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Great Phone!


May 24, 2007 by louielouie1688

Tried out the Motorola KZRZ and took it back to the store in exchange for this phone.

So far, the phone is great. My finger navigates easily with the new keyboard layout. Interior screen is a pleasure to read as it is BIG and the fonts are just perfect!
Menu layouts were very intuitive and easy to learn and operate.

Battery life seems to be very good.

Picture quality is very good (2Mp vs. 1.3Mp).
Receptions and call quality are great.
Haven't tried the MP3 feature on this phone but if the speakerphone voice quality is any indication, I'm sure it'll be just fine...
besides, I got an iPod.

HairLine stainless finish case with the contrasting mirror finish trims complete this artwork. The only thing I would suggest is to use stainless steel with the non-smear-print treatment to avoid fingerprints. Also the use of titanium PVD coatings to provide different colors such as gold, copper, black, coffee, blue. I'm amazed at the workmanship of the stainless steel case.

I agree with the others, battery charge port should have been designed at the bottom instead of the side. There should have been a vibrate then ring feature as well.

All in all, a great phone!

First Impressions are Everything


May 6, 2007 by Gawain

This is a first impression review, but I've been a long time user of LG products with Verizon Wireless, and it doesn't take long for me to get used to a specific form factor. I upgraded from a two year old VX7000, and had a VX6000 before that.

I ordered the phone online and with the online discount and "New Every Two" I got it for under $100.

The phone is a little smaller than I thought it would be (pictures add weight I guess), but it is "right-sized" for my larger hands. The weight is great (high-quality feel). The buttons have a strong tactile feedback, which was my only real concern about getting a phone like this (buttons are good). Nothing feels "cheap" on the device at all.

--The main display is bright, vivid, sharp, A++
--The external display is also a nice execution of something different
--The form factor, and yes the VZW "UI" actually helps in that, it's easy to use and get up and running with
--The "metallic" UI theme is sharp
--The buttons provide solid tactile feedback, texting is easy (for using a 12-key)
--The EV-DO based services perform well on the phone, it can handle the load
--The 2.0 MP camera is outstanding, it exceeded my expectations
--Included cloth-like pouch is nice and will seem to preserve the shininess of the phone
--Call quality and sound quality are great
--Speaker is very good

--The "metallic" UI theme is just a touch slower than previous LG models have been able to handle, the sub-menus are not hindered though
--It would be nice to be able to add a "note" and/or more detailed contact information for each contact (more depth to contact content)
--The ringers could be a little louder
--While the pouch is nice, it would have been really nice if a belt-holster were included, that should be standard with every phone

Overall, I'm very pleased with the device. VZW scored a very good product here and I recommend it.

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Pretty nice, nice build, Fragile maybe


Apr 7, 2007 by theatermax

Hey Guys,

Got my 8700 this afternoon.. So what do I say , It's nice.. I am concerned about the overall fragile type of feel it has..

The design is gorgeous but there are a few concerns.

The charging port is on the side and its very awkward as with any side charging port. As we know it's better on the bottom so you can hold the phone without the cord being in your way.

The Inside Screen is fantastic, it's huge and actually about 1/4" longer than the 8300 screen. The resolution is great.

The Operating system is nice but seems a bit slower than the other LG's I have.

The keypad is good for a Membrane flat keypad. 100 times better than the Razr or Krazr but it's still flat and takes some getting used to. You can text message decently.

The ringers and loud and it has some great new ones.

The Vibrate is decent about the same as the 8300.

The Speakerphone is pretty good for not having any speakers exposed. I am actually intrigued at how they get that much volume without side speakers.

The outside screen is cool, I wish there was a button to light it up on the flip.It does go black and you can touch the side key to light up.

The Speakerphone key is a real bummer. You can only activate the speakerphone after you dial the call. It does not stay on when closed and you have to reactivate it each time you want to use it.. Kind of a bummer if you use speaker alot. The Speaker is loud and decent for such a slim phone.

The leather case is a horror show. It does not hold the phone at all and is very badly designed. I used just the bottom half and a piece of velcro on the back inside the case and it does stay in decently with that. Worst case design I ever saw VZW put out.

LG actually gives you a nice black fabric sleeve to hold the phone,Kind of useless.

All and all , It's a nice phone. NIcer than the 8600 in most ways and very sexy. We have to see how it will hold up.I have to test the bluetooth more but the voice dialing works great.

