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Nice phone!


Mar 22, 2010 by vincent17616

Been looking for a decent PDA phone without data plan. Narrow it down to the Samsung i760 since it is inexpensive and available on Ebay. I activated on Page Plus plan and so far it is pretty good!
1) Sturdy phone with a well build keyboard. Keys are well spaced and gave good feedback.
2) Screen is only 2.8" but is bright and clear. I left it at the lowest setting and it is still very readable.
3) Built-in wifi. Works fine at home to do short online session.
4) Price is right with all the other new phones coming out. But this one suits me fine without paying an arm and leg!
5) Lots of apps available, though I wouldn't want to install too many. Might hamper the phone use and makes it unstable.
6) Phone call is loud and clear. Speaker phone has a lot of volume, I set it at its lowest and it is still loud.

1) Like others said, the side answer key does push the phone (slide)but since I remapped the key to my front soft key that is no longer an issue.
2) Screen is small.
3) Battery life is OK. Last thru the day without heavy usage, plus my display is at lowest setting. I am using the standard size. Since I want to keep the phone as slim as possible, so you go up to their extended battery, usage time should definitely goes higher.

I really like the phone so far. Loaded Mobile Shell which makes it even more usable. I only installed a few apps that I use, keeping the system clean and stable. I also upgrade to WM 6.1 though I didn't notice too much different from WM 6.0. Overall I am real happy with the phone and would definitely recommend it to others.

PDA Phones just keep getting better


Nov 3, 2007 by sherilyn70

This is my 4th generation of pda phones. The first two were Palm OS and the one before it was the sch-i730.

*Stylus and touch screen are still included. Too many other phones are going away from that and towards the blackberry style.
*Wi-Fi capable. Another feature I was unwilling to give up from my old phone, with the network connection I can remote connect to my existing computers on my networks files and/or remote into their desktops.
*Slim design. This is the smallest one I have owned yet and also the lightest.
*Keyboard Design. This is the first time I have ever actually used the keyboard on a PDA, this one has buttons that are large enough to be practical.
*Display is brilliant in color quality.
Internet connectivity is fast (250kbps) and smooth. I haven't had problems loading any pages yet.
*The ability to pull up contacts by just pushing the number pad with corresponding letters to the name of the person I want to call.
*Camera/Video capability is very acceptable quality. It takes 1280x960 resolution at super fine quality compression. Recording capability is only limited by the size of your memory card.

*USB cable is a non charging cable. What were they thinking?? I don't like having to synch with one and charge with another. I called Samsung, they've had a lot of complaints on this so look for a cable to become available in the future.
*Videos are in .3g2 format making them virtually useless in many places without purchasing quicktime pro.
*Cradle for charging was not included with the phone so there is no way to charge the additional battery that comes with the phone without swapping them out.

Software compatibility has not been an issue for me. I have been able to install all of the programs I've used for the last 2-3 years. A certificate warning pops up but all you have to do is click on Yes to install it and it will work.

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My most favorite phone yet...


Dec 19, 2007 by petedoggydogg1976

I've had this phone for over a month now and I really like it. I previously used the XV6700, and before that, the XV6600. Being a Network Engineer, I also have a good amount of experience configuring, testing, and using Palm Treo as well as Blackberry devices.

*** PROS ***
1) The Picsel Web Browser by Samsung is far, far superior in features than Pocket IE. It even has a built-in configs for tweaking the browser that it reports itself as, to ease mobile browsing and circumvent silly blocks like the one on www.sigalert.com. (No reghack needed!)
2) The stylus fits very snuggly inside the phone, and never falls out.
3) I only have to reboot the phone about once a week or less. (Long-time Windows Mobile users will defintely agree that this is a pro!)
4) Compared to AT&T's 'Tilt', the SCH-i760 has a far supierior tight, firm feel as you slide the keyboard back and forth.
5) The backlight on the keyboard is fantastic.
6) From the Today screen, just start typing someone's name on the 10-key, and it starts to show up in the Phone. No need to switch from T9 to ABC—it figures it out for you. And no need to open the Phone app—that happens automatically too.
7) Ultra-easy to configure to your Microsoft Exchange, GMail IMAP4, or other POP email accounts

*** CONS ***
1) Of course, battery life could be better. But Samsung makes up for it by including 2 batteries—a slim one and an extended one.
2) Cannot charge the phone via USB cable. Not being able to do so is lame, but I just bought an extra home charger.
3) No more Terminal Services/Remote Desktop connection. WTF?
4) You can only text message 10 people per message, so that also affects me.

