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Hybrid Phone sucks


Jan 2, 2007 by Neller

I've had the worst experience you could ever have with Sprint. I was a current Sprint but wanted to switch to nextel (well that's what they said i had to do since i wanted the hybrid phone). I seriously don't know how they stay in business. We received our Hybrid phones and called to activate them. We got the run around for 5 days! No one knew how to activate our phones. We were transferred about 75 times (literally), called about 25 different #'s they gave us, we kept getting told that there was a special hybrid activation dept, and everytime we thought we were getting something accomplished, they'd leave us a message to confirm everything, we'd call back and no one could seem to find our order. this happened 3 or 4 times. by the 5th day of trying to activate our phones we gave up. Then my husband went to use my Sprint phone and it was disconnected! I then called sprint and was told i'd have to reactivate my phone (with the huge fee and sign and new 2 year contract) b/c Nextel ported my number! but nextel had no recollection of any order we had made! I then told Sprint they had completely lost me as a customer and i was done with them. So today i call to get instructions on how to return my phones and it took over 2 hours to get in contact with the correct person. i was again transferred at least 10 times and given about 5 different numbers to call. The one lady told me that neither Sprint or Nextel was saying it was their phone, so basically i don't know if the Hybrid is a Sprint phone or a Nextel phone. no one seems to know. Like i said before, I will never go back to sprint/nextel, whoever they are. Worst service ever!

Ic502 is a good phone buy it


Dec 16, 2006 by rakeem1431

The phone is a excellent phone, I think the techs should work on the keypad sometime when pushing buttons some will not work right away, and you get a lot of annoying text messages the reception is excellent i'm in the Ft. lauderdale Fl. area the battery have over 3 hours talk time before recharging, which is nice.I wish you could take the menu icons off the phone screen, beyond that when the camera phone model comes out it will be awesome. The walkie talkie and speakerphone are AWESOME! Sprint has truly hit a home run.

Worst Phone Ever


Jan 17, 2007 by Ace2525

This phone is horrible

Really Small Screen
Battery Life is abismal
Hybrid w/ Sprint & Nextel no Good!
Same giant Nextel Phone w/ no features

Phone dropped calls left and right...while regular sprint phones worked fine. Nextel is Garbage and can't say much more for Sprint

Swith to Verizon...you won't be disappointed



Dec 30, 2006 by joe1slvr

I switched from Cingular to gay nextel, BAD CHOICE in my part. I just threw this phone against the wall because i was sick and tired of seeing NO SERVICE on my screen. Another thing os that the battery completely sucks. DO NOT GET THIS PHONE.

Only got a few marks in it after i threw it

call quality

Iwould highly recommend that anyone that is thinking about going to nextel should think twie and go to Cingular because Cingular is the best in everything.

Dont buy


Dec 31, 2007 by stephdun1120

I want to get rid of this phone. Ive had it for maybe 6 months. My calls are always dropped. When I text it randomly turns off as if it has just had a mental breakdown from a lot of text at once. (a lot for this phone = 2) Since I love textign this is a major issue. and my volume has a delayed reaction. if it is on high volume right now and i turn it down to vibrate and i recieve a call.. it will be so loud.. it takes like 20 mintues to get to vibrate. best advice- dont buy the phone.



Sep 18, 2007 by jaydanie

I rate the sprint/nextel hybrid phone a little low; however, I do like the phone. I purchased 2 of these phones mainly for the push2talk feature of nextel and the cdma part of the phone for making voice calls since the iden network has trouble penetrating walls ie the a metal build, office or store.

pros: price, cdma plus nextel iden, rugged and small. a simple phone with no bells and whistles. push to talk has better service than southernlinc but covers a smaller area in Ga. however, the southernlinc signal goes in and out like the wind. it has a loud speaker and loud speaker-phone as with all motorola iden phones, so I don't know what the other guys are complaining about.

cons: the sprint and nextel network both should be extended to compete with companies like Alltel and Verizon. get 8 miles away from city or interstate and lose signal. if you live in this blackout zone, don't even consider this phone if you want it to work at home. Fortunately I don't get too far from the interstate area and I live close to it so signal at home is good here. was able to get both phones activated on the first call, but the girl (sounded like she was in india) had trouble brining up my account at first. we also had communcation problems due to her accent and mine southern draw;( why can't they hire someone who speaks plain english! I had to do the alpha, bravo, romeo thing with this girl to spell it out.

you would think that a company as rich as sprint could convert their whole lineup to the powersource hybrid network today. but that doesn't seem to be the case. they are still selling iden only nextel phones. doesn't make sense to me.

Nice Phone


Aug 30, 2007 by glamorousgryl

I had this phone and it was pretty nice. I only had it for a month but I good reception and the calls were clear everything on it worked well.



Jul 12, 2007 by ATVRider8225

I just ordered this phone yesterday and I hope that i don't have this many problems. It seems like it is hit or miss on the phones.. some people say they have no problem and others say they do. The battery might not be a problem. I plug my phone in every night and i have a car charger. I never have any problems with my phones. If you are not near a plug then yes you may have a problem. The service coverage looks awesome but i shall see. I should be getting the phone tomorrow (hopefully) and i will be back to post then.

It's been a Nightmare


Jun 24, 2007 by harleyron

I only wish I had found this forum before I spent over 3 weeks trying to get one of these phones. At the end of 3 weeks I was told by S/N that I should just reorder the phone. I did that and in 3 days the wrong 502 arrived. Another call and another run around and in 3 more days the correct phone came.
Can not be activated is what they keep telling me? I too have made so many calls I can't recall the amount of hours I've spent on the phone and the number's of different people and departments I've been referred to.
If I couldn't laugh at all this I'd be crying now. To finally top it all off, I told them I had the 2 phones to return. I even told the person several times that I had both the wrong phone and the correct phone to return. As I expected, the Fed-Ex driver came and only had the authorization for 1 phone to pick up for return. So yes, another 45 minutes on the phone just trying to find the correct department to issue me another pick up slip.
I honestly do not know how this merger will ever work. Customer service is non existent and no one cares. I've even been laughed at by these people. I've had Nextel for over 6 years with no issues but this is simply uncalled for.
I need the rugged phone so I guess I'll find another I-530.
Stay away from these phones until the organization has people who know how they operate.



Jun 12, 2007 by user2133

This is the worst phone ever and anyone who has the same problem PLEASE let me know so i know I'm not the only one. I love the fact that now when you get a txt message it pops up automatically and no downloads like Nextel ( i send 5000 of them a month I'll prove it to you ) but sometimes when i open the phone to check a new one, i go to send one, or in the middle of deleting them the phone power cycles itself for no reason at all. I've now gone through 4 of these phones soon to be on number 5. I love everything else about the phone except for the random power cycles. and also when it turns back on there are sometimes locked messages that appear for no reason and to no one with no message. anyone have this problem let me know. those of you looking into the purchase of this phone its good but has flaws just be warned.

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