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Hmm, too smart for me I guess


Jan 26, 2008 by jjkage

Listen, I know this will probably get flamed I'm sure, but before you do just read what I am saying. Well first off I have had about 6 phones in the past six months, my first smart phone however was a blackberry I got a couple of months ago, great phone was just having software issues. Saw the glitz and glam of the samsung and jumped all over it. It was awsome, like a laptop in the palm of my hand, I felt like a rocket scientist. Well things were going great until my big floppy ears kept turning everything off when I was in a call. The sound was full of echo and most of the programs and shortcuts would end up not working at one point or another. It is a well built phone other than the recessed screen, I understand why they did it I just don't like it. I feel that there is something wrong with owning a top of the line phone and constantly walking around with a grease covered screen because lets face it how many people walk around with one of those eye glasses cleaning rags, not me thats for sure. Loud ring and it was still a pretty good phone. I just traded it and got my blackberry 8830 back.

Best phone to date! Hands down.


Nov 9, 2007 by Brancieri

I've had the phone for a little over two weeks now and I love it. My old phone was the Treo 700wx. The only thing better about the Treo is that it is truly a Palm device. The i760 has button on the side that take a little getting used to. But, it is well worth it. The phone is as close to a pocket computer as you can get. Third party software works great.

Pros: Everything about it...

Cons: Just getting used to the buttons.

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Wait for the 6800 from vzw


Oct 26, 2007 by SteelersFan

I've had the phone for a day and half now. I've been a long time user of the 6700 and prior to that even used the 6600 shortly.

Overall the phone is decent, but has a few quirks for someone used to the 6700. If you really liked the 6700, then I would suggest waiting for the 6800.

The Cons:

-OK button is on the right hand side and makes it much more difficult to use in single handed operations. (surprisingly this effects me more than any other issue)

-Charger/USB sync is a proprietary connector. Being in IT and on the road I can always find or have a mini-usb cable with me....but will probably loose and break their special cable.

-Keyboard is definitely smaller than the 6700. So for those of you with big hands...you need to stay with the HTC sliders. I do have to say if you can get used to the smaller keys the feedback/response is better than the 6700.

-Screen response when just tapping with the finger seems slower than normal and sometimes just seems to not respond.

-Has a tendency to start to slide open when pressing the send button because of the location and position of the send when dialing with a single hand.

-Doesn't come with a cradle. So I have to actually put the extra battery on to charge it. I like that the 6700 had a cradle with an open slot for charging either a standard or extended battery.


-The phone is light and feels very comfortable (even with extended battery) when holding it like a normal phone. Doesn't fill like a brick like the 6700 did with the extended battery.

-Great screen

-Has a normal connector for wired headsets. (good for those of us who always forget to charge our blue tooth headsets...the 6800 is not supposed to have one)

-front keypad for dialing. Although I really haven't used it much since I'm so used to the on-screen dialpad.

-Windows mobile 6 is great. much improved upon previous versions

-Direction pad is smooth and easy to use unlike the knob that was on the 6700.

Not a Good Choice


Oct 24, 2007 by SergioGZ

I have had this phone since Oct 20th and I am planning to return it. Resets, Resets and Resets for the past 5 days. The software bogs up such as Internet Explorer and you must reset the phone or it will just keep spinning. I cant add any 3rd Party applications as it says the "certificate is not known". The battery dies within one day of normal usage. Call quality is very tinny. Have done 2 Hard Resets already. I am waitng for the 6800 to come out hopefully Nov 2nd.

Numeric Keypad on Front
Solid Slide Out QWERTY
Nice Screen

Software/Phone Freezes Constantly
Earpiece has a tinny sound
Extremely Poor Battery Life
Thick phone
Did I mention the Phone Freezes up on a daily basis?

Wait, Wait, Don't buy me!


Oct 29, 2007 by mrbadde

I have been a VZW for years and keep re-newing because my area (Northern California) has consistently better service.
This is an up-grade to my i730...I had the i730 for a cell phone record 18 months (I am heavy/heavy/heavy user).

-WM06 better than WM05 for speed and contact tracking.
-Easier to track last calls for contacts-I am in sales (this is important)
-Price: $200++taxes net of discounts (NE2, etc.)
-much better BT connectivity
-faster EV-DO than WMO5 on i730

-Freeze (as in Dr. Freeze)
-Can't take 3rd party app's to save itself.
-Crashed/Locked up on Day 5..never to re-boot
-Spoke w/VZW Retail rep who stated: "This is 3rd incident of crappy i760..I won't sell this phone until I hear/read/see better reviews on it...."Wait for Audiovox/HTC 6800...."

