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Amazing Phone!!!!! :)


Dec 27, 2007 by CPH1218

This phone is one amazing phone! I got this phone a year and a half ago and I never had a single problem with it. The connection is out of this world. I can talk in pretty much anywhere without losing reception. Most of the things about this phone are PROS. But there are very very very very few CONS.

**Great Battery Life** (I can have it going for a whole week and only charging it once)

**Outstanding Reception**

**Phenomenal Camera with a Flash**

**Great MP3 Player with V-Cast**

**Can activate MP3 Player without opening phone**

**Light Weight**

**Small Size**

**Great Speaker Phone**

**Great Backgrounds**

**Sleek and Cool Look** (No antenna, red border, circular speakers on sides)

**Compatible with Bluetooth**

**If dropped hardly any scratches**


**No way to get vibe & ring together**

**B/C you can activate MP3 Player w/o opening phone, sometimes the buttons get pressed inside pocket and the music goes on at wrong time** (Happened to me before)

**Bad choice of Ringtones** (But you can download others off of V-Cast or other program)

Overall this phone is amazing! I don't understand why Verizon discontinued it.

Actually a very good phone overall


Nov 11, 2006 by phonetech2000

Until I tested this phone one whole weekend - I only thought it as a little better than average - however after this weekend test against a Razr V1m / E815 / & VX-8300 - the A950 was tied with the E815 for second close behind the V1m , followed way behind by the VX-8300 with its muffled sound clarity in all modes (earpiece/speakerphone & headset). The A950 had the best sound clarity & volume to the person called - but suffered from manipulating problems with the very small keys!

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it's a great phone


Aug 7, 2006 by jraikunen

I've owned 4 phones since I got my plan, and this is the only one that I've been truly happy with.

1. mp3 player sounds great
2. easy to browse through mp3 gallery
3. GetItNow is easily accessible
4. voice dialing
5. the phone is hardier than most (I've dropped it more than once, and it doesn't even scratch)
6. calls are clear/great reception
7. camera/camcorder is quality
8. optional MicroSD card is easy to access and use
9. caller/picture ID

2. side buttons

The only bad thing I can say about the phone is the side buttons. If you have an alarm set on your phone, make sure not to press any of the buttons on the side of the phone or the alarm will snooze for 5 minutes and then go off again (to turn the alarm off before then, you have to turn the alarm and then turn it back on. Other than that, I'd say this is a great phone for anyone who wants a hi-tech phone/mp3 player combo.

Solid Phone


Jul 31, 2006 by apalategui333

Have had no problems with this phone for about 3 months now... Great phone for those who want Mp3's as this may be the best Mp3 phone on the market.


Loud speakers, great sound quality, makes for a good speakerphone as well

Ability to play songs while phone is closed is a great feature, and I keep reading about how the jog wheel is useless... It works just fine. It might be that I have a memory card in full of my songs but regardless, I use the jog wheel whenever I play songs. Works great for scrolling through songs and fast forwarding through them as well.

Good battery life... charge twice a week, three times for heavy use

Have not dropped a call yet

Great camera for a phone that is not focusing on the camera aspect

Screen display is good size for this phone and has very good resolution

Very easy to use camera and video recorder, uses just a button on the side of phone to switch between both

(Very few)

You have to love the red color

User I.D. pictures have to be a certain size

And the reason this phone did not recieve a 5 out of 5.....TEXTING!!! Who designed this horrible texting system??? It is hard for me to believe that you can put all of this technology in a phone and have this bad of a texting system. Does not remember any words and you have to continually switch back and forth between Abc and Word and texting is slow as well

Besides the texting aspect of this phone, this is a very solid phone. The texting is only a drawback if you text a lot. This phone is great at what it is advertised to do and I didnt have to buy a iPod to listen to my music as a result. Great buy, for a great phone

A Good phone if it is Right For You


Jul 11, 2006 by mezzedup

I like this phone, i haven't had any dropped calls, and the inside design looks nice, but don't buy this phone if you like to text, the software is too slow, you could be typing something, and it is a few letters behind you, and when you keep going, the phone will put in the wrong letters, so you have to delete the letters and redo what you were typing. Another thing I don't like about this phone is how BIG it is. Samsung could have made this phone a little thinner, it is very thick. I also don't like the scroll wheel on the front. It serves no point. It doesn't look good on the phone either. When you buy the phone you would think the scroll wheel is to shuffle through your songs, but all you can do with it is fast foward through the song you are currently listening to. I don't mind this phone, but as soon as I can afford it I'm switching to the LG VX 8300, which has a much better UI (User Interface) than the Verizon one this phone has. I've also heard the LG has great reception, and good build quality.

can't wait to upgrade


Jul 11, 2006 by tequilaoverdose

back in september i wanted a cell phone. i got one. it was the samsung a670. i loved it. it was small and reliable and just perfect.

