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Fix for slow web


Jul 22, 2007 by Evil_J

Download Opera Mini web browser. It increased the connection speed signifigantly.

N75 Honestly


Jun 9, 2007 by soda7

As an avid Nokia fan and a Cingular (AT&T) subscriber, life isn't easy. I waited and waited for this phone to come out and bought it the first day it came out. I played with it over the weekend and was thrilled with everything about it.

Unfortunately, that was until the battery went dead half way through the first day that I used it for work. My job requires regular use of cell phone use, about 3000 minutes monthly.

I tried all of the setting suggestions, new batteries, everything I could think of, I really wanted to keep this phone. Battery never did get any better. I went back to my old phone and am just waiting for AT&T to come out with a new batch to choose from(No, not the I-Phone). If you use the phone a lot for talking, not a good model.



Apr 27, 2007 by JOSEPH


Waited for 5 months...Uhhh..just o.k.


May 20, 2007 by tino72

Purchased mine friday so far ive recharged the battery 3 times...This after moderate to heavy cam,text,web..minimal talk time..Others have claimed longer with more activity..First thing sat morning , my phone locked up upon start up and "boot failed contact retailer" came up..this is reported in alot of these units.took out battery and sim and tried repeadily for 3 hrs...finally just started working out of the blue...the screen when it wants to light up, dims sometimes and doesnt illum when using mobi radio...is quite impressive!! huge! keys are wonderful....phone construction seems alittle cheap, the hinge is very flimsy, too much give to it feels like its gonna break if pushed to far back..RF seems very good, Razr v3xx quality. Ear piece volume is very loud compared to other Nokia models BUT call quality is at times cracky when you raise the level of your voice? wierd..talking then laugh loud or talk alittle louder and you hear static noise....another annoyance is the inability to flip the camera on and snap pic in portrait mode with the flip up, forced to use it sideways digicam mode?? also night cam shots are terrible! grainy....also the cam on back has NO protection to keep it from getting scratches on the lense...Music app will not close!!! have to buy 3rd party software "Handy task Manager" to close the freakin thing..
this will go back monday morning! Just not ready for prime time...N95 here i come!

RF quality
Keypad space
HUGE beautiful screen
rubbery body nice touch, no finger prints
S60 nice to be back
somewhat thin

call quality on occasion not sufficent with full service
camera shooting modes
Software lock ups
Poor battery
Mobi radio keeps screen from illuminating sometimes
Music app stays open and always running in back
cheap feeling, hinge gets alittle loose and has too much give
inside screen accum dust and oil in the recessed corners and smudges all over the chrome borders on the inside.

After a fair try, still a disappointment


Sep 24, 2007 by managerjc

This is my first review on here. I am a store manager for a large agent of AT&T, we love to look at the reviews of up and coming phones, but I had to stick my 2 cents in on this one.I will have to agree with 2wdsux. Fortunately, I didn't pay for mine either. Won it form a Nokia contest. Good thing. Was using a HTC 3125. Loved it for the most part. So here the my pros and cons from and industry pro. LOL :)

Decent Music Player, my kids (6,9,11) are content w/it.
Great color and graphics. and yes it powered on, most of the time.
That's it.

WORST most Horrific battery life, lucky to make it halfway through the day. In my job, that's a problem.
VERY SLOW! Tries to lock up when activating a program, especially messaging. Have to power cycle to get it running again. Tells me "messaging not supported"
Camera sucks.to be the size it is, it is bad. very grainy, not very user friendly either.
Outer buttons wont deactivate. Very annoying when they keep coming on. also makes that bad battery life worse.

Before I got it my Nokia rep. told me how great his was, living in a rural area I looked forward to the coverage of a Nokia finally with modern features. Total disappointment. Reception is very low, comparable to an LG, maybe. Makes me jelous of the Nokia 6010!!
I think the most annoying thing is that when you bluetooth, it comes in as a MMS so you then have to open and store as opposed to going straight to "my stuff"

I have had it for about 2 months now, so I have given it a fair try. Anyone who gives up after only 30 minutes, or even a couple of days, hasnt had to time to really know the ins and outs of a handset.

