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Good Phone, Good PDA, Not Quite Perfect


Mar 22, 2008 by epo5000

Phones I've had:
LG vx8100
PPC 6600
of course, SCH-i760
I've had this phone for about 2 weeks now, and I'm quite happy. The phone isn't perfect, but still quite good compared to my 6600.

WIFI - this feature works great, and is a great alternative to verizons 45 dollar plan.
Slide Out Keyboard - oriented nicely, nice tactile feel, good size
High Sound Quality - Beautiful, clear voice and ring tone, even in speaker phone
Loud Bluetooth Volume - with the 6600 I had to struggle to hear anyone even with volume maxed out - now I can hurt my ear if I want
Stylus Placement - it'll stay in place unlike the 6600
Form Factor - Fits well in my hand when I'm on the phone

The biggest complaint is the most often repeated one:
No Charger/Sync Dock - the 6600 was nice in that I could just slap it down and not worry about it
Most of the others are small little quirks
No Profile Brightness - the ability to change brightness based on whether the thing is charging or not
Can't Draw in Word - the 6600 had this ability
No Bluetooth Indicator - Nothing on the screen says whether the headset is connected
Picsel Browser - Mostly works good, but can't load phonescoop
Camera - Rather slow and overly sensitive to light, but I didn't get the phone for the camera

Overall a very good phone, and I would recommend it to anyone for a good PDA style phone. I couldn't play with the data connection on the cell network cause I refuse to pay the 45 bucks for internet on top of what I'm already paying

Best Yet


Mar 10, 2008 by malta97

This is not the perfect PDA, but it is well thought out.


The slide is opposite the HTC, and in my opinion, the best direction.
Calls are good to excellent
Bluetooth is seemless
Outlook integrates well
Processing is fairly quick
Wi-Fi connectivity

The voice command leaves a bit to be desired
A few glitches on calling from the contact list

The buttons take a bit to get used too. That was my only hestitation at first, but it doesn't take long to get used too, and having the keypad on front is great.

Overall I think this is the best PDA Verizon has to date. I tried the Voyager for a few days, it was Fun but not functional.

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So Far So Good


Feb 22, 2008 by bartin

I have had the i760 for about a month and really like it. The more I explore it's features the better it gets. For instance it took me a couple of weeks before I realized the phone could announce calls and messages.

The battery could be better but I have two extended batteries and that problem is solved. Once and a while I hang up on my caller by mistake but I'm getting better.

I have had a treo for a couple of years, it was a good phone but wanted a change. This phone has many more features.

Great Device - Very Satisfied


Feb 21, 2008 by boredbillj

Note - I said great DEVICE... not great PHONE.

The i760 is much more than a phone. If you're looking for something just to impress your friends and look cool, then you may not be happy with the i760. The call quality isn't as good as other phones I have had and tried, but it is good compared to other PDA/smart phones.

This phone is very well built. I had the Verizon xv6800 for about two weeks before this Samsung. I was very unimpressed with teh xv6800. The lack of numbers on the outside was quite a pain, and the device just felt poorly built. I got the impression it would break someday if I used it regularly.

I swapped it for the i760 and have not had any regrets. The call quality in the i760 is tons better. Functionally, they are about the same. One small caveat - I really liked the wheel on the xv6800. I wish the i760 had that.. but if I never had the 6800 first, I probably would have never thought about it.

Overall, this is simply the best pda/smart phone that verizon offers, and I've had them all - including the Treo's. In all honesty, I would rate it between a 4 and 4.5. I gave it a 5 in this review to help even out the 1's from the idgits who post but give absolutely no reason why they don't like it.

Old guys 1st SmartPhone!


Jan 24, 2008 by Rocketmahn

Random thoughts on my 1st smartphone from an old guy:

BIG PEEVE: The cheap plastic holster (sold separately).
I have gone though two in 6 weeks! It just pops apart and flys off of my belt. It it a great "holster" design (holds the phone great) - now if they could only get the holster to stop breaking off of the "belt clip" and bouncing my phone on the pavement...!
Time to go to Best Buy at lunch and get a belt "pouch".

Touch screen works well - get a $8.00 screen cover/saver to protect it.
Phone seems plenty fast - I use Outlook synced with exchange. I alway close programs with Task Manager not the X.

Battery life is good - I use the extended battery that came with it - it's good for a couple of days - phone is always "on" - I talk about 20-30 minutes a day on phone, check email, appointments etc, and have never, ever text messaged in my life.

1) Can't open a passworded Office Doc. (Mobile 6.x issue - "Feature"!).
2) Holster - see above
3) Separate USB/Power cable
4) Voice command responses seem to come out of speaker on back of phone and not out of telephone ear hole (harder to hear in noisy environement).
5) Always hitting some button
6) 200+ Page Manual is only on CD, hard-copy would be nice to keep in glove box.

