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Activation nightmare, but worth the hassle


Jun 14, 2007 by Econs

Yes, this phone was an absolute nightmare to activate. Here's my story:

I went to a multi-brand mobile dealership on 6/10/07. I created an account with Sprint/Nextel and purchased this phone. I wished to port a previous number over from Helio. The associate told me the port would take about 3 hours.

Well 3 hours became 3 days. In those 3 days, I was on the phone with Helio, S/N, and even the dealer. Sprint gave me the royal runaround about activation and porting. That's right. IT WASN'T ACTIVE.

So I call S/N. They tell me the account isn't active. Ok, so activate it, right? WRONG! I still couldn't get my number ported over from Helio, so I wait another day. I go back to the dealer, where he gets on the phone with S/N and within about 3 hours, my number was finally ported over, and service activated!

About the ic502: This isn't your typical MotoRAZR or an i875 even. It's rather vanilla for it's taste. One thing I rather am bummed out about is the no Bluetooth feature. The camera, I can live without, but it's still missed. It's a very bland Motorola phone, but still can support features like hifi rings, games, ect.

- Rugged. Why aren't more phones like this?
- Stylish. A lot of Nextel phones look rather silly.
- Friendly user interface, yet a simple Motorola layout.
- Basic tools that belong on any cell phone, alarm, calendar, calculator, ect.
- Speaker to the sides of the phone, instead of the traditional back.

- Battery life, but what do you expect from a Nextel phone?
- Lack of Bluetooth, camera.
- Customer service runaround, but don't blame that on the phone.

- Walkie-Talkie alert over conversation. Some people may find this a bit of an annoyance. I like it, so you know that someone else is trying to get a hold of you.
- USB charger, as opposed to the typical Nextel type charger.
- Direct-Talk. I'm new to Nextel, but it's brilliant

It's a good vanilla phone, don't expect anymore from it. If you want an media center, stick with the i880.

Nice Phone and Walkie Talkie radio


Jun 12, 2007 by Kaliblade

I have other nextels before this not so satisfied with them due to drop calls,This hybrid seems to be my answer no dropped calls so far and the 2 way is great.

ic502 is a great phone


May 11, 2007 by jforichon

The ic502 is an awesome phone. I live PA next to Milford and the reception is much better than with my old i930 or Blackberry. I have better coverage wherever I am going. Th calls are very clear and the DC is very clear too. The speaker is quite an improvment on the i930 and the blackberry. It was easy to have the phone setup. I have the power family plan with 3 phones (ic502, i560 and i530)

The only drawback is the battery and I am planning to get the high capacity one (should have got the blue model). Also, it is not possible to scrolll thru the DC history by pushing the Stop button on the top right of the phone. I was told that this should be included in the next firmware update. Great job Moto / Sprint/Nextel

so hard to activate


Mar 8, 2007 by phildonks

The reason I gave the phone rating a zero is because I haven't been able to use it yet; and i've had it for a week and a half now.

That's right I tried activating it the day i got it in the mail. The person trying to activate it said there was an error message and that i would be contacted in 48 hours. So nice new shiny phone but I couldn't use it. Drove me nuts waiting for the call back to finally get this baby activated.

3 days later, still haven't heard from Nextel/Sprint. So I called. They again tried activating my phone and said there was still an error message. No surprise to me but the person activating it was astounded!

Transfered, Transfered again, then again, then finally spoke with a person that said i would have to wait another 48 to 72 hours until it could be activated.

The only reason I got this new Hybrid phone was because I complained about the direct connect service with Nextel. They explained why it was so bad and offered me a new Hybrid phone and money off my bill every month to stay with them. I told them I would give them a chance. But i'm going nuts here with their lack of back end customer service. Sure the front end was great, new fancy phone and money off the bill; but a week and a half plus to get that new phone activated is making me question their ability to keep customers.

I don't know. The phone may be awesome but I haven't been able to use it yet.

back end customer service.

Nextel Motorola IC502


May 20, 2007 by aktrash2cash

This is the best phone ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My company has used Nextel for 3 years and I have had Sprint personal for 4 years. I can now get rid of my personal lines. The IC502 is the answer to all my prayers. THANK YOU NEXTEL AND SPRINT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excellent Phone


Nov 15, 2006 by Professor

Purchased two ic502 and I must say the sound quality and reception are excellent. Nextel has a separate phone plan for this hybrid phone which is slightly different from Nextel current plans. Should you already have iden phone on a nextel calling and want the add the ic502 hybrid phone, Nextel can only place this hybrid phone a calling plan by itself. The hybrid phone cannot share a family plan with other iden phones. Reason: the ic502 whole entire phone operation is different than the iden phones and Nextel is still in development of the hybrid technology.

Excellent sound quality and reception.
Phone is light but durable.
Easy navigation.
Seamless technolgy integration when using the phone.
Price: to buy right out $250.00; new activation $ 100.00

No bluetooth

Nextel does have customer service reps/department that are gear toward assisting customers with concerns or questions about the hybrid phone. You must request to speak with them.

Was really tough


Jan 12, 2011 by narn3049

I had a friend tell me that she dropped this BUZZ IC502 in his COFFEE, and it survived, just some of the buttons didn't work. That's pretty impressive.

Bad choice of phone....


Jan 24, 2010 by wx5emt

The company I work for has had these for quiet a while. I am on my 3rd phone and am having trouble with it. It will turn itself off whenever it feels like it. There is no rhyme or reason. I have to check it often only to find it is off and have missed important calls. The last one I had the reception was bad. Little to no bars when compared to another phone that had 5 bars sitting side by side.! Sprint tells our phone guru that they want me to come in as they think I may be doing something to harm the phone I am guessing. I cant believe with all of the negative review of the phone and of customer service, they don't do anything to make things better..This is why I have a Verizon which I am very happy with the phone and customer service.

long term use not so good


Jan 8, 2009 by phonegrin

We had the phones for 2 years with SPRINT.

- fits small in pocket


- Battery included dies quicker even though it charges quickly fast.
- Not as rugged especially if you work in the field. Phone drops and the battery door falls or breaks off easily.
- Antenna gets in the way when you slip the phone in/out of pocket.
- Phone shuts off itself when receiving an SMS or walkie talkie/direct connect in succession.
- Walkie talkie/direct connect the other caller sounds garble or muffled.



Aug 25, 2008 by squishybob

Unfortunately there's more con's than pro's when it comes to this phone. 1.It drops calls frequently 2.It freezes up and shuts down on it's own. One day it shut down but the phone kept vibrating.3. If I wanted to go online it is cont.telling me to get a handler. GPS and other things can't be downloaded without nextel care help. It's more frustrating than it's worth.

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