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Is this really a Nokia?


Sep 21, 2007 by onecallins

This phone is truly a great idea, but is definitely not characteristic of Nokia. As an owner of a small business with 8 line on Cingular/AT&T network, I have seen my Nokias get telephone reception while my Motorolas have none.

I chose to upgrade from a 6102i to try to add data only to find the 3G network significantly less reliable. The 3G network is different than the what is used on a typical phone. My battery life is about 60% of the 6102i and about 40% of my 6030.

Sure, the N75 is much more than either of those other phones, it just is a little short.

Outstanding features include: 1. voice dialing without having to train the phone and not being limited to 10 or so names. 2.you can program the phone so that when it rings, it verbally announces the caller by way of the name you program into your phone, so when you cannot find your phone to see who's calling, you can hear the phone tell you. 3. The clamshell design with the new external screen allows you to check text msgs, respond to txt msgs, and take pics w/o opening.

Nokia has done a great job with this phone but need to keep the layouts similar to other Nokia phones. The menus are not the same as others, and there are some I could not figure out how to relocated. I have only had this for 10 days, but may be forced to return it for better service.

Lots of great features and a few flaws


Sep 14, 2007 by dan327

I really wanted to like the N75. It has a lot of potential...BUT... some flaws too.

Ultra clear bright and large display
Excellent signal reception (at&t)
Very cool Cingular theme
Full HTML Browser
Flash Player
Symbian OS
Great video capture for a phone - You can see a sample of the N75 video here:

Poor battery life (had to recharge every day)
Camera did not take impressive photos
No recently used list for text message recipients
Not as user friendly as the average Nokia (like the nokia 6126 or 6133 for example).
Flimsy - this phone was knocked off of a coffee table, fell 2 feet to a hardwood floor and no longer functions properly.

Some of these cons are not acceptable.

Now I am using my former T-Mobile phone / Nokia 6133 (unlocked) with my at&t sim card. Lucky for me I only paid 49 dollars for the N75 after rebates but I will have to pay full price if I want a new phone.

First Impressions- Large & Clunky


May 7, 2007 by celnut

This phone really surprised me. I am a big fan of Nokia and have had several of their phones. I was expecting much more out of them.

Loud Earpiece
Good Reception
Large Display

Build quality is poor (cheap plastic)
Phone is too large, very clunky
Smudges very easily
Operating system lags a little
Picture I.D. is thumbnail size (with such a large display why so small??)
Switches between 3G & Edge signals often (if you are in range of both)

I am sorry to say this phone is getting returned asap. Nokia needs to work on improving their high-end phones. There really is nothing high-end about this phone other than 3G & some extra apps. It looks like it was designed in the 70's.

not worth 50$


May 5, 2007 by chadiz

So many ppl are waiting for this phone and yet it turns out to be a crappy one. You're better off waiting for another phone.

I will mention all the cons since they overshadow the pros right now.

First, its UMTS and not HSDPA. Download speed is only 250Kbps while my LG CU500 gets 2Mbps in San Diego.

Second, after Opening couple applications (browser and music player and navigated a bit) all the phone memory is consumed and the phone becomes slow so you can't open any application or EVEN open a MENU option! you will get: Memory is Low Close some applications and try again and if you don't and insist on navigating more, you will get blank messages with exclamation mark!
until I figured out to hold the Menu key which shows the running tasks. Yet I still can't close the Music player and it remains in the background.

Battery life isn't good either.

Bulky and Cheap plastic finish not worth the 250$ price.

If you listen good to the headset speaker, you would hear a very low pinching background noise even when the phone is not connected

Reception is just as bad as the LG, nothing great.

I have Media MAX bundle and I couldn't try a video stream yet. I need to call customer service to figure out why.

With all said its not even worth 50$ AS IS. You can get LG for 30$ with similar features plus HSDPA. Big Disappointment.

Ehhhh, N75 is a cousin of 6260!


May 26, 2007 by kyle07nyc

Very Disappointed with new Nokia phones again. But there were times when Nokia phones were known for simplicity, excellent speed and voice quality.

I risked to try another symbian phones after a huge failure with crappy 6260, but the situation here is just the same!

-Beautiful screan (but is that important?)
-Nice quality ring tones
-Mature large design

-Slow, Slow, Slow (why the hell we need Symbian in the phone can anyone explain?!!!)
-Freezes sometimes (again, blame symbian!)
-Short battery life (thin phones-duh!!!)

The phone's horribly slow reaction to menu
cjanges and the fact that the phone frezes sometimes all in all enough to give this phone a nice 0.00000 RATING! (AT&T and Nokia, what the hell is wrong with you?!)



