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Great Phone!


Mar 31, 2008 by FranckE

I have had this phone for about a month and I really like it. The Pro's greatly outweigh the con's.

PRO'S: Great design
2 different UI's, 1 fast, 1 that could be faster. The keyboard is easy to type on, and they are very accurate and as soon as you get used to them. The camera is one of the best I've seen! SUPER THIN!! The only phone thinner is the RAZR2. There are so many customizable things to make it your own.

CON'S: Sometimes I get scared that the hinge is going to break, but with LG and their reputation, I'm confident that it'll hold up. After all, it is the same hinge that is on the enV, and EVERYBODY (except for me) thinks that it is awesome. I wish it had a louder speaker or more than it does and external music controls. The only thing I don't like about the front is that I can't set backgrounds on it because it is so small.

Over all, it is my favorite phone, and I would recommend it to anybody that doesn't want like a blackberry or smartphone, but just a cool, fast (3G) and stylish flip phone from the best carrier (Verizon Wireless) and the top phone maker (LG).

I hope this helps!!

Awesome clamshell design


Jun 9, 2007 by oudftq

I love this phone, here's why:

Gorgeous shiny metal finish
Unique and sexy clamshell design
Awesome 2 megapixel camera/video camera
Beautiful and sharp external display
Bluetooth, including file transfer
Unsurpassed call quality, very clear

Speakerphone can only be activated during a call

Overall, a superbe phone! Very enjoyable!!

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Great Phone!


Jul 5, 2007 by peg

I purchased this phone after having a MotoRazr V3c, and a Palm wx. This phone has been great! I have two phone lines and this line gets about 700min usage a month average, the other about the same (vx8600). The battery has been lasting 4-5 days which I think is awesome. The camera is great quality, speakerphone is loud enough but does vibrate a bit at times when the volume is turned up loud, vibrate work great. This phone has tons of bells and whistles of which I will probably never use since I prefer to keep my phone/computer/mp3 seperate. The frame and exterior is high quality and seems very durable (reminds me of my toughbook). Mini SD card is stored internal, and the phone stays cleaner than the vx8600. I like my vx8600, and almost bought another one when I got this but I like this phone much better!

Very Impressive


Jun 13, 2007 by dsmythe

Only had it a few days now but the interface is nice... clean and easy to use. Mixed in with verizion's excellent quality coverage in the S.F. Bay Area makes this phone an excellent choice for folks that want style and substance.

The only con I have for this phone is the speaker phone only being used during a call. That aside this phone is one of the best I have owned thus far.

I suppose I could wait longer to file a review but I am so excited about this phone I just had to post something now.

Forget the Maxx, this phone is much better


May 3, 2007 by cfd954

Before purchasing the 8700 U have owned(between me and my fiancee) the e815, e816, v3m, LG 8000, LG 8100, LG 8300, LG8500, LG 8600, LG enV....and the list goes on.

Before getting this phone I had gotten the Motorola Maxx and found many problems with it including problems with the Bluetooth profiles, utilizing it with a Mac and VZAccess manager, poor build quality(loose hinge) and having sub standard reception. I overlooked this for a week and then decided that for the price I paid I should have a phone and not a nice looking paperweight.

I set out today and exchanged my Maxx for an LG 8700. I have found that the Bluetooth profiles all work very well with my Mac, I was able to set up VZAccess Manager without a problem and I have found service in spots that I never knew existed.

Coming from an LG enV I was looking to return to a flip phone as I would much rather have a flip than a bar phone, plus I was not using the keypad feature anymore on the inside of the phone. All in all this is a great phone and comparable to the enV. My only gripes with the 8700 is that there are no external media controls, the small external screen and the speaker definitely needs some work.

In the end the advantages of this phone definitely outweighs it's shortcomings. Plus being a Mac user the integration of the 8700 and Mac are much better than the integration of the Motorola Maxx. If you are deciding between the Maxx and the 8700 save some time and just get the 8700 you will not be disappointed, plus the 8700 even comes with a very nice pouch to store the phone. When was the last time you actually got a case with your phone?

PS I would mark this phone lower due to the speaker issue but I think 4.5 is too low.

A long read but this is an AMAZING phone


May 2, 2007 by welchrock

Please note that I recently upgraded from the LG VX 8600, so a lot of comparisons are made.


Shockingly sleek design – stainless steel!

