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Aug 29, 2006, 8:20 PM

H500 echo problem

Has anyone had the echo problem that I have using a H500 headset with my A950?

I don't hear it but the person on the other end hears themselves with a 0.5 sec delay!

Deputy Lynch

Aug 29, 2006, 8:13 PM

Bluetooth transfer with A950

Has anyone figured out how to do file transfers via the Bluetooth on the A950 since mine will not hold a connection?

Jun 9, 2006, 5:01 PM


i heard they were going to discontinue this phone??? ne word??
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Aug 1, 2006, 10:13 AM


Looks like VX dropped this phone with the release of the Chocolate. It's no longer listed on the Verizonwireless.com site as an available phone...can anyone with VZ connections confirm this?

☹️ ☹️ ☹️
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May 28, 2006, 1:22 AM

awful sound quality

Me again, after about a day of using the a950,I can't help but notice the bad voice quality coming from the other end, not to mention the high pitch whining that interrupts the conversation quite frequently. Should I switch to the e815, despite the weak hinge?
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Jul 28, 2006, 1:43 PM

is there anyway to block unwanted text messages?

i wanna block sum gurls texting me while i'm with my gurl .. but wanna be able to unblock a them as well .. anyone can help?
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Jul 28, 2006, 4:47 PM


help me out.. reply to my problems i'm having thanks ;)
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Jul 28, 2006, 1:38 PM

is there anyway to upload your own videos

i am tryna uoload my own videos to my 950 using th usp cord. not workin.. anyone know how?
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Jul 20, 2006, 8:47 PM

Lost VCast cd

I lost my VCast cd when I moved and VZW won't send me a new one w/o buying a whole new music kit. Can anyone hook me up?

Jul 17, 2006, 6:19 PM

transflash/ minisd

Can you use a mini sd card in this phone? I bought a transflash a while ago and it was very expensive and its only the 128mb. The minisd's are cheaper for the sizes they offer. I lost the adapter so I cant put music on my phone and im not spengding $40 to but a cable. Could someone le me know if they work?
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Jul 14, 2006, 10:26 PM

New SW?

OK...let's try to get an official answer...is there a new SW for the 950? My ver is a950.YK24 (the WMA version). If there is a YK25, what does it do? Return to MP3 compatability? Thanks!!!!
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May 25, 2006, 1:05 PM

Trouble with bitpim

I got the a950 about 3 months ago and I've had to sit and watch my roommate with an 8100 make ringtones using bitpim for the past two and a half months while I waited on bitpim to finish working on the a950. Finally Bitpim becomes compatible with the a950 but for some reason I can't get it to work correctly. As of now the only thing that bitpim does is recpgnize the phone and pull up it's file system. I have tried with no success to use the file system itself to get ringtones on my phone. Has anybody else been able to get bitpim to work?
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Jun 26, 2006, 10:49 PM

ringtones with new sw

ive been surfin these forums since i got my 950 back in oct, but this is my first post.
i would like to start off by saying this forum has been amazingly helpful and thank you.
but, recently i exchanged by phone for a new 950, not knowing there was a sw change. ive been making ringtones by sending them by email, but the quality wasnt the same as the way i was making them with the old sw.
my question is is there anyway to make ringtones either using the verizon music essential cable OR the tflash card? i have both, verizon gave me the cable in an attempt to keep me from getting too upset about the sw change 😁
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Jul 13, 2006, 1:29 AM


I got a phone in February I want to know whens the soonest i can get a upgrade or new phone?
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Jun 28, 2006, 11:26 PM

Should I upgrade to the new software?

Is there anyone who has upgraded from the older software version (plays mp3s) to the new one with VCast? What are some of the negative and positive aspects about the upgrade? Does anything else change besides the music player? Better text messaging (like adding words to the lacking T9 dictionary)? I'm really curious to know. I assume Verizon doesn't charge for the upgrade...not taking into consideration the gas it takes to get to one of their stores of course! Any input is great. Thanks!
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Jun 21, 2006, 12:39 AM

Does T9 word still not remember new words?

I have been considering getting this phone and one thing alone could affect my decision. I text a lot and i was wondering if the issue with T9 word not remembering new words has been fixed.
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Jun 21, 2006, 9:15 PM

nice design

i really like this phones look and body is it good on the inside too? kinda wish i was verizon so i could have this phone 😕

Jun 15, 2006, 9:23 PM

clip? vibrate instead of ring?

Considering this phone and have 2 questions:
* Can the phone flip open to answer a call without having to unclip the clip that goes with the phone. I understand that "the clip" may not be included with the phone when purchased.
* Can the phone be set to vibrate instead of ring?

Thanks so much for answering! 🙂
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Jun 3, 2006, 10:15 PM

Which Bluetooth Headset?

I'm looking for a headset for my a950. I'm currently considering the Motorola H500, HS820, HS850, Jabra 150 and 350V. Does anyone have any experience with any of these? I will usually have the phone on me or within 10 feet. I went to a Verizon store and one of the representatives told me the H500 isn't good for the a950. Anyone have evidence of this?

Thank you for any help.
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Jun 14, 2006, 1:47 PM

Mp3 transfer help plz

i just bought the sch-a950 and i dont understand how to transfer mp3.. i got the trans flash card and the adapter? i tought i could just but the trans flash car in my cell plus the usb cable and transfer mp3 but theres still no driver and i dont have a cd? do i really need the adadpter to tranfer? i have the the card adapter but not the adapte thanks for helping
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