beginning. This phone does everything from the internet, google maps (which is grea)t, gps, email, great texting ability, the only and MAIN I need a cell for is to talk on the phone and here lies the problem with the treo 755. I could not hold a conversation without putting people on hold 2 or 3 times during a conversation. Palm put a hold button right on the main screen and this has been a pain in the rumpy stumpy from the beginning, why do you even need a stupid hold button on a cell for anyway. Sometimes I could not see who was beeping in and sometimes I dont get the swap button to switch over to the second line. Also screen freezes if you happen to make a call and someone is calling you at the same time, you basically have to let them go to voicemail because the answer button is stuck. Its way too big and bulky. Bottom line, I will never spend this kind of money again and I would not suggest it to anyone else. I truly miss the flip phone and will go back. This one, bad costly mistake.

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755p - Nice step up from 700p


Aug 19, 2008 by tarheels63

I upgraded recently to the Palm Treo 755p from the 700p. 700p was my first ever pda and I loved it. 755p is even better. Significant changes from the 700 are the weight (less) and the internal antenna. Speed is faster too when surfing the internet. The only CON I see after 2 weeks is the stylus...flimsy plastic but it does have a metal tip. Why does Palm change a good thing that the 700p has, that being a full metal stylus? I first attempted to upgrade to either the Palm Treo 800w or BBerry Curve 8330 but after a day with each I missed the comfort and scaled learning curve I had with Palm Treo. I'm sold on them and until I have more need for applications other than phone, calendar, text messaging, casual web surfing and retrieving work/home emails (if I want to retrieve them) then I'll be a Palm Treo user for a long time. Note to those switching from Palm OS to any other operating system...if you learned on a Palm you may find it difficult to switch gears to Windows OS or the BBerry OS...at least it was for me. 755p is a great phone for me but I can easily see where the Palm Treo 800w or BBerry Curve 8330 would be nice for their users as well.

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Not Worth The Money


Aug 10, 2008 by alkan

I have used Palm PDAs before, & they at one time were fairly decent, but their phone interface is not good at all. I would not waste the money on it.

Bluetooth constantly de-activates.
No built-in wi-fi.
Phone locks up.
Blazer a poor browser.
Poor customer support.
Limited fonts.
No landscape screen profile.
Poor camera.

PC sync feature is good.
Good phone for those who just like to use PDA (minus cell, minus bluetooth).

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