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I Love My Nokia


Sep 10, 2007 by softtouchmoto

I Absolutely Love My Nokia N75 I Had It For Like A Week And Changed It For A Sync (Big Mistake) And I Regretited It So I Went Back 2 The Store And Went Back To The Nokia Anyway I Love It So Much

- Great Screen In And Out
- Fantastic Camera (Not So Much At Nite)
- Great Music Player
- Looks Are Amazing In My Opinion (Smaller The V3xx, Way Better Too)
- Soft Touch
- The Back Looks Like A REAL Camera ( And U Hold It The Same Too)
- And More I Cant Think Of

- Battery Life IS Average

Over All I Love It ALOT And Would Never Change It

Great high-tech value


Dec 6, 2007 by hex2bit

This phone is both feature rich and cheap, making it an awesome value. You can pick up one of these from Internet carriers for next to nothing. I got mine for free after rebate, along with a free year of Napster and a 2GB memory card. You can't beat that!

Although there's a few areas that could be improved, the important areas (phone use, Internet, bluetooth) work very well. I can live with the average camera and learn its software nuances.

- Nokia's S60 3rd edition!
- So far very stable
- 3G (although not the fastest in my area)
- Not crippled much by AT&T
- Reception
- Sound quality for both ear piece and speaker phone.
- Bluetooth works well, with no problems connecting to my computer or GPS module.
- Decent web browser for a phone
- Lots of software available, although much of it is commercial (see negatives).

The so so's:
- Camera, average among current phones but Nokia is known for better cameras... like their 5mp offerings.
- Memory for running applications
- Processor speed
- Included software. I would like to see a better media player for a start. They use Real Player for video and AT&T bundles their own music player that's pretty limited.

- Hard to find FREE software for some things that are easier to find for Windows Mobile. Media players, games, etc. There's always Java though...
- The games they include aren't even full versions!
- Vibrate isn't very powerful. It's difficult to notice.
- It came with version 1.0 PC Suite software, which I could not get to connect with the phone. Their current release from their web site works perfectly. Oddly, they don't list the n75 on their web site when selecting a phone for the software download?!?!
- Why does hitting the C (cancel) button in the menus try to delete the menu item?!?! It should do the same as the "back" option.

No stereo bluetooth


Nov 8, 2007 by maverick218

Great phone, everyone else covers it pretty well, but my big con is that it doesn't have stereo bluetooth.



Sep 26, 2007 by lvsayles

To all, the N75 is a dual band UMTS/HSDPA (850/1900 MHz) phone.

Not as bad as they make it out


Jun 9, 2007 by crjohnson74

I have had this phone for about a week and overall it is a decent performer. Pros are nothing new from other reviews. Cons the same in comparison. The battery life is sufficient. I can easily go two days on one charge. This is with about 45 minutes to an hour of talk time a day and numerous text messages. Not to mention the time spent playing with the features. I have had no real issues that make this phone a dog or any hurrah stories to make it a champ. The camera for a phone delivers great photos for me. The signal strength is superb. I have yet to drop a call. The speakers, ear-piece and loudspeaker, are great. The screen is a-1.

Got an N75 three days ago (June 2)


Jun 5, 2007 by Jasperblu

I think I'll need to use this phone for several weeks before I can fully commit to keeping it.

Had the Nokia 6230 before this phone & while that seems primitive in some ways compared to the N75, it was certainly easier to use right out of the box.

This is a beautiful phone aesthetically. It feels good in my hand (and I have fairly large hands for a woman), the keypad is not as "flat" (e.g. difficult to use) as some reviewers have said & the Symbian OS is not as hard to figure out as I thought it might be, but...

As usual, Nokia has gotten rid of some of its best past features & added new features that I wish they wouldn't have. I'm not sure I will be able to deal w/ these little quirks enough to keep this phone. We shall see.

Large, beautiful screen (opened/closed)
Customize-able to the nth degree
Great reception
3G is plenty fast for my needs.
Love the key pad!


* Camera: Images suck so far. Sanyo M1 takes gorgeous pictures w/ the touch of one button. The N75 has a tiny camera button on the side that is hard to push (big hands) & then about 600 menus pop up before you can save the image. Ugh!

* Loudspeaker volume: Sanyo M1 has amazingly loud volume, this is pitiful by comparison.

