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Good looking phone... if only it had phone functionality...


Jul 6, 2009 by bkw212007

(The following are my personal opinions, and not necessarily facts...)


Sleek, lightweight, sharp looking phone
Durable metal casing, instead of plastic
Decent-sized buttons
Nice inside screen


Horrible battery life
Dropped calls, some calls don't ring through
Undelivered text messages
No flash for camera
Slippery, easily dropped
MicroSD card is under the battery
Impossible to read outside screen in sunlight
Speaker isn't nearly loud enough


Buy this phone if you want to impress people with its looks. Don't buy this phone if you just want a good working phone.



Oct 19, 2007 by nikox111

The pros are quite obvious in one of LG's top of the line phone the 8700... and although my overall rating (above) is high I had to return this phone.
the over all package is one of the best I've seen. Looks alone gets this phone top ranking. I loved ALL the features on this phone and the looks. However from day one it kept freezing!!! I actually had to return it 7 thats right 7 times. I went through 6 of these phones. That just shows how much I loved this phone. The size and packaging was great. But in addition to the "Freezing" my bluetooth would loose connection when I was on inches from the phone extremely frustrating!!! Then at times it would go into a continuous loop of audio transfered to phone and back again. The only thing stopping this was to take out the battery. I finally had to change phones and got the Rizr, no problems yet but I've only had a day.
PS I've talked to others that have this phone and the Verizon techs and they have had/seen the same freezing problem



Sep 2, 2007 by psycho dramatic7

after going from the lg 8300 to the 8700 it was a big jump. the camera (unless lots of light) is very sharp. the call quality is real good. it's a real sexy phone and it's got alot of neat functions but lacking in ways too. i guess you cant win em all.

-2.0 MEGAPIXEL CAMERA (the external LCD can be used as a view finder when you close the phone.)

- with a memory card (i bought a PNY 2.0 GB micro SD from compusa.com) you have the ability to watch full length movies on the lg 8700. i have the matrix on my phone and i watch it in widescreen.also with a memory card you can take higher resolution videos and no time limit except memory.

- fits easily into my pockets

- good signal strength

- girls go damn thats a sweet fone.

- VZ navigator works good.

- white illuminated keypad. lovely at night

- HD screen

- Good talk time

- Sounds like you're talking on a house phone to the person on the other end of the line. Very clear.

- mp3 ringtones of 128kbps bitrate work on this phone and i make my own and send them to my phone. yes even with Verizon you can work around the system.

- i hate the verizon UI (user interface)

- the camera is a light hog and you have to hold very very still.

- the speakerphone isn't loud at all...lets face it, it's no nextel. in a noisey area you need the speakerphone mode on and pressed against your ear.

- internal memory is limited

- mobile web is slow

- has a tendency with LG i've seen only to lock up or power cycle. (i blame verizon's user interface)

- Does not have MOBILE EMAIL but DOES have MOBILE IM.

that's it for now....i will update later.

Sexy Phone Is Certainly Worth Considering


Aug 17, 2007 by wwwparker

I like LG cellphones because they're very easy to use and the text messaging is very streamlined and easy.

The VX8700 is a great phone. It's sleek and sexy, very thin.. but also very slippery. I'd recommend getting one of those aftermarket sticky pads to go on the back of the battery case or else your sweaty hands will squirt this phone right out onto the pavement. The battery does get fairly hot, something I didn't expect to be as noticeable as it is.

There are two different menu themes to choose from, business and metallic. Metallic looks great and is the default, but it's slower than christmas! I was pretty worried that this phone was just too slow. Then I switched to the business theme and the menus scream quite quickly. So metallic is a bust, apparently.

Cell reception is very good, i had no problems in my apartment building which typically is below average with all makes of Verizon cell phones.

The battery life is as good as can be expected from such a slim phone. 2.5 days worth of talking is just fine for me. When does this really become an issue? If I travel I take a charger with me. If I'm driving I have a charger in my car. I can't imagine a circumstance that would put me out of contact with a charger for longer than 2.5 days.

But it's not perfect. Other people complain that the front display is difficult to read in direct sunlight, and they are absolutely right. You simply can't see it, case closed. Even when you open it up the main LCD is still difficult to read in bright sunlight. But in an inside environment or at night, the interior LCD is crystal clear and very sharp, best I've ever seen.

There are tons of reasons to love this phone and so few to dislike it. If you choose it you won't be disappointed.

PROS: Reception, appearance, ease of use, fairly decent price, camera is alright, it's super thin!

CONS: Hard to read in direct sunlight, slippery, weak speakerphone.



Aug 17, 2007 by CyberThug

A LOT BETTER than the Chocolate 8500 that I just dumped!! I went through 3 chocolates in 9months.

I just got VX8700 last week and I'm pleased! The look of this phone is really amazing. I get lots of compliments. It's really slim and easily fits in your pocket even with included pouch.

