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Verizon i760


May 17, 2008 by chatawa

I've been using Windows Mobile 5 for at least two years and have been pleased with it except for my initial use of the operating system. There were several freezes due to my ignorance: 1. delete old texts, 2. close all running programs periodically. Mobile six is working great but I've only had the phone 48 hours. Overall, Pros; Ease of use, color schemes, great coverage(South), WiFi, EVDO, texting and email, great battery due to extended battery. Cons: Just wish it were candy bar style, otherwise I would give it 5.0 score.

buy me dinner 1st, please


Nov 27, 2007 by pendragon1957

Traded in my Palm Treo 700WX for this cute little paperwieght. Might as well just deal with the buggy 700wx & wait for Verizon to issue the HTC 6800. i760 is very quirky. This is my 2nd one. The 1st one failed in only 2 days & was replaced immediately.
Pros: When it would sync it was very quick. Mobile Ver 6 saves your phone log as part of the opsys. Excellent call tracking system & history- great for billing & verification.

Cons: No holster or clip included by Verizon. Lousy (small) stylus. I have to use my old Treo stylus. No combined sync & charging cable, when disconnected from any charging source, device performs a reset which means you have to wait for it to reboot before making a call or you get disconnected from a call when you pull the device ooff the car charger during a call. When device is just disconnected from a charging device & resets, it looses its Bluetooth pairing with my Jawbone headset (every time). Standard battery only good for about 20-30 minutes of talk time. Extended battery is no better. Drains before the end of the day with all services minimized. Placement of "send" & "cancel" buttons on the sides of the front face is terrible. You can barely grab the phone w/o hitting one of the buttons or activating the camera function. The touchscreen is extremely touchy & it's easy to mis-type or mis-point even for experienced PDA users (my old i730 was far superior to this device). The voice command is completely useless & does not work as advertized. You have to manually turn the phone on or partially slide the keyboard open to bring the phone out of sleep mode to make a call or use the PDA rather than touching the send key. Keypad is a little tight to use with thumbs; using index fingers for long typing sessions (even in an emergency) will lead to very numb fingertips. Goes into standby mode when on charging cord even though it's set to stay in "full-on" mode on external power.

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Another good phone from Samsung


Nov 16, 2007 by taeminn

Overall, I like this phone quite a bit.

+ Real keypad for dialing (Letters on the pad)
+ Solid feel
+ Bright screen
+ Great sliding full keyboard (key feels good)
+ Two extended batteries
+ Tethering
+ No antenna sticking out
+ Accessory hook

- No docking station w/ battery chargers
- USB link cable does not charge
- It's not the generic charging cable
- Charge time too long (4 hours to fully charge battery)
- Top soft buttons are positioned on the left side…not match with the menu locations
- Call button on left pushes the top
- Covers for openings are easy to be broken/torn
- Keyboard lighting does not work consistently, it flickers
- Voice command seems to have limitations
- Documentation is poor
- No GPS
- No VCAST, MobiTV, etc.
- No case



Nov 13, 2007 by jeseppe2000

This phone is better then what you people give it credit for. IF you are waiting for the Verizon 6800 you are gone to miss out on a GEM. I had the AT&t branded version of the 6800 which is basically the same thing as the 6800 and trust me this is way better.
Granted the screen is only slightly bigger the 6800 has its short comings.
I have been waiting for this phone for over six months and I can honestly say it is what I was expecting and more. The screenis beautiful, the ease of use is superb and the navigation is not as bad as some would make it out to be. I love the dial pad underneath because trust me a touch screen dial pad unless its on a palm branded phone is suspect at best. The dial pad makes it easy to use when you are driving making it a one handed phone which is essential
The wifi is exception. Not one complaint when connecting to a network that has previously been used it remembers the access code. HoW FREAKIN COOL IS THAT????/
The qwerty keyboard is a little backwards but nothing to complain about just takes some getting use to is all.The directional pad is excellent making navigation a synch. i would say the only thing that would make this device better is a scroll navigation a little easier but it is not detramental like some others would have you believe.
I left my old carrier behind for lack of high speed internet and dropped calls for a phone that has met and exceeded my expectations and I have no intentions of ever going back. This phone kicks the 6800's butt!!!!!!!!!!!!

worst phone I have ever owned


Jul 12, 2008 by bidder5000

this is the worst phone by far that I have ever owned. In looking at it, it seems like it would have potential but it just can not handle all of it's features. perhaps my phone has major bugs, Verizon is sending me a new phone. I will update after I receive

First of all, I use this phone as a workhorse, all of its features are used by me so if you are not using it like a workhorse perhaps you will not experience its problems

- locks up at least 5 times a day
- upon lock up I have to do a soft reset, when I do this, it wipes out all of my information for wireless sync. then I have to spend time setting up my wireless sync again, to have it only go down and wipe out again throughout the day, this is so frustrating I have stopped using active sync to my work.
- when I send an email from the phone, it takes days to get delivered. I tested my phone because colleges would say they didn't get my email. I would find that the email would sometimes take 4days to go out, average was 2 days.
- when I attempt to send text messages, it sends them before you are done! how annoying is that, a half message!
- when trying to check my voice mail, the screen constantly pops up so you have to click on the screen each time you want to click on a number
- when making a call with an extension, the screen pops up so you can not easily just push the numbers, it doesn't recongize the numbers until you click the screen each time.

this phone is just bad, beware! I have a business assosiate that has the same phone and is having all the same problems, they are actually switching carriers over the phone.