* Menus: Must dig pretty deep to get where I want to go. But as this phone can be customized nearly any way I can dream up, I'm sure I'll be able to create shortcuts that will work better for me.

* Battery life is poor

* Pop port difficult to use with & w/o the leather cover. AT&T employee actually recommended I break the cover off so it'd be easier! I told him $300 was a heck of lot to spend on a phone just to "break" it.

Mostly Excellent


May 6, 2007 by rytr23

Had the phone for a few days.. overall I like the phone tremendously..I was really craving another S60 phone after making the mistake of trying out a BlackJack for a few weeks(Winblows is AWFUL)

Now onto the bullets-


Feel of the phone - I like the "rubberized" feel
S60(!)- nice to be able to customize/install tons of apps
Reception is phenominal (expected an delivered)
External speakers are excellent
KEYPAD is tremendous.. much better than BJ/V3XX/N80 (currently have V3xx/N80)
IM client preinstalled (AIM/MSN and yahoo?)
Battery - so far - 1 hour of charging and lost 1 bar two days later

Lacks FP1 so no HSPDA..tops out at 384(cing video close to v3xx speed so not a big deal)

Other than the lack of hsdpa you get a smartphone that sounds great, is flexible, powerful, and delivers.

N75 Worth the wait


May 4, 2007 by ninababy

The N75 is beautiful, sleek and full of features.

Pros: Beautiful Bright screen, stylish, Music player good, wonderful ring tones,fast and classy all around, nice to browse the internet!

Cons: No Memory chip, Slightly bulky, Hard to figure out all the features right away.

Over all the most beautiful keyboard I have ever seen. It it a work of art.. shiny and wonderful to press. Nice size buttons. It has good conductivity and I get bars where ever I am... very nice. I love it!

Nokia N75


May 4, 2007 by Chesterbeag


Ringtones, I have only had this phone a few hours and discovered a way to use real music ringtones ripped from a cd.

Music player works well both in open and closed flip.

The display is awesome being bigger than most.
there are settings to adjust brightness, but the display is visible even in direct sunlight.


Does not include a micro Sd card or headphones, these will need to be purchased separately.

Did not find a way to switch off 3G and just run on GSM. phone switches from a weak 3G signal to a strong GSM.

Lack of accessories for the phone.

The night was as black as Kodo's wrobes, on the forest path, making no more noise than the air around him


Jun 1, 2007 by japhy

He approached Takano, who was meditating, and threw the blade, only to see it resting in Takano's clenched hand. Kodo gasped.

"Don't be surprised," Takano smiled, "You did post it on your MySpace, after all."

"I'm a Web 2.0 kind of ninja," Kodo said indignantly, then paused and frowned, "But that was only 10 minutes ago, how did you-"

Takano flipped open his N75 to a bright & clear screen that Kodo could read even where he stood.

"You get signal out here?!"

"Yes, 3G even!" Takano said "AT&T 3G coverage is far better than I expected." He pointed to the screen, "The browser options on this N75 are incredible. I sensed you would try to kill me, and your insolent rant just confirmed that."

Kodo scowled, then his RAZR rumbled with a message. "A text from you?"

Takano only smiled, checked his Gmail, then changed the theme to 'metal'.

"You see," continued Takano, "I too, am a Web 2.0 kind of Ninja, and this phone is excellent for mobile blogging & picture uploading. True, the camera's not autofocus, and isn't too good for night pictures, but it works better than most other phones. And I can upload pictures directly to Flickr, like what I'll do tonight."

Kodo looked up, confused, then his RAZR brought up the message: "Celebrate with me as I liveblog the death of Kodo, my enemy?"

He had only time enough to twitch as 3 shuriken dug into his chest. Takano was already taking pictures.

Kodo grunted in pain "That screen is *ugh* gorgeous." He fell to his knees, coughing "How's the voice quality?"

"Excellent," Takano said as he sms'd everyone on 'Teh Ninjaz' list, letting them know of Kodo's demise. "It's not perfect, but more than what I need." He tapped a bit more as Kodo sank to the ground. "Too bad it doesn't have A2DP or a 3.5" - the music player is really good. The keys are a bit sticky."

Kodo gurgled "...awesome", then fell silent.

"Sure hope there's a firmware update though," Takano said as he strode off, "HSDPA would be really nice."

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