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Sleek durable wireless phone


Jul 16, 2007 by redbirdson

I bought 4 of these phones a few days ago. I have tried to put them through all the paces that our family needs. This includes primarily voice calls and texting, with some speaker phone use. We have iPods for music and digital cameras for photos, so those were low on our list of priorities, though we tried those features too. We did not use data services. We wanted excellent call reception and durable sleek phones. The LG 8700s are perfect for our family. Concerns of battery life and heat were non issues - a little warm, but still plenty of power after 2 hour call test.

* Excellent reception & clarity
* Excellent design, fit, and finish
* Quality 2MP camera (though no flash)
* Solid & durable feel

A little heavy in front pockets



Jul 13, 2007 by Mortikisledge

The 8700 not only looks good, but it has very good reception, outstanding call quality, and is built very well. Yes, I find it to be a bit slippery and have dropped it already several times, however just a few minor scratches; no dings or dents. The phone still works great! I was told that the speaker on the 8600 wasn't too good from a few sales reps at VZW. Well the speaker phone on the 8700 I think is total garbage. I can only imagine what the 8600's is like. Don't get me wrong...when listening to music, the speaker on the 8700 is pretty good but I've invested in a bluetooth headset and it takes care of the poor speaker phone issue. Everybody has their priorities, personally I couldn't give a hoot that the memory chip goes under the battery, besides I still use my Ipod for serious music listening and I have a digital camera for pics. BTW, slim phone on a cdma network = short battery time. This does not bother me, and if it's an issue for someone I hear that you can buy the extra capacity battery on line. All in all besides the poor speaker phone, I find this phone to be another great product from LG and Verizon.

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Verizon #1, LG vx-8700 #1


Jul 9, 2007 by alexandergrahmbell

Vanity is great...isn't it?! I absolutely admit, I love when someone sees my phone and their jaw drops and ask if they can see the phone up close and personal. I'm proud of the fact that I have an exotic phone!

Once you get beyond the looks, this baby has all the high end features and performs outstandingly. I've tried several Bluetooth headsets and they all paired up easily and sounded great. Great call quality. People have posted ringers are not loud enough. Well I have chosen one that comes with the phone and it blasts! All I can say is keep trying all of them and then test in noisy environment. Of course, since the phone is so thin the battery will suffer a bit, however if you text a few times a day and make about 10 calls averaging 10 minutes each, then the battery should last 2 to 3 days. Exception: When I keep my phone on all night for alarm to wake me and use bluetooth headset while on those calls....yes the battery will die in probably one day. But all you need to do is purchase the extended battery. For the curious...the extended battery back cover is not metal it's cheap plastic and takes just a little away from the phone's looks.

This phone has broken the mold and set the bar even higher. I can only imagine what cell phones will be like in 4-6 years?

5 thumbs up for the 8700.

Almost does it all!


May 16, 2007 by c_wiggum

I owned the Moto e815 before this phone (and loved it!), so I was very hesitant to upgrade to a new phone...but make no mistake, I am happy with my decision. Apart from the great looks of the phone, its a compact phone that doesnt struggle with performance. It's much faster than the Razr, has a sweet screen and much more. I haven't used the bluetooth yet, so I cant judge that, but the call quality is excellent and the earpiece volume si more than sufficient. It does basically all the things the 8300/8600 can do and more (except the music controls)Go get this phone now! The pro's more than outweigh the cons, which can be miner depending on the user.

Huge, bright, internal screen
Excellent clarity
Good reception...my moto e815 was slightly better
Compact size/pocket friendly
MP3/Media capabilities
High resolution camera is VERY sharp

Flat keypad does take a little time to get used to if for txt messaging
Predictive txt is not as good as the moto's
No flash (It's handy sometimes to have a flashlight...I do miss that)
Lack of external mp3 controls
It can't do my taxes...

Awesome phone


May 15, 2007 by shelder

I had and E815 before so this phone is a huge upgrade.

Beautiful phone
Incredible screen/display
Camera really impressed me. Bigtime crisp pictures.
Video picture can be flipped.
Really sturdy.
Fingerprints do not show up much.
New UI. Not the cruddy Verizon UI. Very stylish.