Enough said. I use this phone for business and check two-four e-mail accounts every 30 minutes. Word wouldn't open attachments and pretty much everything else was mediocre.
I've never used the 6700 but have read that it was far more stable.
I now have a TREO 700WX courtesy of VZW until I can supplant it with a i760 again..we'll see. I may just wait until 11.2 to get the 6800 (it may be better all around).

For those of you shelling out your own $$ on this money (not on Corp. accounts) wait, until the 6800 is out and give both an equal opportunity. For some reason (despite the delayed release date) this VZW unit is living up to it's expectations.



Jan 26, 2008 by spanky86

I bought this phone back in November and immediately had to return it because when someone would call it would take my phone about 20 seconds to start ringing. Because of this, I missed nearly all calls. The second model I got started having problems once my three week return period was up. I could not send or receive picture messages, every 30 seconds it would try connecting to the Internet causing a new screen to open during the middle of whatever I was doing which had to be closed, someone would call me but my phone would not ring, the same with text messages, some of those I never recieved either, and the phone was very slow. Shifting from horizontal to vertical views almost always froze the screens. I just got a LG Voyager and am very happy with it. I learned never again to buy a phone that doubles as a computer. It did have some convenient features but the problems I had with it far outweighed anything good about the phone.

What is a smart phone?


Jan 2, 2008 by GoldenJoe

As a computer programmer and technology buff, I thought it was time for me to step up and make the leap from my Samsung a650 to better things. Ready to spare no expense, I carefully considered each of the smart phones Verizon had at the time before finally settling on the i760.

In a phone, I hoped to find the following things:
- good camera
- nice, clear display
- ability to play J2me applications (so I could test my own games)
- speakerphone
- good media playback

The i760 does each of these, though it does it exceptionally poorly. Perhaps it's not a smart phone I should have been looking for (but I have no intention to get a $300 Voyager, which is basically an EnV with a touchscreen). This all-in one maintained the reputation of being a jack of all trades and a master of none.

I heard this machine has a 400mhz processor. You can practically run Half Life 1 with that speed! Yet with the overbearing weight of the Windows Mobile operating system (which is supposedly the best yet), navigating between any menu was slow and painful, as was the internet browsing experience. Hope you don't like Java or Flash!

Did I mention this thing hurts your ear like crazy when you talk into it?

I just have to share one great story that sums it all up: One day I was in my car and decided to make a call with voice command:

i760 - *beep*
Joe - Call Kaelen Lastname.
i760 - *call Anthony?*
Joe - No.
i760 - Call Anthony at home or mobile?
Joe - URGH! *hits button again*
i760 - *beep*
i760 - Call Kaelen at home or mobile?
Joe - Mobile.
i760 - Call Kaelen at home or mo-bile?
Joe - MO-BILE.
i760 - Home! *dials home number*

Yeah. Think I'll just get a cheap cell phone like the Juke and use the extra money for a nice digital camera or something.

SCH-i760 Sux


Dec 15, 2007 by mmccoy3636

Good Speaker
Good Blue-Tooth
Good Web speed on EV Network
Phone buttons on the front

Horrible Ergonomics
-from sliding the wrong way for a righty
-top edge digging into my ear.
-Buttons poorly positioned
-Flat out uncomfortable to use.
-Qwerty too small
Proprietary charger and USB plug...???
Only one port to charge OR sync! Can't do 'em both! (What were they thinking?)
Terrible battery time. Would rarely get to 3pm before having to charge.

I had this phone for 3 weeks, and I thought I'd get used to it, and it just got worse. Don't get it! I switched the i760 to the HTC 6800. Night and Day! The HTC has a few minor quirks, but it certainly had the user in mind when designing.

wait for the xv6800


Nov 22, 2007 by b_hoey2000

flickering screen,buttons in the stupidest place possible,rev o,and just a frustrating pos all together...i cant wait till the 28th to buy the 6800 online...stay away from this samsung,,its garbage



Nov 19, 2007 by jf0403

This phone does it all. It's fast, smooth and easy to use. Wi-Fi works great. Text is easy with the qwerty key board. Windows mobile 6 runs clean and smooth. Thank you Samsung and Veriszon for this great phone.

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