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Great Phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Feb 24, 2006 by HotLongLegs1978

Tried the RAZR (hated it), then the 8100 (great phone), then the 950. It's the best of the bunch, IMO. It has everything the 8100 does (minus a few small things such as text on outside screen and font option) but in a much smaller, more compact package! This truly is a great phone in all aspects!



Feb 4, 2006 by ADAMES

I do not know what some people look in a phone, this phone in particular does everything a good phone is supposed to do. I'm not a fan of any particular brand but Samsung did their job extremely good when they made this hanset. solidly built, sleek looking, full of convenient features and more importantly gets good reception. Keep in my mind there is not perfect phone and there will always be something new with the most sophisticated technology and with the most appealing styling and looks, but that does not make a phone bad or better. You have to judge it by performance and by the coverage you get from the network in your coverage area. This is just my opinion,

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Superior Product


Nov 21, 2005 by brazenn

Read many reviews, bought this phone, convinced I made the right decision. Phone works great, Speakerphone, reception, sound clarity, camera features, screen resolution, are all good to excellent.

Throw in the coolest feature that nobody has mentioned and you've got a great phone. And I only paid $50 ! NO-BRAINER !!

The feature I referred to is the photo ID feature. Take a pic of one of your contacts, have the Cam set to "Photo ID", then assign the ID to that persons contact info. Then when that person calls you, The Photo pops up on the external display instead of the caller ID #. I freaking love this feature!!

Everything else is gravy.

An Excellent Phone!! GET IT NOW!!


Nov 15, 2005 by Makaveli258


Speakerphone is amazing
Marvelous display
Awesome Camera
Expandable memory
Look of the phone
EXCELLENT ipod Quality Mp3 player
Overall volume of calls while on phone
EVDO, so fast.
Very fast interface.

Internal antenna not as good as a phone w/ an intenna

Awesome phone


Nov 15, 2005 by verizonplayah

Speakerphone is amazing
Great display
Awesome Camera
Expandable memory
Look of the phone
Mp3 player
Overall volume of calls while on phone
EVDO, so fast.
Very fast interface.

Internal antenna not as good as a phone w/ an intenna
Need the memory card to use mp3, no biggie though

Overall, if you can afford this phone, it is amazing. I paid $370 with tax for full retail so it was a little too much..but it is one great phone!

Awesome little phone


Jan 3, 2006 by freud_29

I love this phone. I had the razr phone before i had this phone. It doesn't have the "small" size like the razr but this little phone is awesome. Great battery life, great sound, easy to go through menu.

Battery life
Added memory

The preset ringers in the phone suck

Overall I don't really have many negatives about the phone other than that. I recommend this phone to anyone looking at the possibility of getting this phone.



Jul 15, 2006 by bearfan1985

I can't stand it. I use my phone every day in my job and can't wait to upgrade. I was given this phone as a gift. Always pick your phone yourself.

Things I hate:
-external camera button - takes 30 pictures of the inside of your pocket.
-texting - horrible at predicting words. I have to switch between word and abc constantly.
-if you change the volume while talking, you have to hit the ok button before hitting anything else.
-calculator, no more than 2 decimal places and no % calc. (sales tax is 8.75%)
-drops more calls than my last phone.

Things I like:
-battery life is excellent.
-speaker phone is great.
-camera is better than average.
-mp3 is ok. but can't use your own songs, have to pay for each song.

Could be better


Jun 21, 2006 by verizoncustomer2244060072

I have had this phone since June 7. During that time, I have learned what I like about this phone and what I don't.

*/-Small size
*/-Internal antennae
*/-Stereo Speakers
*/-Camera and Video
*/-CLR button
*/-Phone buttons are big and spaced out nicely
*/-Mobile IM
*/-Doesn't force you to set your contacts as speed-dials, my old phone did (Motorola T720)
*/-MP3 Player
*/-External MP3 Player controls
*/-The little things you discover that make things easier
*/-Battery life

*/-Jog wheel is useless unless you want to skip to a certain part of a song
*/-Small pre-loaded ringtone selection
*/-Camcorder can't take shots from the external screen; phone must stay open
*/-GET IT NOW is the only way to get what you want on your phone (entertainment)
*/-Customization is hard to do
*/-MP3s run off of Windows Media Player; need a TransFlash card to listen to music
*/-Can't set music as ringtone
*/-TransFlash Drive door opens when you close phone too hard or when you push on it sometimes
*/-Picture taking is a bit slow, camera not good for moving objects; neither is camcorder
*/-Lack of inlcuded accessories
*/-Mobile IM Type-ahead doesn't let you type phrases like "Call me"
*/-When on speakerphone, if the person you are talking to is to close to the mouthpiece, their speech is muffled and hard to understand.

So far, so good


Apr 3, 2006 by Kathygarnerville

I've had this phone now one week, and it's a vast improvement over my Audivox 8910 that I had.

Now, I've had T-Mobile and Nextel before Verizon Wireless, and I've had Nokias, Motorolas, and one other Samsung in the past.

Pros of this one are:

Better battery life than the Motorolas and Audiovox I've had, but still falls a bit short of any Nokia. That is the ONLY pro for any Nokia.

Speaker phone and ring tones are much louder on this phone.

I love the camera, and find the menu easy to use and can turn on and off the speaker feature even if not on a call. I like that the video length can be short (15 seconds) or made any length.

Like that I can eventually play MP3's, but not a big user of those so not a big deal but it's nice to know.

Love the styling of it, and the color red is great on this one. Like a cherry meets a bit of Raspberry.

Signal hasn't been a problem, so that's still great!

Cons are short list:

Choice of covers/clips, and the holster can easily release the phone and doesn't seem to secure. The cover, the clear part that covers the outside front of the phone can cause a white border if you use the flash, since it hits the plastic so the bottom has white all over it. OR, since the cover is a bit big for the phone, you can see a black line at the bottom because the hump of the black bulges when the phone is open.

That's it. Other than that, I'm happy with the phone and plan on keeping it until it breaks, or in about 2 yrs, when I'm up for any upgrade and I see something else that really makes me want to get rid of this...which who knows if that happens. LOL

Excellent phone and features


Feb 23, 2006 by tsinvest

I have the Verizon version of this phone and must say I absolutely love it. My every two year $100 credit started in Feb. and I went in to the Verizon store to get the Razr v3c - the sales person told me it had a very bad battery life - I left undecided, went back the next day to get the Razr anyway and instead walked out with the Samsung a950. With the rebate this phone was completely free. I wasn't looking for, and never thought I would use the MP3 player, however it works great so I went out and bought a 512mb transflash card and already have 2 albums on it. I find this a handy feature and don't have to carry around a separate device (which I never did anyway, but now I have music everywhere I go). I had a Samsung before and the quality was fantastic (a670).

-Sturdy build quality
-Great looking (the red is uplifting)
-Excellent MP3 player for a phone
-Very nice screen resolution
-Great controls on the outside for MP3
-Very good speaker phone
-Good battery life
-Very good reception (maybe a stitch more muffled now and then than the a670 but not a negative)
-Great size and weight
-No external antenna nub (how nice!)

-Samsung made a slight modification to their portable charger so you cannot use the one from a prior Samsung phone
-Small selection of ring tones and no easy way to install additional ones for free (Verizon's fault)

One other nice feature is if you have Windows Media Player 10 and XP, a transflash card and card reader, you can easily rip tunes from CDs, copy them to the card (in the music directory) all without the music package Verizon tries to sell you.

As you can see I am very happy with this phone - not at all sorry I didn't get the Razr. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in it.

Best of luck! T

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