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Nice while it lasted... be sure to backup!


Dec 22, 2008 by winegeek

I got mine in August, only to have it die in December... pro: good music sound, big screen; con: horrible battery life, outside music player buttons.

If you do get an N 75, definitely read the reviews here to learn about optimizing battery life, which is what I did, but you may want to consider the 6650. I just got mine, so I can't offer a detailed review, but the battery life is wonderful!

My point in posting this review is to remind you to BACKUP and SYNC your data to a computer... none of your contacts are automatically saved to the SIM card, and I thought I lost all of mine! Luckily, the phone comes on sometimes, without the SIM card, and I was able to transfer my contacts.

SIM card


Sep 13, 2008 by duggin

I love my N75. The only problem I have is whern I install the battery it the SIM card jumps out. This is the 3rd N75 i have had with the same problem. Does anyone else have the same problem?

Would be nice to be able to simply use it....


May 9, 2008 by Butterfly-L

This phone has so many problems... And all from day one!

But, let's start with the positives:

PRO'S: The speakers work great. The screen is nice and large and colorful. Hence the 0.5 rating and that's generous.

Other than that...

CON'S: The smart-chip doesn't stay in place due to the placement of the battery - which is useless cause it's always dead!! The wonderful MP3 player plays by itself - that is if you can figure out how to download music to begin with. The center menu buttons are too close together, so good luck navigating through it without interruption. Don't get alot of dropped calls, although making calls isn't successful most of the time. The lovely large screen is pretty - when it's not blacked out or white?!? Sometimes the outside screen will work but not the inside one - That's a nice surprise to open up to! And the list goes on...

But - the overall gist is... If your going to spend your money on a cell phone, the $360.00 price tag on this one (Niki N75), is just simply a complete rip off!!

And if you've already bought it and are just now reading these messages... Don't waste your time calling for help cause you certainly won't get any!! So disappointing from such reputable companies!

N75 Won't Stay Alive


Mar 18, 2008 by Tjmoney1420

After having Nokia phones since I was old enough to talk I must say this one is a major disappointment.

Nice Screens
Easy and fast data transfers
Easy to use symbian platform
better talk volume than previous nokia's I've had

Battery lasts a day or less if you use phone a few times. Never had a phone that dies so fast.
Bulky, cheap plastic cover(cracked at hinge when opened quickly).
Heavy, big phone with tiny battery.
Annoying AT&T set up with difficult to change preset menu options.
Worse reception than previous models

If you are going to buy a nokia, I highly recommend their bar style phones over the flip options. The N75 lasted me less than a month; after having the same nokia 6682 for over 18 months.



Nov 21, 2007 by vdorosh1215

This phone is great for only 2 reasons, it is a nokia, and the it is a great music phone. camera sucks compared to my sanyo katana dlx. Best two phones i have ever had are the sanyo scp8400 and the legendary nokia 6230i.
The phone has a lot of options BUT some buttons are too sensitive and some are too small and its really slow at using the the options provided, so it gets pretty frusturating at times.
i had this phone for only 1 full day and i am mostly disappointed in its slow loading speed and picture quality. it is two megapixel, but megapixels are not about quality, megapixel is just the size of the picture.

I love it!!!!!!!


Aug 9, 2007 by mikosi718

This is the best phone i have ever owned so far, the only con is that battery life is not what i hoped it would be but i will live with it.

N75 observations


May 27, 2007 by jwdd

I've had the N75 for 3 weeks now. My previous phone was the N73. Overall I think the N75 is a great phone especially for the price. The battery life has not been a major issue for me.

Beautiful screen
Large keypad
Outstanding volume from external speakers and earpiece.

Flimsy battery cover
Needs more ram
Pop port would be better if located on the bottom of the phone.
Cingular limited ringtones to 600kb.

I really want to like this phone...


May 14, 2007 by mrhondo

I have had 2 N75 units in one week and both do the same thing, will not boot the first time, menus not displaying and battery life is dismal if you use the browser. Also the sim card slot does not hold the sim card, the battery hits the release button (on both phones) and pops out the sim a little. I think that is causing the phone not to boot.

*Great looking screen
*Using the outside screen to read messages and use music player
*Memory card access is on the outside
*Easy grip finish, well built
*Camera is real good, not great but real good.

*Battery life OK if you don't use the browser and the 3G network, if you do you better have a extra battery or charger close by.
*3G network not as fast as it was on my RAZR.
*Charger is the new small tip, I have a bunch of the old chargers that I can't use until I get the adapter.
*Sim Card slot clip does not hold sim card in (both phones)
*Battery gets very hot at times (both Phones)
*Menu screens do not display all the time (both phones)
*Need to check running apps and shut them down so you have enough memory to run new ones.

I'm going to return this one too and wait for a while and get one from a different batch. Maybe they are still working out the bugs or I just had bad luck.



Dec 19, 2007 by smithaudio

I purchased this phone and had it's use for two weeks before the front LCD display died. It was sent back to Nokia and I was told it was from abuse. There wasn't a scratch on the phone. I was taking great care to keep it in good condition and it was getting better care than any other phone I have ever owned. Long story short the phone has been returned for repair and has been gone for three months. I understand that it has recently been shipped back to my dealer with an $80+ bill for the repair. At this moment I'm not that pleased with the phone or the company standing behind the product that was only two weeks old. Hope to get it back soon, not happy about the repair cost, but if this lasts longer this time I do like the features it has. Most likely will be the last Nokia phone I buy.

Great but...


Aug 2, 2007 by SmileyBri

It might seem unfair to give this great phone a single Star, but there are some things that if you don't get right then the rest of it just does not matter.

The call quality seems very good on ATT, and the speaker phone is excellent. The buttons and menu provide easy access to the devices many features. It seems that Nokia is really on the right track with this phone.


The sim card does not stay in place. I even swapped the phone out thinking it was a problem with the phone. Now the ATT rep says that this is a known issue, and I should just try to avoid banging or jarring the phone because the sim will snap out of place.


If ATT or Nokia has any commitment to it's customers it should go back into engineering, fix this problem and then replace every phone on the market. It is absolutely absurd that I would be told to just try not to jar the phone. If they know that much they shouldn't even sell this phone.

Really this is a five star phone, but you can't get past one star with me, if your device is so defective that you can't even rely on it because the sim easily jars loose.

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