Good luck, and happy shopping...

(Currently) The Best VZW PDA Phone


Nov 7, 2007 by jskrenes

After waiting for almost a year, it's finally here! I took one of these as a demo for our store, and depending on how this stacks up to the Pearl, I may be keeping it.

This phone is LOADED! Windows Media Player, Mobile Office, Internet Explorer Mobile AND Picsel Browser, Wifi, and the list goes on. There is very little that I want to do with this phone that I can't (sadly no navigator or brew applications).

I don't feel the need to go on about all the things that you'll find in most Windows Mobile smartphones, so I'll focus on the Picsel web browser. It is by far the most satisfying web browser on a smartphone I've tried (the iPhone looks a bit easier but having never tried it I can't say for sure). You can view full web pages, zoom in, move around, and basically do most everything you can on a normal computer. Some flash-based pages don't want to cooperate, the browser sort of crashes when encountering these pages, and going back to previous pages isn't as intuitive as I'd like, but the Picsel browser is a HUGE step in the right direction for web viewing on smartphones. The first five minutes I hated it, but after a few hours of playing, I've gotten the hang of it. The Picsel browser can also be used to view other documents, but the web browsing is by far the most useful.

The rest of the stuff works like any other smartphone, so here are the pros and cons:

Very versatile, this phone does it all
Picsel browser
Bluetooth and Wifi
Number dialer on the front face is great for one-handed operation
Great camera-the lens must be better or something because my 1.3MP camera on my Q takes atrocious pix, and I can blow the pix on my i760 up to full screen on my laptop with very little distortion

Size-not much smaller than a Treo
Some buttons are in awkward positions
No Get-it-now or Navigator
High maintenance

If you want a phone that does it all, this is it. If you want a my-first-smartphone experience that's a bit easier to use, I recommend the Q9m.

awesome phone


Nov 18, 2007 by bhsu01

PROS: solid feel, sliding spring mechanism, i can type very fast with the keyboard, external keys are very useful (extremely fast for bringing up contacts and number access while typing), wireless.

CONS: accidental presses every now and then with the call and end side keys....t9 not an option with the external keypad in certain areas (waiting for mod/hack for this)
Customization: I like the "tweak-ability" of the phone...that is that it runs on windows mobile. With that I customize a lot of the buttons and menus (aebutton plus for this) etc..i like having this kind of control of my phone. I also messed with the registry to do a few things...just love being able to make it JUST the way i want it.

Stability: I have not had to do more than 1 or 2 resets since i got the phone (had it about a month now).

Wireless is awesome, picks up the wifi faster than my notebook does. So with the wireless and avantgo and other sync'ing programs I don't pay for a data plan. definite pro.

Keyboard: some say the keys are small, they are, but since they are raised and separated...this makes typing very easy. the only issue i would say is that the top row of keys is cramped....basically i just reposition my hands a bit "shallower" and its fine....it was only problem for the first few days then i adapted just fine. I think if you had huge hands this might be a hard keyboard. I wear like medium size men's gloves so this was my take.

Feel: solid build and the rubber on the bottom and top is great too.

Speed: This is my first pda phone, so its hard to say how it compares to other phones. Two places i would like it to be faster. Portrait to landscape switch takes about 1 second...i wish it was instanteous (yes i'm picky). Second, when you choose to send a text message to someone it seems there is a 1-2 second delay before the texting screen comes up...again i don't know how this compares to other pda phones.

Camera: well, the grass is can always be greener.