Jul 3, 2007 by jdoge13

I have had this phone for about a month now and all I have to say about it is its "alright." Before owning this I had the Sony Ericsson S710a and the Sony beats this phone hands down.

-SLOW operating system. Sometimes text messages take 30 seconds to open. Applications and menus ALWAYS take several seconds to open with no exceptions.
-The text message menu does not have a "recent contacts" section, so you have to go all the way through your phone book to send a text.
-Battery life is terrible sometimes I get less than two days use out of it.
-The buttons sometimes are non responsive and you have to press buttons twice.
-Very prone to scratches and smudges.
-Takes FOREVER to turn off and on.
-Absolutely massive (but pretty thin).
-About the quality of construction of a Motorola razr.

-Nice screens (both of them).
-I like having the symbian operating system for the extra functionality, but I can't stand waiting all day.
-Decent camera.
-Bright flash.
-Easy to switch between open applications.
-Stereo speakers are cool, but they don't have the quality of sound that the Sony had.
-Decently thin for a smart phone.

I considered sending this phone back and I seriously regret not sending it back and keeping my S710a. Save your money and just get the LG CU500. It's not as functional but it's a lot better quality and you'll save a lot of money and headache.

Worst Phone Ever


Jan 8, 2008 by aravis

Giving this phone a 0.5 rating is probably being too generous.

This phone hasn't worked since the day I got it.

-It sometimes works

- It randomly shuts itself off for no reason sometimes when I try to answer a call.
- It drops a lot of my calls.
- The battery is almost dead even if you talk on it for more than an hour even when it's fully charged.
- I just shut the phone (didn't slam it shut, didn't drop it) and the hinge in the middle cracked and now it won't shut properly. And it cracking on it's own voided the warranty.
- It freezes a lot
- The menu is slow

I have always loved Nokia phones and have always regretted when I got something else. But this is the one phone I hate with an utter passion. I can't do anything because I've only had it a few months and now the warranty is voided because it broke on its own. I paid a lot of money for a piece of crap that didn't even last 5 months and now I'm stuck unless I want to pay full price for a brand new phone.

N75 not used any more


Jan 3, 2008 by chull

I bought the N75 and used it for 4 months, but I just could not afford to keep using it - it had too many shortcomings to overcome it's great features. The biggest problem was the battery life - I rarely could make the battery last through 6PM.

Here are the things I liked about the N75:
- Web browser
- 3G UMTS throughput
- ability to call and browse web (or tether) simultaneously
- useful camera with flash
- small size

- battery life
(8 hours standby + 30 min phone + 45 min web)
- music player - I wanted to remove this annoying app, so it would not accidentally play when in my pocket
- media browser unable to email pictures
- charging with USB was problematic: only worked occasionally
- no themes and Nokia theme editor (Carbide.ui) did not support N75

This was my second SymbianOS phone (after a 3650) and while I like Symbian, I do not think that it has significantly improved over the years. I am now returning to my Treo, which had gathered dust in a drawer for the last several months - it is long in the tooth, and does not allow me to use the web while on a call. But I can actually make the call at the end of the day and that is the most important thing about a phone after all.

Poorly built phone


Dec 31, 2007 by ls1dreams

Overall, I was excited to receive a new phone because my 5-year old samsung was dying.

A friend recommended the N75 to me because I could get a smart phone in a small package. That was a big mistake.

I'll start with the few things I liked about it, then jump to the real meat:


- beautiful screen

- S60 operating system can do a lot ( I played super nintendo games on an emulator on there ).

CONS: (in order of importance)

- battery life is miserable, but this is pretty common for 3g phones. Even debranding it and forcing it into GSM only mode I still have to recharge every night.

- it is sloooooooow. The processor is only a 220mhz processor, so the S60 operating system CRAWLS. Pressing the soft key to send a text message takes around 5 full seconds to get to the screen.

- build quality is total crap. specifically:
1. SIM card gets loose from the slot and you have to reseat
2. Battery cover is loose/wobbly
3. entire phone frame is plastic and cheap. I dropped the phone from only about 1-2 feet from the ground and the entire phone fell apart - the battery flew out, the SIM card popped out, and the frame of the phone came unsnapped. yuck.

- weird hangups - phone randomly turns off during calls, freezes up and battery needs to be taken out, etc.

- bulky phone - 1" thick and heavy

It's a real lemon of a phone. Tons of potential, but they clearly didn't spend much time fixing the bugs.

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