Power plug on side. Door will eventually break off
Gotta use the adapter for the ear piece.
Microsd behind the battery, but really how many times do you handle this?
Ear volume is a little low.

Another fantastic LG offering...


Apr 22, 2007 by sliderocity

I've been a Verizon customer since I purchased my first mobile phone 6 years ago. It has been my experience that Verizon has never been the carrier to offer "hip", stylish phones, but rather higher-end, feature-rich phones. In the last few years, however, Verizon has introduced several exclusive models, that are both sexy, and laden with features. I've consistently wavered between LG and Motorola. Nearly every Moto I've owned has been a disappointment, however, from the standpoints of durability, quality, and software. I generally upgrade my phone every year, and I spent the last month debating between the upcoming MAXX, and the VX8700. I was upgrading from the RAZR V3M, which, as you're probably aware, suffered from a seriously sluggish GUI and a tired style. I ended up pulling the trigger on the 8700 because of the tired, RAZR style, my experiences with Moto quality and GUI sluggishness, and because I've always had great experiences with LG. Additionally, the styling of the 8700 is fresh and unique. I paid $180 with a new, 2-year contract.

1. Unique, sexy styling
2. Awesome, 2 megapixel camera/video camera
3. Unusual, vertical external LCD
4. FULLY functional Bluetooth, including file transfer (previously, Verizon had crippled Bluetooth file transfer capabilities between computer and phone, making it pointless to take pictures in the maximum size/picture resolution).
5. Gorgeous, smooth (and fast) GUI.
6. I actually like the included felt pouch. It's very much like the pouch Apple includes with the iPod, and not only protects the finish of the phone, but has a pocket for ID, credit card, eliminating the need for a wallet if you're out on the town.

1. External LCD functions merely as a notifier; no phone functions can be performed.
2. Speakerphone can only be activated during a call.

This Phone, For The Most Part, Is Awesome!


Jul 9, 2007 by JungleMoc

Well...I got the chance to upgrade and wanted a thin phone like the razor. Seems Motorola has risen the bar in terms of style and looks when that came out...now all manufacturers are making slim phones. Anyhow, The vx-8600 at the store was a complete disgusting fingerprint magnet as was the Maxx ve. So when I saw the vx-8700 I thought wow...that's a hot looking phone. Yes it's true it also shows fingerprints, but not as badly as the previous phones I mentioned.

This is a very nice high end phone. It has all I need and more. Call quality is outstanding...very clear. I must admit I've had better speaker phones in the past. This one is average. Not too bad but not great either. I'm waiting for my bluetooth headset to be shipped to me so I haven't tried it yet. The screen is a QVGA and has amazing resolution. It looks like you can put your hand right into the screen and grab an object. Camera is good but must keep steady hand, and no flash...camcorder like all the rest a little choppy. I tried the v cast music and it's great. For not having speakers on the side like the vx- 8300 this phone still rocks pretty loud. I'm eventually going to get the stereo bluet. head set and also the portable stereo speaker system. By the way the v cast loads very fast! Nice choice of menu themes and I leave you with this: I walked into a radio shack where the two guys working there had cingular(at&t) one of the guys saw me on the phone and said WOW that's an awesome phone can I see it. I ended my call and showed it to him, and he stated Darn...I really need to get Verizon! This phone is on the cutting edge. Great phone, great carrier, great signal strength. Go out and buy it!



Jun 13, 2007 by eyeguy

There is no static, in fact when no one is talking it sounds like the phone is dead and you ask "are you still there"
Very clear, better than my wife's vx8600
Shiny nice looking phone, like a money clip
Vibration is good.
Speaker-phone is fine, not like the good old days of the Moto 270C, the best speaker phone ever
Bitpim supports it, so ringtones are free
One of the only non-crippled bluetooths at Verizon other one is the EN-V
Reception is fine so far
Flash UI is nice and someone will make new ones
320X240 screen

can not turn on the speakerphone before a call ( like the vx8300, motos, or the Samsungs.)
Can not use the speaker phone when it is closed - Like a Samsung.
Battery life is not the EnV

I used to live with a speakerphone when i had the MOTO 270C - you could have it anywhere in the room and hear and be heard. The world is going bluetooth and slim phones.