Great ‘solid-feeling’ design

Internal antenna is not susceptible to reception issues based on how you hold the phone

Membrane-style buttons are surprisingly great, due to excellent spacing, sizing and useful etching. True ‘button-like’ feel when pushed

Memory card DOES fit behind the battery – no port on the side of the phone that is bound to get damaged/clogged up. I don’t understand why people have such problems with this

Screen may be crisper than any I’ve seen on a cell phone

Improved speakerphone versus the 8600, now with a dedicated button

Charging port, swings towards the bottom of the phone. Makes more sense than the design of the 8600’s


Exterior screen is not flush with the body of the phone.

Battery life even worse than the 8600 (crisper screen?) and seems especially susceptible to draining because of text messaging

Bluetooth is great but having it in addition to a standard 2.5mm jack is even better

New menu system (Verizon menu also available) suffers from a processor-lag and is consistently slow to respond to button-pushes

Charging port is awkwardly on the side of the phone

Exterior screen stays lit during charging – annoying when trying to fall asleep

Switching between T9 and abc always results in the first letter being capitalized

No ‘vibrate-then-ring or vibrate-and-ring options’

Only about 85% of the phone is stainless steel

‘Clear’ button has been moved to an unusual location

Speakerphone only works when the phone is open

Overall – I listed a lot of cons but this phone is absolutely STELLAR. My favorite of about 15 phones I’ve owned.

Bottom Line: The best that Verizon has to offer if you’re looking for a super-compact, cutting-edge-styled phone with a fantastic set of features for the size and price.

Solid Phone


Sep 20, 2007 by Sheldonoz

I replaced a mediocre LG-8600 Choc Flip with this baby, and it gets better reception, has a better screen, similar great bluetooth functionality (I can bitpim my MP3 ringtones wirelessly to my phone, transfer photos, calender events, backup contacts, etc etc). More internal memory, and I like that the MicroSD card is behind the battery...I hated having the extra door on the side of the phone and after I put the card in the phone, I hardly ever need to access it again. New song? Just bluetooth it from my laptop.

Otherwise, I don't really like the external LCD, I can't read my texts without opening the phone. That was a feature I missed from the 8600. I also miss the external MP3 music controls. Although finger smudges are non-existent, it does scratch easily on my keys...

Overall a great phone, plentiful features, sexy design, good build, solid implementation, decent battery life, and good call quality and reception. 4.5/5!

Nice solid sleek phone


Sep 16, 2007 by dsfeight

Just bought this phone today as an upgrade to the 8300. You cannot deny how good this phone looks and feels. It is solid and looks really hot. Fingerprinting not a huge problem - but still exists. I don't need a ton of bells and whistles, but this phone has enough to keep me happy. Apparently the speaker phone is lacking, but I never use that, so I don't care - speaker phone functions never seem to be that great anyway - no matter what phone you have. There are a few things that bother me, and I will detail them below.


- REALLY HOT looking
- Thin, yet sturdy feel
- Interface works well - but I agree that the silver theme is not as fast as the business theme.
- Good call clarity - Again, I agree with whoever said that you almost think the call has dropped because it's so quiet.
- Signal seems good, but will have to write more later when I can confirm it works better at my workplace than the 8300 - which was horrible (even though Verizon has the best coverage - hands down)
- Picture quality is UNREAL - just amazing!


- Moving the clear button to above the send button is a huge mistake - makes it much harder for me to text quickly and be accurate.
- No battery charger available is bad. That's how I always charge an extra battery to have ready at all times. What good is having an extra battery if there is no other way to charge it?
- the number fonts are huge - even though I've set them to "normal" - makes me think the phone was made for people that can't see.
- also, it's harder to text on this phone with the flat keypad (compared to the 8300) and you really have to push the buttons hard.

All in all, this phone is really great. Just wanted to make sure I outlined what I didn't like for people considering buying this phone.

Love the phone


Jul 12, 2007 by eddsmetz

I replaced the LG 8300 for this phone. It took a lot for me to give up the 8300, but I love this phone. I never drop a call, and I people are constantly asking me to look at the phone.

My best phone to date, and I have had many.

LG is far and above one of the best manufacturers of phones thus far.

Makes you look smarter


Jun 19, 2007 by otonan

This phone is so stylish and tastefully designed, it makes you look smarter!! Well, that's the way I feel since I got it...

call quality
velvet pouch (that comes with it)

I wish ... the speakerphone could be activated other than during calls.

Overall, AWESOME!!!

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