what i wanted though, was an mp3 player and i wasn't going to waste my money on an ipod. 4 months later in the middle of my contract i changed over to this phone. that was a BIG mistake.

here's a list of my pro's and cons to this phone.

mp3 player. i walk a lot and i get bored. the music is a good deal.

good sound. the speakerphone is louder than i expected.

camera is better. for some reason my a670 made my pictures greener than usual

texting. i text much more than i talk on my phone. the keys are too small and my fingers easily slip on them. and the t9. wtf man?! the a670 memorized EVERYTHING i put in. this phone doesn't memorize crap. i am sick of having to switch between word and abc

size. it's too effing big. and weighs too much for a cell phone.

the color is pretty ugly. red is not really appealing. i only got this phone since my friend already had the lg vx8100.

the picture id thing. i can only use a certain size? wtf?!?!

bluetooth. while i may not see it necessary for me to get bluetooth, i tried it with two different models. it never connected to any of them.

overall, i would not recommend this phone to anyone. samsung really disappointed me with this one. i can't wait till next week when i upgrade to the lg vx8300.



May 11, 2006 by danyel84

I have had this phone since 12/24/05, and love it. I sell Verizon Wireless, so of course I had to have one of the best phones they offer. I do not have any cons to display, so I will just list my favorite things.
* camera/video- great res/length of vids
* sound quality- all around great
* battery- only charge it 2 times a wk, and I use it ALL the time.
*bluetooth- I have a Mot H500, & I have no problems whatsoever.

I just want to mention this for potential buyers from the area in which I live: Pine Grove, PA. I do not get any reception at all where I live. My house is right in the middle of town, but if you live outside of town, (Birds Hill, Suedberg, Ravine) dont worry, VZW works great there. The lack of reception does not bother me at all, bc it is just the nature of the beast, also, I have a Cingular phone, which works everywhere in my hometown.



Feb 25, 2006 by Jules123

Been using this phone now for quite some time and have not found any cons!

internal antenna
speakers sound great
easy to sync your own music
Can put movies on card and watch on phone
great reception
great build quality
nice smoothness about it


Great Little Phone


Feb 14, 2006 by Mary424

I have been using the 8100 since it came out and although I love the 8100, I get bored with cell phones easily and switch off to use other ones for awhile. I had tried the 950 awhile back and quickly returned it for some features it was lacking that the 8100 did have, mostly the ability to read text messages on the outside screen. I recently decided to give it a try again as I needed a change. I gave it a longer try this time and was pleasantly surprised.


Small, compact and the internal antenna allows for a better fit when carrying it in your front jeans pocket.

Color and style

Reception, call clarity, BT all are excellent.

Nice, simple BT voice commands.

Loading songs via the Music Essentials Kit (I don't have VCAST in my area yet) is fairly easy and the sound it amazing, and the display shows the song title and artist and album cover.


Can't read text on outside screen (to be fair, it was never advertised to do so, just would be nice).

Battery life could be a little better.

Unless you have VCAST in your area and can set up playlists, the jog wheel is useless.

Overall it's a nice small compact stylish phone that does a lot and most importantly works well as a phone.

Overall Solid Phone-- A Keeper


Oct 21, 2005 by phone_in_STL

The first thing I noticed when talking in my apartment is that any background noise coming from the other side was practically completely absent. Other person's voice was clear and loud.

I drove from St. Louis to Indianapolis last Monday, and received several calls along the drive- all without issue.

The camera and video camera on the phone are very impressive. Pictures turn-out quite sharp.

Inner and outer LCD's are sharp w/ great color. My old phone didn't let me do was email myself pictures from the web, and set them as my wallpapers. The same goes for .wav files.

The only thing I struggled with at first with this phone is the fact that the outer display goes dark after 10 seconds. But I've gotten used to simply depressing one of the outside buttons for 1 1/2 secs before I go and look down at the time.

The other thing is that new (or missed) text or voicemails will not remain lit on the outside, but this can be solved by setting your 'Alerts' to go-off either every 2 mins or 15 mins.

It took a bit for me to get used to the red color, but I think this phone may change the way a lot of people look at cell phones. I'm a guy, and I'd drive a red car, so why not have a red phone? It's clear that this is Verizon's dark red trademark color that they were going for. Besides, you can always get a phone cover if it's too strong for you.

The rest of the features and strong build take precedence here.


Reception-- Let's remember why we need cell phones to begin with..
Sharp Camera and videocam
Good display on LCD's
Loud ringer; strong vibrate
Phone operates closed for both camera and speaker phone.
Unique look
Internal antenna = less bulky with no loss of reception


Outside LCD only stays lit for ten seconds (for battery life extension)
Must purchase a Transflash card ($29.99 - $59.99) for MP3's.
User menu navigation takes getting used to
Internal wallpaper is pushed-back a bit so Verizon's red borders remain present

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