I am sending mine back for a replacement in hopes I just got a bad one. We'll see.

Thank GOD I didn't pay for it.


Jun 7, 2007 by 2wdsux

At least I work for the company so I can try these phones for free. Though I am picky, please take me seriously. I sell these phones, so only person I hurt is myself.


...so it turned on. That's the ONLY REASON it gets a .5 review.

No pros. AT ALL.


-can't turn off 3G (UMTS) like its European counterpart.
-battery life = 3 hours standby.
-2mpx camera lags and is of horrible quality.
-Drops a plethora of calls, if it even connects to them to begin with.
-Flip screen feels like it may break off right out of the box.
-cannot disable outer LCD music navigation buttons, so you accidentally open your music files in your pocket.
-occasionally opens other menus in my text screen
-runs out of memory, and only way I can figure out to open it up is to pop the battery.
-Unlike all other Nokia devices, the call quality sucks ass. That's it. Nokia lost me on this phone right there.

If you absolutely love Nokia, get an unlocked N95, E61i or a 6126. The N75 is the WORST PHONE I HAVE EVER USED.

Don't bother with it, disapointing


May 5, 2007 by pk1451

I got N75 @ AT&T yesterday and returned it within 30 minutes. I am a big NOKIA fan and I'm surprised I'm writing this negative review.

PROS: Huge and clear internal/external screens.

High pitch noise in earpiece when talking or if phone is idle.

Slow speed going to different menus

Using Cingular Video, select FULL SCREEN the images becomes pixelated & blurry.

When talking on phone, finger smudges on camera lens and smudges on frame around internal screen are hard to avoid.

TOO much Cingular garbage

3G speed slow. Faster on LG500, even faster on Razor V3xx.

Flip portion feels sorta weak and not sturdy. 6131 has a nicer flip sturdiness.

If NOKIA could have made 6131 a 3G mobile with the screen size of the N75 then AT&T would have a winner.

Not the best phone I've had


Feb 2, 2008 by Hutton

I liked the size of it. The camera is a 2 megapixel, it has a loud speaker, and the ability to load music onto it (if you have a memory code)

Battery lasts a day. Internet slow. Camera has flash that makes pictures blue. Antenna is horrible. If you hit a side button or a music button, then you'll have to turn the phone off in order to see who is calling on the front screen. I have had 2 replacements for this phone, and both had the same issues.

No thank you!


Jan 24, 2008 by Ameliarrrrrose

I have had this phone since probably around September. At first I liked it.

Pros: great camera! music

cons: it freezes, it takes forever to load things, it's confusing and I could go on.

It's a nice looking phone but I don't recommend it. It has a great camera so, if all you're looking for a phone with a nice camera and one that can answer and make calls here's one for you.

Otherwise no thank you!

N75 review from a real consumer


Oct 20, 2007 by RobfromNJ

Summary: I wanted to start using Nokia products, and recently purchased an N75 through AT&T because the reputation seemed quite solid. That's where the fun began.

Pros: Can't seem to find any yet. I can't get my phone to do any of the things its advertised to do, from transfer my contacts, to download music.

Cons: So far, everything. This purchase seems to be a gigantic mistake. I have called Nokia customer support. I have called AT&T. I have had them both on the phone with one another and have encountered nothing but sheer buffoonery. My computers (that's right, I have two!) won't recognize the device. I've uploaded the Phone Suite from the disk that came with the phone. I've downloaded the software from Nokia's web page. Why can't anyone tell me how to make everything work?

I have a 132 page user manual that is completely USELESS! The technicians on the customer support lines are USELESS! Now, I've spent well over 10 hours trying to get the phone working properly - and am being told to waste more time to drive to an AT&T store and get a new phone since the brand new one must be defective - Its 3 days old...

I am so disappointed, I am ready to give up and return to Verizon and get a Motorola. Perhaps I'll stick with AT&T and just get an IPhone. I do not have the time in my busy schedule to continue to deal with this level of incompetence.

My advice to anyone looking to get a new phone: Unless you're a techno wizard, steer clear of this paper weight. This phone and its support are complete trash.

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