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Worst Phone Ive ever had.


May 9, 2007 by newbiespawn

The phone works. You can make and receive calls and nextel ptt.

The menu and button functions are the worst I have ever seen. There is a speaker button on the top of the phone. On every nextel I have had, this button could be used to toggle speakerphone. Not here. You have to press the menu button, then scroll to speaker. The problem is, if you call an 800 number and push any numbers after the phone number, those numbers are on the screen and will cause the menu to display something completely different (save/edit contacts or something). If you often call 800 numbers then 1 for english, 4 for support, 6 for returns, 12345678 for account #, then 1 for live tech, you MUST clear all those digits to get speakerphone as option, otherwise the phone assumes you called a 800 number and decided to edit contacts in midconversation.

The "Smart" button is retarded. You can no longer use the exterior up/down buttons to scroll recent calls you MUST open the phone.

Closing the clamshell does not end the call. It puts the call on speaker and ends the call in about 8 seconds. I call this Sprints Tell A Jerk What You Really Think. Example: I called tech support, on the phone for 45 minutes, didnt fix anything, I said "Ok then thanks." Closed the clamshell, and said "Damned morons, theyre clueless", and heard "Wait... WHAT?" over speaker.

New feature/annoyance: PTT Blurp Blurp sound now plays OVER your current phone conversation. "Yea call me back at 954 71 BLURP BLURP 23".

The phone has a 4way arrow for navigating menus. When scrolling through recent calls you no longer use side arrows to scroll through alternate numbers for people you just called. Call Joe at the office and get his voicemail? You used to be able to side arrow and get his house and cell numbers. Now you must go into recent calls, hit Menu, View Contact, then scroll up and down. Repeat if you just did that to call his cell and hes home, better yet, just avoid this phone and save yourself a headache.

The ultimate downgrade


Apr 14, 2007 by BLubak1

I've been genuinely interested in trying the whole CDMA/iDEN hybrid concept out and finally got the opportunity to use one of these phones today, and I was totally unimpressed. One of the worst things about Motorola iDEN phones in comparison to Motorola CDMA/GSM phones is T9, in my opinion. I've always been a huge iTap fan, which every modern Moto phone except for the iDEN models have, so I was excited to try out text messaging on the CMDA/iDEN hybrids. Fortunately, iTap has made a comeback in this phone, but the processor is so horrendously slow that sending a telegram would be quicker than tapping out a SMS on this thing! Type in a few words, and you have to pause constantly for each individual letter to appear on the screen, one by one. Totally frustrating. The STN screen is also one of the worst I've ever seen, even for STN, so using it for texting is a nightmare, even in optimal lighting conditions, nevermind in sunlight or glare. I've seen phones with decent STN screens before, but this one is incredibly tiny, incredibly dull, and borderline unreadable, with no contrast or brightness controls to semi-compensate. The Sprint store rep tried to blame it on viewing angle and overhead lighting -- yeah, right. As far as pros go, the classic Motorola interface from the typical Motorola CDMA/GSM phone is there, which I've always thought was years ahead of iDEN in terms of friendliness and logical organization. It makes a pretty good phone call, but forget about roaming in CDMA 800 areas, as this can only use CDMA 1900 -- why, Motorola, why? Other than that, this phone won't be winning any awards anytime soon, and I certainly don't think it's worth the cost. Even if it was free, I wouldn't replacing any modern iDEN phone with it unless iDEN coverage is severely limited in your area.

Try again!!!


Feb 27, 2007 by bo67

Buyer beware!!!

ic502 Hybrid phone


Feb 11, 2007 by ladie

This phone is garbage. battery life is only about 2 hour's and it doesn't hold a charge. Calls drop constantly. The price is to high for such low durability. i wonder if the CEO has this trashy phone oh and connectivity is slow. voice is OK walkie talkie is OK but that is all. Don't waste your time or money Keep what you have.



Jan 3, 2007 by tuenesha

I am a HUGE fan of Sprint! I always have been ever before i worked for Nextel. I had my problems with my bills (and believe me you have that no matter where you go) but I always had service. Now, thank GOD Almighty, Nextel is can use their network. let's be honest. as we can see form the mixed reviews it is not going to work for everyone. But believe me, I have friend with every cell company known to man, My best friend has t-mobile she through her phone at the wall so hard she shattered it into a million pieces Yesterday because their service is so crappy. My mom is getting ridiculous roaming charges from Verizon because they say she doesn't have it and SHE DOES! 334 bucks of roaming by the freaking way!! and my boyfriend...lol well we just a got a 2000 charge for international calls from Cingular they say he received from places we some country we have never even heard of and he is in civil court with them right now!! We had to take out a loan from his bank because they reported us after two weeks to credit beau rue So please to get it twisted EVERYBODY



Jan 2, 2007 by tac9227

Ok, it stinks ! I had a I 870, I had reception problems and Sprint/Nexrel said this phone is the end all be all of the problem. Nothing changed. I got this phone and had all the same problems.. I have nothing good to say, all CONS:

small screen
no camera
no MP3
The battery is the worst, I get one bar after a few hours.

After this experience and the customer service people hanging up on me,its worth the 200.00 to get out of the contract and go with Verizon.



Dec 9, 2006 by MichellePearl

I currently work for Sprint together w/Nextel and am working out of the Portland Oregon locations. The hyrbid phones are not being released in my area until Feb and it is extremely difficult to find a way around this release date. Do any of you know of any way that I can get my hands on one? I know that they don't like us asking questions in here, but I am itching badly to get my hands on one. I'm an outdoors person who still wants the coverage of Sprint, I've been waiting to have this phone come out.


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