Mostly good and not as bad as some say


Nov 8, 2007 by papakim

Owned it for three weeks. Generally like it. Still not 100% on whether to try the xv6800 or stick with this. Form factor is a tad better on Samsung and number pad is a nice plus

-Great screen
-Great speaker volume and clarity
-Like the design, I have large hands but I am OK with the Qwerty layout and the dedicated number pad makes it like a full keyboard
-Operation has been very good. I have had to re-set only a couple of times.
-Exchange email setup was easy
-battery life is very good (extended which is included with the phone)
-form factor is nice, it fits in pockets well (although with all the side buttons you can hit some inadvertently)
-OS speed is very good, as is Internet Explorer with/or without WiFi
-Stylus location and function are first rate

-Plastic holster from Verizon is Crap
-qwerty slider needs a closed detent as the "Send" button on the side always moves the top half of the phone when calling
-Power on and off button is a pain and it stinks that nothing else will bring the phone out of "sleep"
-Audio quality is a bit tinny"
-Bluetooth voice commands are definitely a weak link and need to be improved. Literature says that it comes with Microsoft Voice Command, but it operates nothing like the Windows Mobile demo on-line.

First Thoughts


Oct 23, 2007 by StuckOnVZW

The price was $99 after all the discounts (bought online). Some people have complained that the menu buttons do not sit right under the screen menu text. Come on – we are humans – adapt. If people can text message with one hand on a 12 button keypad then we can adapt to where the menu buttons are.

- size and weight
- even the long-life battery is thin
- external connection covers are much better than i730
- screen is bright and clear
- screen changes layout quickly when keyboard is opened
- external number and navigation pad can be used with keyboard open
- Device allows Windows updates – like a PC
- Phone comes with normal, long life battery, wall charger and USB cable
- speakerphone is loud and clear
- phone has a real off button and can be shutdown

- USB connection is tricky: connect cable to the phone BEFORE connecting other end to PC. Soft reset (after software install) while device was connected and Windows did not recognize phone after phone reboot.
- Phone does not come with holster (boo on VZW, i730 came with 1)
- stylus seems flimsy – we'll see how long it lasts
- special keys (shift+number on normal keypad) are not in the same order as on a keyboard: I guess I’ll adapt :)
- I miss the hardware lock button. The software based lock function is cumbersome.

Best PDA I've had


Dec 20, 2007 by freephones4all

Had this phone for about six weeks andd still love it. Ive had a pda phone since they became available and this is the best so far. No freezes or signifigant delays between screens 0r apps. After 2 years (and 5 warranty replacements)with my 6700 this is great. It comes with Voice Command. Had to buy it from Microsoft for both standard and extended batteriesmy 6700. And the battery life is way better than I expected. And it comes with both standard and extended batteries. this phone is actually a good value as far as a PDA phone goes. The onl sownside to this phone has been that I havent found anything to complain about. And like to complain.

Great phone


Nov 5, 2007 by casur001

This is my second PDA phone from virizon. I started with the XV6700 and progressed to this one.
So far I have not had one bit of trouble and the unit set up very easily.
Screen is clear and bright and keys are placed well. I don't have any problems that many of you have stated.
So far finding a suitable case/holster is the hardest part.
The extended battery sent with the phone is excellent. On the second day of use without a charge and still the gauge reads about 75% available.
This is so much handier than the 6700 and faster as well.

Pleasantly Surprised


Nov 3, 2007 by RedSnapper

I come from the i730, so I had assumed that I would be instantly disappointed by the new keyboard design. I am not! I adapted very quickly. I still would prefer a design more like the not yet released Samsung SGH-i760, but for now this is more than sufficient.


-Very user friendly and easy to set up with corporate email
-Love the navigation buttons on the front of the phone, makes phone calls much easier than the i730
-Screen is amazing
-Keyboard is nice and easy to use
-Samsung makes a solid phone
-Ships with 2 batteries and the extended does not make that phone THAT big
-One of the best Pocket PCs out there, the next Samsung will be perfect I am sure.


-Still bigger than I want now that I am using only one device
-Battery life continues to be an issue for these devices, so instead of the second phone in my other pocket, I have a second battery
-There is definitely some funky thing going on with the usb connection, very tricky

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