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Hybrid's a good phone..


Feb 10, 2007 by alicutie04

Unfortunately Ace got a dud because everyone else seems to love their hybrids. Although I agree that the battery life could be better-well thats what chargers are for. Mind you, if you need/want the Nextel walkie-talkie that badly..but you want better service then take the extra step if possible and plug it in the car! The hybrid is the best of both worlds.

Great Phone


Jan 22, 2007 by mroblero

I just switched to the ic502, and I love it. I had nextel and switch to sprint for the signal. I got the a900m and it echeod. I saw that the ic502 hybrid was offered with my promo plan so I decided to switch back to Nextel. I love the plan and the signal. I would recommend this phone to anyone.

The phone does not have an MP3,Camera,Video, or a color external color ID.

Having said that it has the typical nextel external Called ID, color screen, access to sprint's data services not nextel's. But most importantly for me it has a 900 contact capacity. I love that. If you talk as much as I do,then all you need is phone with a good signal. I would not hesitate to upgrade



Jan 16, 2007 by jmessaKN

Congratulations to Motorola and Sprint with
coming up with the best phone SprintNextel has ever put into production

For sometime I was convinced the IDEN stand alone network was going to destroy NETEL but a life preserver was thrown to Nextel
CALLES CDMA SPRINT together with Nextel IDEN.

There are no PROS in this phone and that is
what everyy business, construction, trucker
and other person who needs a Walkie Talkie
with a superior phone service with Roaming Capabilty.

Great Reception
Great Sounds
Menu Functions are very fast considering
it is the same software on the Horrible KRZR and RAZR Sprint Produced
The sofware is meant for this phone.

Only con is that we have to wait for more phones like this which I assume will have BLUETOOTH and a Camera as well
as MP3 capabilities
So all you super advanced users Hold Your Horses and enjoy and smile with
what you have because it is the BEST
NEXTEL somebody can own.

Also be patient with the SPrint Nextel
people who set this phone up they are not really SAVVY with this phone setup
in the stors and always have to

Recomendation when buying:
Change your number with a new one
and dont try to PORT it's complicated
but is possible if you want to go through
some STRESS but its worth it.

Also last I suggest starting all over f your
your contract is up with NEXTEL because you will get the phone for $50.00 out
the Door

Regards, JOE MESSA

IC502 has problems


Jan 8, 2007 by wardpw1

We purchased the IC502 in late December, 2006. We have been using Nextel for years, but understood that hybrid phone was our answer to dropped calls and poor service areas.

However, we have 2 concerns:
1) Volume, especially using the 2-way. Others cannot hear us, and of course if they have IC502 we cannot hear them either. I have taken phone to service center, and they cannot find anything wrong with it. I have called "Sprint Together With Nextel", and the first time I was being transferred to Tech Support, I was put on hold for 45 mins. (when I finally had to hang up). The second time, I was put on hold for 1 hour (when I was finally dropped).
2) When you are out in the sun it is hard to see the display.

Hopefully, they will work out the bugs in this phone, and something user friendly will be available soon.

The day of greatness has come to Nextel!


Nov 14, 2006 by canuhandleit2g5

Great mix of best of both worlds with no hassle!! Finnally no more horrible voice quality on the Iden 800 network finnally no more text messaging thru the web and finnally no more"please hold while the nextel subscriber you are trying to reach is located"..... well thats still there but who cares! LOL

-Extremly clear CDMA call quality
-SMS texting(YES!!!!)
-more compatible download formats
-Swithing from iden to cdma network is within 0.7 to 1 seconds

-No outside color display
-text only hold 160 letters
-no camera(well not yet)
-batter life

this is a great new lineup for sprint if you want a nextel now this is the best time to do it.(just hard for employee's to set up the plan for you people gggrrr) BUT WELL WORTH THE PRICE!!!

The good, bad and the ugly...


Nov 30, 2006 by unknownorl

My e-mail to Nextel:

I don't know if you can get reply's at the e-mail address but this has been a HORRIBLE experience! I got the phone with no number. It took over 3 hours to get a number assigned and now I am trying to port a number and no one can seem to do it. I am porting 407.209.5128 (which is a business phone) from boost to my new Nextel # of 407.844.7291. Another 3 hours on the phone between yesterday and today and now both phones aren't on!!! The girl was supposed to call me back with a resolution. You think I got a call back?! Of course not. Very sad. I worked for Sprint PCS for 7 years in Orlando and was hoping the merger would be a relief for customers but I see that my hopes were too high.

The phone is great but the people doing the hook ups etc. are under trained!

One con so far


Sep 7, 2007 by DallasPhoneWhore

I'm getting a job that requires a phone to be able to withstand a little wear and tear, which is why I chose to get a Nextel. I was happy to see that there was a hybrid available that has qualities of a Nextel that I was looking for and the reception of Sprint. I had Nextel years ago, but had the worst reception known to man. I couldn't make any phone calls in the first floor of my house. All calls had to be made from the top floor. (Which was very inconvenient by the way) I've only had this phone for about a week and have noticed that the battery life varies...a lot! The first charge lasted me for about 4 days with medium usage. But the second charge lasted 2 days, no usage, and it was down to a bar! I've had a lot of phones in my day, from pretty much every carrier, and I tell you, that if this battery life doesn't get any better, I'm going to be pretty annoyed having to stow a charger in the car. What's the point in offering the model with the "extended battery" if it's worse than other phones with a "normal" battery? You're basically selling me a thicker phone, with no benefits.

Pro: Very simple if you just want a phone to make calls. No bells and whistles.
Looks somewhat durable, but only time will tell.

Con: Battery charges last from one extreme to another.

Great idea


Aug 7, 2007 by michael_01

I see alot of complaints about activating this phone.

I work in wireless and have activated the Buzz without a hitch. I have a very good support team.

You really don't save money buying on line. I suggest going to a pro and let them take care of the activation.

Not a bad start


Nov 13, 2006 by Sundown502

The phone is decent overall. Seems fairly rugged and sturdy. The display isn't as clear or as large as I'd like, but you get what you pay for.

All in all it's nice to have a second network to back up the iDen network. I do like the light up Push To Talk key.

My one complaint: The smart key (on the top with a square painted on it) used to let you scroll through recent calls with the clamshell closed and now you cannot. That kinda kills me.

why did i change


Dec 28, 2006 by Tacdrvr2506

I don't know if I got a LEMON or its just junk.I still drop as many calls with this as I did with my old i530,I myself am ready to go back to the old phone,I'am in the Baltimore area.
The phone it self has low volume on both the 2way and the speaker phone if you are not in a office or quite area forget it,I work in the field around some noise but the older i530 was able to be used in these areas.I was told by a tech at a service center to hold the phone 6 12 my face if thats the case why use it.
try to get it served is no easy job either,seems that no one in this area is authorized to work or check it out either yet.

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