Cutting edge style


Jun 19, 2007 by brionick

Cutting edge style makes this phone the best looking on the market so far.

Other nice things:
Camera (awesome pics!!)
Overall Quality

I don't have any complaints. I love this phone.

It's a winner!


May 23, 2007 by lovemyboard

What a great phone! I love the sleek design and the ultra slim profile.

Best features:
-Just beautiful and sleek
-Call quality
-Excellent camera
-Very sharp display
-Buttons on keypad (comfortable to use)

-location of micro sd card (but I don't need to reach it often).

Overall, a great great product!

Best phone I've owned.


May 2, 2007 by Just Lou

I've had my 8700 for a few days, and I like more and more each day. What is can do, it does well.
It may lack some of the features or phones such as the MAXX, but it makes up for it in style.
The phone is absolutely beautiful. Everyone that I've shown it to wants one.



Apr 26, 2007 by yeahright

This thing is solid. I owned a razr and hated it, felt cheap, camera was awful, menus were slow, so I bought a 9900. I loved my 9900 but hated the size and didn't really need a keyboard. I will say the camera on this is just as nice as the 9900 camera, I have been very impressed with the picture quality! This thing feels and looks expensive, the build quality is great. The only thing I will not enjoy is the smaller battery life, but that is what you get with these slim phones. If you are looking for a slim phone and don't care about music play buttons on the front, this is the one to get!

Feel- High quality, well built, looks great
Menu-very fast and easy to use
bluetooth-thank you for unlocking more profiles Ex: picture transfer, phonebook transfer etc...
sound quality-sound quality in calls is great
overall best slim phone to date by far!

kinda of expensive
speaker phone not great
does not ring very loud

I would have given this a perfect if the ringer and speaker phone were better and if lg would finally design a phone where speaker phone can be used while phone is closed. But all in all this is an amazing phone, if you are looking for a slim fashionable phone! Well worth paying the extra and skipping the razr and i would choose this over the razr max anyday(max looks and feels cheap in comparison)

The Sine


Jul 21, 2007 by indyrev

It's very pretty, slim, decent battery life. The thing I love about it the most is the gigantic screen and the high resolution. This makes pictures, video, and mobile web look great on this little guy. I'd have to say the whole SD card being behind the battery thing kind of sucks, but it's not that big of a deal. If you use bluetooth, you can get your pictures and small video files on and off it pretty easily. This thing can take some pretty amazing pictures if you have the settings setup correctly. Also, the buttons, not so much the numbers, but the other buttons like send, end spkr, and clr, as well as the directional buttons can kind of get mixed up because of how close they are, I've hit "end" instead or the right button many times, sucks when you're writing an email or a txt message. Verizon has the ringtones locked down pretty well, but if you record your favorite song (about 30 seconds) and send it via bluetooth or memory card over to the phone, create a message with that file and send it yourself, when you receive the file back, you'll then be able to set it as a ringtone. Granted that costs $.25, but that's better than the $2-4 they'll charge you for one of theirs.

Shiny Shiny


May 23, 2007 by click.on2

I've got my shine on thanks to LG's VX 8700!!
I love the sleek brushed metal finish. It's perfect because it's shiny and looks smart but does not attract fingerprints so it stays smart! The velvet pouch it comes with is really nice and fits the phone perfectly. Besides the awesome look, the phone in itself is just delightful. Calls are very clear, camera works great and the screen is super nice and crisp.



Jul 4, 2007 by Ree

I overall happy with my new purchased of the 8700. I have now had my phone for a week now coming from Motorola's V710 and compared to what I had, the 8700 is very stylish and sleek (which I love!). The battery life is better than I suspected... I only have to charge it every 2 or 3 days! And the call quality is good. I've seen from previous reviews people heard buzzing during their calls, but I don't hear it at all. The volume could be a little bit louder in busy areas.

The downfalls are: 1. There is no light for the camera. You'll have to been in good lighting for the picture to come out perfect.
2. The clear button should not be on top of the send button. Already I have sent out too many incomplete texts. 3. I wish there was an outside speaker on the phone to hear music better.

While these can be little annoyances: 1. Activating the speakerphone while on the call. No longer can I use voice activation to dial a number unless I have my bluetooth.
2. The charger portal on the side. The cover may or may not stay on for very long.

Considering I got this phone for $50 with my new every two plan with Verizon, who very seldom has the best phones, I am satisfied.

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