1) Windows Mobile 6.1 is out, so download and update it as the phone comes loaded with 6.0.
2) Someone complained about the "small" stylus - Hey! it extends to full size - like an old car radio antenna!

great phone and pda


Jan 10, 2008 by nachris

I almost bought this phone until I started reading some of the negative reviews and purchased the HTC XV6800 from Verizon instead. After a couple of weeks of playing with the 6800 I returned it and purchased the i760. I shouldn't have doubted my initial instinct about Samsung. I have had the Samsung i600 for four years and have been very happy with it. Hence my positive feelings for Samsung products. I believe I will have the same luck with this phone as well.

VERY solid feeling(much more than the 6800)
logical lay out of buttons
Key pad for dialing on front (one of the reasons I went back to this phone)
Comes with 2 batteries
Good phone reception
Qwerty keys feel good
very easy to access the front key pad when using the Qwerty key board
I have not had a problem with the end and send buttons (I was concerned that I would)

Verizon only provides a wall charger and a usb link (which doesn't charge the phone-the 6800 did charge from the usb connection)
They should provide a desk top charger/USB link (Samsung makes one) that would also charge the extra battery
They should also provide a carrying case and a car charger!!!

All in all I believe I will be happy with the phone itself.

Love this phone


Jan 4, 2008 by maddad

Pro's - solid, packed with features

Con's - heavy, buttons can be easily accidentially pressed.

Get to know it, and it's a great phone.


Jan 2, 2008 by GerreB

I have had this phone for a month and have used it mainly for pda and phone functions, email, and word docs--not as my primary camera or music player.

PROS include:
Screen: large, bright and easy to read

Call Quality: both ends of the calls are excellent

Dialing Options: external keypad; virtual keypad; voice recognition; as well as options to call from contact list; notes, etc.

QWERTY keyboard easy to use

Phone and keyboard size: just right for me. Seems to be a Goldilocks thing: too big for some, too small for others, but just right for me.

Voice recognition: works perfect if set up right.

The only significant cons for me are the side placement of the End and Send buttons.

I would like to address some of the negatives raised by other reviewers:

Slowness or freezing: Make sure to close out everything by using Task Manager. Don't just use the X to remove a program from the screen. It is still running in the background. My phone has never frozen and is fast.

Third party apps: I am using 4 and they all downloaded and run perfectly.

Key placement: It is not the End key that I hit accidentally, but the OK button right behind it. Once I realized that, I just adjusted. I often talk with the phone still in the holster and that prevents the accidental button pushing. Again this is a personal thing, but it also makes a very comfortable feel for holding the phone on calls. And it prevents the keyboard from sliding for those folks who say this is a problem when they hit the Send button.

Voice recognition inaccuracy: I had a problem with this and called Tech support. The phone was too new for them and although they were quite nice, they could not help with the problem. So I figured it out. It's a simple fix. Just go to" to get Voice Command. Then make sure that "Phone" is enabled along with any item you need.

Battery life: Comes with a regular and an extended battery. Charge the phone once a day.

Undecided on this phone


Nov 8, 2007 by privitmj

I purchased this phone the day it was available to me in stores. I then returned it three days later because the display was permanently stuck in Sepia mode and it was misaligned (had to point slightly to the left of everything with the stylus). This gave me a sour feeling towards the phone on the get-go. Having said that my view might be skewed slightly :O)
Here is what I like:
-Great looking crystal clear display
-Sound is AMAZING
â–ªThe speaker for listening to media
without headphones sounds crystal clear
and gets loud when you want it to.
â–ªPhone calls are crystal clear
-The PDA is smaller than all the others that I've seen
-WiFi/bluetooth work well
-Collapsable stylus that hides inside the side of the phone
-Plenty of button options and shortcut buttons to navigate easily (buttons are customizable too)
-Camera options make you feel like you are using a camera instead of a phone
-Camera flash works well
-Keyboard is larger than most other phones(the ones with a full keyboard) and pda/blackberries
-keyboard has shortcuts to your messages and start menu. It also has a shortcut to the OK button which is essentially the "get me the heck out of here" button

Here are the things I wouldn't say I dislike, but wouldn't say I like:
-An occasional lag in switching from portrait view to landscape when sliding out the keyboard
-End call and Send buttons are on the side of the phone making the phone a bit awkward to control
-The number pad on the front of the phone is small even for me (and I have really small hands)

And finally, here are the things I really don't like:
-some options on the phone seem to be only customizable by the stylus (It appears that I cannot change my alarm settings without using the stylus, for example)
-power button is in an awkward position on the top of the phone and is way too small for its own good
-shortcut buttons are in bad locations and make it hard to maneuver without rotating it or using both hands

On the verge...


Oct 19, 2007 by detroit313

For starters, this phone meets all of my needs. i have had numerous phones from vzw(moto t720 to present). that being said, it comes down to what your looking for. call quality, form factor, signal strength, applications, web browser, processor speed, battery life, are outstanding. i've had mine over a month. I do miss the certain features from my env(30 video clips, 2mp pics, and vcast.) I was disappointed that it didn't have that remote app and 4gb memory capacity. those few cons only knock the phone down to 4.5 for me. there is not a phone out that is a 5, but this one is .7 mega pixels away.

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