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Feb 12, 2006, 3:59 PM

How do you real Music ringtones on this phone

Can someone help me ive tried every kind of format on this phone so it can get real tones and none of them work.
is there away or not
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Feb 5, 2006, 10:57 PM

Jabra BT250v headset.. HELP PLEASE.

Okay so this headset has won lots of awards and appparently is one of the best ones on the market..

up until a few hours ago.. when someone called me.. my BT headset would VIBRATE against my ear.. and ALSO I could push the button on the headset and it would answer my call..

a few hours ago I noticed I had to OPEN UP my nokia phone and push the ANSWER key on the keypad rather than pushing the ANSWER button located on the BT headset.. and also when someone calls me.. my headset no longer vibrates.. it rings in my ear and i can adjust the volume.. but it doesn't vibrate.. did I push something or do something to turn off BOTH of the features.. and it just so happened that it happened at the same time??? Thanks! please help me!!!!! tried t...
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Dec 31, 2005, 5:09 PM


what is diego and can anyone tell me how to get this so i can get my caller picture id activated
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Feb 10, 2006, 2:20 PM

Unlocking Ringtones on 6256i -

Is there anyone on Long Island who can help me with this? I am on a MAC and Diego will not work on my machine.

If there is someone local who I can meet and take are of this, I would appreciate it.

I would be more than happy to provide some beer or $$.



LKaiser@optonline.net or on AOL IM @ LSK6453

Jan 27, 2006, 12:54 PM

MP3s as ringtones???

Can someone tell me how i'd set MP3s as ringtones? Also to transmit files back and forth through my phone via BT technology, what would I need and how would I do that? Thanks....
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Feb 6, 2006, 5:58 PM


Does this havwe ringer id or just ringer profiles. Same w/the Nokia 6236i.
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Nov 28, 2005, 12:27 PM

Nokia tech tells which MMC card to buy. Heads up DocB2.

To DocB2: Here is the reply I promised you wrt the tech reply to your question on the MMC cards. I think that you had a more specific question, but this is all that they wrote. My 6256i is coming with the 64 MB memory card MU-1. -Lorna

Date: November 28, 2005 9:12:27 AM PST
Dear Lorna,

Thank you for your response.

We apologize for the delay in responding to your e-mail message and appreciate your patience.

We understand your inquiry in regards to where you may purchase Nokia Original MultiMediaCards (MMC) and Bluetooth Wireless headset.

The following Nokia Original MMC are compatible with the Nokia 6256i phone:

* Nokia 64MB Reduced Sized Memory Card MU-1
* Nokia 128MB
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Feb 7, 2006, 4:30 PM

is this available in NY?

I cant seem to find it, can i get it online?
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Jan 27, 2006, 11:28 PM

Battery Size & Space for MMC Card?

Been looking at larger capacity batteries, e.g.
http://store.accessorygeeks.com/no6255ibatts.html »

I see descriptions of "slim" and it makes me wonder ... anyone know if a "slim" type is necessary to leave room for the MMC card?

Thanks! doc
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Jan 24, 2006, 5:11 PM

New to the 6256i... couple of questions..

My new 6256i is coming in the mail from my girlfriend. I'm currently using Verizon. She has the same phone as me.. except she has MetroPCS.

Anyways.. just curious.. could someone tell me how to play MP3s as the ringtones on my Verizon Nokia 6256i?

Also.. I'm new to the whole 'bluetooth' thing.. I read on some of the features of the Nokia 6256i that you can take pictures with the camera.. and send them to your computer VIA bluetooth.. thus not paying Verizon's $0.25 charge. Is this true? Also how would I do this. I'm getting the Jabra bluetooth headset.. what else would I need in order to transfer files back and forth to my phone via bluetooth? Also are those cheap $5 cables and cds for the Nokia 6256i that they sell on ebay really go...
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Feb 2, 2006, 2:48 PM

6255i faceplate ?!?!

How the hell do you take it off? I must be retarded cause it shouldnt be that hard right?
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Jan 23, 2006, 11:38 AM

need help finding a replacement hard cover

I know with the nokia 6255i, there is actually a hard screen that is in front of the actual lcd, mine is scratched, Ive tried using that scratch remover, but it really doesnt work because this is actual plastic, not the lcd. Does anyone know where I can buy a replacement hard screen?
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Jan 31, 2006, 8:22 PM

Nokia 6255i Hinges

I purchased a Nokia 6255i in June 05 and a second for my wife in August 05. They have both developed cracks along the top hinges. One has cracks along the seams of the outer part of the hinges, the second has started cracking along the inner larger part of the hinge. I have turned one into Nokia for repair, but haven't been advised as to whether it is covered under warranty.