Not very though out


May 13, 2008 by ebell98

I have had this phone now for almost 60 days and I have to preface by saying I am a gadget geek, but this phone still stumps me. My idea of a good phone is one that you can quickly move through the different apps and not have to think much about doing it. I still have to stop and figure out how to make phone calls on this phone. What should take maybe two steps takes four with this phone. The hard keys are not well placed, and I find myself hanging up on calls accidentally. Sound quality is mediocre at best and it kills your ear if you are on it for longer than 10 minutes. When you flip the phone open to use the keyboard, it has a very long lag to turn the back light on. This is very frustrating in the dark as you can see nothing until the light comes on. I would recommend passing on this phone until Samsung revises.

Good things for this phone are the way you can dial/spell a name and It has great reminders for the calenders.

Good, but not great. Very poor button layout


Nov 10, 2007 by vitoasaro

I just purchased this phone as a standby replacement for my XV-6700 while waiting with the rest of the world for Verizon to release the HTC XV-6800 (which should be this month, or at least I've been assured that it will premier before Christmas).

The i760 is nice. It's thin-ish, at least a bit thinner than the XV-6800 when using the slim battery. The unit comes with a 1500 mAh battery as well which makes it a bit thicker, nearly as thick on the bottom two thirds of the phone as the XV-6800 while using this high capacity battery.

Windows Mobile 6 fixes a lot of issues from version 5, and the i760's CPU doesn't slow down. Voice Command works well, better than the XV-6700, and far better than the T-Mobile Wing (XV-6800).
One of the WORST things about this phone is the button placement, specifically the SEND and END buttons which are placed on either side of the front face, lower 1/3rd of the phone. I have to ask, did anyone at Samsung actually TEST this phone before releasing it with such horrible ergonomics? The END button is positioned in such a way that if you are right handed (as the majority of the population are) and you rest the phone in the "heel" of the palm of your hand while holding the phone on one side with your thumb, and on the other with most likely your middle finger, your index finger probably will stick straight up to support the back of the phone as it's pressed against your ear, then your thumb will easily press the END button and disconnect calls while you try to support the phone. A horrible design flaw. Another aspect of this is that when you hold the phone in your right hand with the screen toward you, and you press the SEND key to answer the phone, it pushes on the spring-assisted slide, causing the phone to start to slide open for keyboard use. It doesn't open unless you push the SEND key too hard, but it makes it feel flimsy by partly opening/closing.

The hard numeric buttons are a welcome change and make dialing quick.

I like it, but....


Oct 29, 2007 by socalsurfer

Unless you are very experienced with PDA style phones, this may not be a good choice, and even then it's debate-able.

I took this phone on a trip to San Francisco this weekend to test it out.

-Screen is very bright and clear.
-I got good touch screen response.
-The sound is the best I have heard- stereo works well for small speakers. I took a video clip of a wedding, and the music actually sounded very good on playback.
-Processor is fast and I had no freezes.
-Signal is great, both sending and receiving.
-As above, the audio is excellent, for both caller and land line side.
-Battery is OK. I used the phone's small battery all day Sunday with several hours of having the screen on (Telenav GPS) and at 9:00PM I still had 25% left.

-Placement of the buttons is horrendous! The phone is better if held in the left hand, but I don't, so my thumb was always pressing something & either hanging up or changing screens. I was using Telenav to navigate SFO, and my wife wanted to see the phone- as soon as she picked it up-YIKES! You guessed it, telenav disappeared and I had to re-do it all-not fun.
-The Mogul/6800 keyboard is much better than the slider on the i760. The number pad is OK on the front, but the slider has numbers along the top row, no 10 key format, so you have to use the front number pad, which is at a wierd angle when the slider is open.

Don't buy this one.


Oct 29, 2007 by sjenkins45

I received this phone on 10/27/07 & returning it on 10/29/09. I was upgrading from a Treo 700p which is a great phone and easy to use.

I wanted to switch over to Windows and also have Wifi connectivity so I went with this the new Samsung i760 but that was a mistake. It like Samsung tried really hard to make this phone difficult to use. I'm listing the cons first.

1.) Keys are too small, especially top row. This phone will have your fingers hurting.

2.) Power button located on top which is a pain every 5 mins to keep repositioning the phone just to turn it on.

3.) Buttons are too hard to press.

4.) Needs scrolling wheel desperately. - This will solve most problems and make phone easier to use.

5.) End Call and Dial buttons are on the side of the phone so you'll constantly hang up on someone or dial a number unintentionally.

1.) Wifi works excellently.
2.) Great response, fast processor
3.) I think that's it for the pros other than Windows Mobile 6 Pro.

This phone is good if you use a stylus a lot. But for those who like to use your fingers or one-hand then this phone is not for you. If your fingers are big, this phone is not for you. Samsung needs to come out with a i760v2 phone with a scrolling wheel, power button located on the side, spacious keyboard - especially top row, and remove Dial and End Call buttons from the side and you'll have a great phone.

Saved a Bunch of Money on the i760


Oct 19, 2007 by mikefo

I got a chance to review the Samsung i760 about 4 months ago at a VerizonWireless event in Phili. It's a great device - form factor, functionality, screen, feel in your hand. I liked everything. I've been waiting and am eligible for the phone upgrade from my old treo 700. I ordered it online last night and saved a boatload of money - $100 off for upgrade, $100 off for online vzw order, $ 50 mail in rebate. It lists at $400 but you can basically get it for as low as $150. If you're not eligible for the upgrade it's still only $250. That's a good buy. If you're looking for a great new smartphone this is it - mike

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