- Slim, sleek design. (Head turner)
- Great screen quality
- Speaker-phone decent sound.
- Ring-tones are crisp and clear.
- Battery is really good.
- Comfortable when you're on a call
- 2MP camera takes GREAT pictures!
- Loud Ringers
- Good UI


- Scratches REALLY easy!
- SD card is behind the battery
- External display is nearly useless the glass is slightly mirrored so its impossible to see through in daylight.
- Flat keypad does take a little time to get used to if for txt messaging
- Can NOT transfer files/pix to PC (But thats a Verizon thing) I talked to LG and they said Verizon needs to release the software upgrade that will allow this feature to work! Verizon said they are NOT going to do any upgrade. Looks like I will be going to Cingular soon!

Overall this phone is great and anyone that is looking at getting a fantastic phone for a new line or a upgrade, needs to get this phone. You will be happy!!



Aug 8, 2007 by gatorgirl

I just got this phone and LOVE it. The look of this phone is amazing. It is very slim and easily fits in your pocket. Used the speaker today and the sound was phenominal.

-Slim, sleak
-Speakerphone is great! Nice sound
-Ringtones are crisp and clear. You can also record songs on the radio and send them to your phone and save them as ringtones. I have done this on other phones and it is not clear when it comes through, problem fixed with this phone
-Navigation through the menu is a breeze as with all LG phones
-Keypad is really easy to get used to
-Comfortable when you are holding the phone while on a call
-Camera takes great pictures-you can make the lighting brighter before you take a picture which makes the pictures come out very clear

-The only con I have with this phone is that the SD card is behing the battery

Overall this phone is great and anyone that is looking at getting a fantastic phone for a new line or a upgrade, needs to get this phone. You will not be disappointed!!

Slim, Metal and very well desighned...


Aug 2, 2007 by dillonn

Small, fits easily in my pocket.
Totally made of metal, tough phone.
Large bright screen.
Blue tooth stereo.
Awesome sound and reception, I live in TX and
have Verizon< x cingular cust.>
none so far.
I used to be with cingular, I live in south TX they said they have the best coverage in this area so I changed phones and tried everything finialy I switched to Verizon and bought this phone and it's awesome this phone with Verizon service and even with no bars it still works.
The place I work in had all kinds of dead spots and no service with cingular, now with this phone and Verizon I haven't missed a call anywhere in the building. This phone with Verizon
service is very close to perfect.

Almost perfect


Jul 26, 2007 by jeffpjeffp

Had this phone for 1 1/2 months now, it's as good as all the other reviews claim so I'll stick to the main points only:

- screen is awesome
- gets great reception
- sound quality on both ends of calls is better than any other CDMA phone I've seen

- possibly reliability? - had to return my first VX8700 after the display started flickering during calls. Also it's crashed on me twice now when attaching text to a picture message. Otherwise no reliability problems
- battery life is mediocre - about 2.5 days casual use max., and when it runs out of juice it just quietly shuts off without any audible warning, even in the middle of a call. Very bad form.
- external display is nearly useless - thin design makes clock either unreadable (analog) or often upside-down (digital). Also glass is slightly mirrored to be high-fashion, and by doing so is impossible to see through in daylight - some design weenie wrecked an otherwise nice design.

All in all, Verizon's the place to be because of their coverage and awesome customer service, and this is the best Verizon phone!

finally! a reliable phone


Jul 22, 2007 by CeLLpHoNeCrAzY

I've had the LG vx8700 for a little over three days and so far its amazing. i really like the reception! i previously owned the vx8600, and that phone didn't get service in half the places this one does. this phone also looks amazing, the sleek metal finish really gives it an extremely high quality look. i would suggest this phone to anyone looking for something reliable.

-sleek metal finish.
-2.0 mega-pixel camera.
-thin design.
-front display turns into a mirror.
-relatively light weight.
-HUGE inside screen.

-battery isn't amazing. but it does last a little more than a day, if this is an issue get the extended.
-tends to get hot if used for long periods of time, or in direct light.
-one speaker. but it really does get the job done!

if your looking for a phone, that has everything and looks amazing, go with this one! you will not be disappointed.

LG scores again


Jul 22, 2007 by disco_n8

I sell phones as a Premium dealer, and LG's are with out a doubt the best make, and the 8700 is the best model yet. It doesn't have the durability of the 8300, but for how thin it is, it is top notch. I haven't had one person come back with a complaint on the phone yet. I highly recomend it to anyone.


Thin yet durable
The buttons are flat, but they are large enough that typo's are rare
Brushed metal doesn't show scratches or finger prints
2.0 megapixel camera
Predictive text is the best in an LG, and it remembers all of your contacs, so you don't have to type names letter by letter
Battery life does well for a thin phone on CDMA network
Great reception
The LG user interface makes a lot of sense


The main screen isn't as detailed as the previous 8600, but it still has all the important info
SD card is behind the battery, which can be inconvenient
Battery heats up after constant use, but nothing too extreme

Over all it is a great phone! Nothing really worth complaining about. I doubt I'll use my upgrade even when it rolls around.

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