Is this a know issue with this particular model? I sent an email to Nokia regarding this and was advised they were unaware of it. They were my first two Nokias and more than likely the last. I love the phone's features but they don't do much good if the phone falls apart or spends most of its time in repair.
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Nov 28, 2005, 10:56 PM

Can I assign ringtones from Songs Downloaded?

Ok just curious..This is the least important thing I have on my mind but when I dl ringtones from Get it now could i assign that song 2 an individual so it only rings 2 them? when I dl on My Nokia 3589i it goes 2 a dif folder and I cant assighn the downloaded ringtone 2 a person..Only from the tones given 2 me in Profiles.Like I said its not a big deal but I was just wondering 4 those who already have it..Ill get it regardless.
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Jan 29, 2006, 4:18 PM

Use the 6255i w/ DK-2 cable as Modem?


Can the 6255i plus the DK-2 cable be used as Modem for a dial-up internet service? I tried but every time it Dials the internet provider the phone hangs up the call saying "Data Call ended".

Jan 23, 2006, 3:35 PM

Verizon Nokia/Bluetooth headset users...

What is your favorite BT headset?

Are any of you using a headset that lets you make calls *without* opening or even touching the phone? I realize this means assigning voice tags to anybody you'll want to call.

But as it is, I have to open the phone, unlike my old LG4400, and press and hold the button before I say the name.

In one of the earlier posts, somebody said that the Nokia has an MP3 player, and calls can be made without opening the phone. There was no mention of BT.

I'm guessing that this involves a wired or wireless headset, any using the Any Key Answer function, but there were no details provided.

I'm also guessing that it's the *only* the non-Verizon 6256s that don't have an MP3 player.

Back to the BT headsets....
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Jan 22, 2006, 5:08 AM

How to Get a Spare 6256i Battery (and Charger, and Phone) for $29.99 (Total)

If you want a spare battery for your 6256i, its kind of a bummer goin' the standard route... Nokia apparently wants $50 for one, if you try to buy it through their site. Whaaa? 😳

There may be a better way... 'parently the Nokia 'Shorty'/2115 phone for Virgin Mobile uses the SAME 3.7 volt BL6-C battery that the 6256i does, far as I can tell.

Yep, I've looked at both batteries side by side. Same exact size, shape, voltage, and they both say 'BL6-C' on the front.

And, you can pick a Nokia Shorty phone (battery is included) for $29.99. Heck, they were on special at Walmart for $19.99 b4 Xmas, tho' I wouldn't count on that price comin' around again any time soon.

Not to mention you also get an ACP-7U charger in the d...
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Jan 8, 2006, 3:23 AM

What will happen ?

My VZW contract will expire on April this year and it looks like my family has chosen to stay. I'm able to renew around the 20th this month.

I really like the Nokia 6256i but the only problem is that it's not offered at VZW Corporate stores and i don't think my father would want to go to Best Buy just to buy that phone for me.

Can i renew my contract at Best Buy like i could at a corporate store ? If i renew my contract then i can get discounts on the 6256i and that would be a huge save on money because i don't want to spend $270 on this (not that it's not worth it but i'm hoping to switch to the 6265i when it comes to Verizon 🙂 ).
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Dec 31, 2005, 4:09 PM

Select Button and Programming Choices/Uploading

😁 Just bought this phone. Very difficult for me. I am used to old Nokia analog which was very simple.

1. Can you program the phone so the scroll buttons go through Contact list right from main display w/o having to go to Name, Search?

2. How to you upload things into your images file?
No instructions on that?
Do I need to buy cable and also download PC Support from Nokia?

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Jan 18, 2006, 6:22 PM

Using the flash memory card(s)

I have a question to one and all.

OK, here's my scenario: I just purchased the Nokia 6256i phone yesterday via Nokia's website, so suffice it to say, I am awaiting it's arrival. I know that it uses a MMC flash memory card, which I believe is set behind the battery, here is my question/dilemma:

When I want to use the memory card in a reader, taking it out of the phone, therefore, removing the battery, when I put everything back into place will I have to re-set all of my settings all over again each and every time...over and over again?


Or is there a way to circumvent re-setting each time?

I would appreciate a good amount of help regarding this issue.

Once again, thank you for your help....
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