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A Real Powerhouse!


Nov 7, 2007 by scotkap

This phone has it all! I'v had the a few different Pocket PC's and this one does it all, without freezing up!

-Great Speakerphone
-Clear Screen
-Tons of features
-Great sound
-Good reception
-Camera is decent

-Small Keys (If you want a small phone, they can only be so big!) Can't have everything.
-Keys are a little squishy
-Does not come with a charging cradle

Verizon Wireless' Best Smartphone (SCH i760)


May 13, 2008 by jc1125

I've owned this phone for a week. I was deciding between the XV6900, the I-Phone and the SCH i760. I am glad I decided to get this phone.

This is my first PDA/Smartphone. This phone does everything advertised. I use it to view content fromt the internet, SSM, MMS, listen to music, email, budgets on professional office suite, etc. I was interested in Windows Mobile 6.0 and like that I can add 3rd Party applications.

The download speeds are fast with the Evdo connectivity. The phone also comes equipped with WiFi, and that works fine. I walked into my college and immediately the phone prompted me.

I am a power emailing, and while I also considered the Blackberry phones from Verizon none stood out to me. The keyboard on the SCH i760 is great. I can use it to compose long emails comfortably on the subway.

The stylus is conveniently located on the side. I did use it a lot when I first got the phone, but more and more I am beginning to use my finger. I generally have no problems opening applications and programs on the touch-screen.

Pros: fully featured PDA/Smartphone for the email power-user, business executive, fast connectivity with 3G EVDO/WiFi, excellent keyboard, Windows Mobile 6.0, Touch Screen, Fast processor

Cons: lacks access to Verizon's V-Cast services, and Windows Live application, Can't play YouTube out of the box (need to load a 3rd party application)

*I always use the Task Manager to close applications I don't use. Although the phone has enough memory to operate several applications simultaneously I developed the habit of closing apps I am not using. I have not had the phone freeze up even once.

Cheers! - from NYC

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Steaming Pile of Turd...


Jul 13, 2009 by tommyz123

I've had this phone (and 5 others) for close to 2 years now. I can see now why VZW only carried it for about 8 months. My original phone had WM 6.0, this OS in itself would make anyone mental. I think the 6.0 stood for the number of resets the phone required per day. Later, (I think phone replacement #4) I received a phone w/WM 6.1. This improved the operation of this phone slightly. I am not someone who loads a bunch of apps, so I don't know what the deal was. As for everyone claiming "ROCK SOLID"... Every single one of my phones had buttons that stuck, and a slide out keyboard that became wobbly after about 2 months of use. I don't consider myself hard on phones, and keep them clean & in a case all the time. About the only thing this phone was good for was the Outlook calendar. If you're looking to buy one of these mini boat anchors on eBay, I would think twice... That is unless you like to be tortured on a daily basis. F Windows Mobile... Blackberry Tour, here I come.

Best PDA Phone


Jun 19, 2009 by LADETROIT

I don't know why I didn't get this phone when it first came out!!
It does everything I need.

Pros.. haven't had to resat it like old pda phones.
2.5 jack was a great surprise

Cons.. the last pda phone that doesn't require data plan.

Hope the next generation phones have all the features of this phone

Best Phone I've Ever Had


Jun 1, 2009 by chezz

I've had this phone for a month and I'm in love with it. I never get bored with it, theres so many features with the phone its unbelievable. I love the touch screen and keyboard, they are both very easy to use. The only thing that bugs me is how bulky it is, but on the plus side, I probably won't lose it as often. To sum it all up, this phone is great.

Much better choice over PALM.


Jan 3, 2009 by alkan

I would say, this phone is good, but it doesn’t deserve 5 out of 5. I have had this phone for 8 months now, & plan to get another smart phone when my contract with Verizon expires in another 2 months.

First the GOOD points: This is a rock solid phone. Sound quality / speaker is excellent, call connectivity is very good too. Bluetooth connectivity with the headset & transferring data to & from PC via BT is also good. My last 2 phones were Palm 700p & 755p, they were TERRIBLY bad performers. This beats Palm on every issue. In fact this has yet to freeze up on me, unlike what some other folks have commented. The only place where I often get the browser stuck is when I am surfing ebay. 2 batteries in the package is a good idea.

Regarding Windows Mobile 6, it needed to be updated to 6.1, which in fact is not a straight forward process. I wish the “windows update” icon would do that, but that in fact is a worthless icon. This needs to be synced with a PC to perform an update. The PC sync is really sloppy, & would start synchronizing things without your permission – messes Microsoft Outlook on PC without asking. Browser lacks functionality, Microsoft should have used the IE-7 to enhance mobile versions.

Cell phone Talk & End-Call buttons are poorly placed, especially the End-Call button can unintentionally be pushed & there goes your call. The lighted keys do not stay lit & there is no setting for it, in fact the key-pad is a nuisance in the dark. Phone should have a setting to adjust back-ground light to stay lit but dim during call. Bluetooth icon does not indicate from the main screen if the headset is paired. When browsing, battery icon disappears.

Overall, it is not a bad phone.


Best Pocket PC Ever?


May 12, 2008 by BigRed83

I have had a number of Palm pilots, a Treo 600, 650, 700p, Moto q9m and too many different cell phones to mention here.

I was getting bored with the Q, and ventured onto eBay to get this little puppy. I've had it about three weeks now, and liked until I read a review on a different website about an add-on piece of s/w from everybody's fave site for applications called SPB Pocket Plus. Now, I LOVE THIS PHONE. If only Mr. Gates had added this functionality to WM6 from the start.

Great phone, camera works very well, outlook and mobile office are very handy to have. love the fact that you can alpha dial from the 10 key pad, and your contacts come up in the phone application. I love the qwerty keyboard for texting and email.

Would I buy this again? you betcha. Will I buy the i770? Only if it has major improvements (hard to do IMO), and I have the need to roam globally.

Cons? The battery life, but Samsung was thoughtful in providing 2 batteries for us.

The data cable doesn't charge, bad for tethering, also needs a desk charger to chg the 2nd battery.

Only minor cons, but LOVE this PHONE!!!

Great Phone, Does it all!


Mar 30, 2008 by Stef

Upgraded from the i730 with Verizon. I have been using the i760 now for 5 weeks, have not had any issue with this phone at all.

Very nice solid feel
Nice placement of bottons, easy to use

Nice to have #key's on front of phone

The slide out keyboard is a very big improvement from the i730

Great speaker phone, very good sound

Active synch works great with MS Outlook

Great battery life

Camera could be better, but ok in a pinch

Only thing that prevented me from giving this phone a 5 rating is because it dont come with a holster or synch/charge cradle
had to buy these items seperate.

Owerall, I will higly recomend this phone to anyone who need's this type of phone.

Great PDA


Mar 26, 2008 by ajs253

This is an excellent PDA. The build quality is awesome. The phone button design is okay. But the rest of the phone, screen and other functions are excellent.

The other excellent functionality this phone has is that it has number keys on the outside. Which is also huge positive factor.

Overall, if you like to have a pda (not a smartphone), would like it to have number keys, and great keyboard then this is the phone for you.


Battery life is short
Outside key placement may be uncomfortable for some.

Best PDA I Have had to date


Mar 24, 2008 by chrislidgett

I have owned several differant PDA's and hands down this is the best!

Large screen
qwerty keyboard
with the upgradable format(ifonz)adds alot of awesomeness to the phone the software makes it exactly like the i phone!
WI-FI works great

The only complaint i have with this phone is the battey life but i guess that is why they give you two batterys when you buy a normal one and then and extended life battery

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