I did not get a Sammy because the indicators were the lowest in the store and I need fringe reception.

I don't TXT, I have a computer. If someone wants to leave me a message, they can call my cell...
If I did TXT I would have the EnV, or u740, or some blackberry thing, or a treo. I wanted a phone.
I can't believe people worry about 1.3 and 2 megapixel cameras, Go buy a Canon a460 for $100 and it will take better photos than any phone.
MP3 player, for what you are going to spend on stereo bluetooth headsets ..

I did not get the Maxx because it has a crippled Bluetooth and loaded CNN slower than every other phone in the store, 1:30 ! Try it in the store. The 8700 loads in seconds, the sammy's at 30 seconds. I don't watch Vcast on my phone, but I used it to see if one had a better cpu / evdo than another. I tried it on the phones more than once. I would have bought the Maxx if it had the same Bluetooth and modern interface, just for the ability to turn on the speaker phone before dialing... Speakerphones are on the way out, they do not have wind screens or noise cancel technology

Verizon's best yet


Apr 10, 2007 by dtownrocks

I have been a Verizon loyalist (call service is paramount) for years, after trying Sprint, Nextel, and ATT.

My previous phones were the Moto startac, LG 8000, LG 8100, and LG 8300. I had the Moto Razr for about 5 days before I brought it back to the store.

I awaited this phone after passing on the Chocolate, the EnV, and the Chocolate 8600 flip, and it was worth it.

It has everything you can get from a Verizon phone today (except that stupid TV)--2 mp camera, speaker phone, great inside screen, fantastic call quality--bluetooth and regular, flash interface, mp3 capability, expandable memory, video, etc.

These programs all work flawlessly so far, the camera and video is fantastic and I loaded some music on and it worked great. I have it paired with a plantronics 655 and it works seemlessly.

The outside screen will taken getting used to, but it identifies the caller (in horizontal or vertical form depending on your choice) and flashes neat graphics. The vibrate function is noticeably better than the 8300 as well. Call quality has been superb so far and service bars seems to be as high as I've ever received. I'm sure there will be bugs to be worked out, but I have not found them yet.

This is without mentioning that it is the best looking phone anyone has ever produced. The metal finish is awesome. It is small but very sturdy. Fits perfectly in a pocket with no buldge, yet you don't lost it because of its sturdiness. This phone will generate "oohs and aahs" from on-lookers.

When I took it in to Verizon to get my numbers ported, every single representative was wowed and even people in the store came over to see what the fuss was about. This particular store said it wasn't even on their radar yet (meaning at least 2 weeks out).

In sum, if you have Verizon, or have to keep Verizon (my whole damn extended family and friends are on it) and you want a non-smart phone, this is the best one available. And the best one Verizon has ever produced.


Another winner from LG


Jun 4, 2007 by TheDragonTony

I got this phone a little over two weeks ago. Originally I was going to get the Samsung SCH-u740 for the qwerty keyboard, but before my contract came due my amount of texting dropped sharply so I ended up getting this. I am very glad that I got this phone I love it. My last two phones were also LGs (VX 8100 and the VX 4600) that I enjoyed after a terrible Motorola (T -720 I think) so I had high expectations for this phone. I was not disappointed.

Loud ear piece
2.0 MP camera
Sleek/Slim design
Call Clarity
Loud Ringers
Good (and attractive) UI

Weaker vibrate than other LGs
Micro SD card slot located behind the battery
Speaker Phone cannot be set to be always on

The speaker phone thing isn't an issue to me but if I used speaker phone it would be annoying. Others have said that the keypad takes some getting use to, this is the first keypad of this type that I've ever used and I have to say that I had no trouble using it at all it is a pleasure for me to use it. I also am quite pleased that Verizon stopped crippling the Bluetooth on their phones (I didn't put this in the pros of the phone because it doesn't have to do with the phone it has to do with the provider).

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