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Love it, but hate some things (like all phones)


Apr 3, 2009 by casemods

It took a while, but I got used to the palm os.

Be sure to update to the 1.10 software (I barely did last night)

Signal quality is always 2-3 bars above anyone else - san jose, CA, sprint.

Call quality is ok.

I got this thing for $10 off of cragislist, it's a bit beat up, no cover over the ear piece, the stylus is missing, and didn't come with a charger or data cable...charger was $15 at Fry's, and I use blue-tooth to transfer and to even hotsynch.

Found a pen at 7-11 that has an LED flashlight, a purple light, a laser pointer, a pen, and a stylus all in one which I use for the stylus now (too bad I didn't find it sooner, because the protective screen is all scratched up from using a pen)


FULL keyboard. card slot (never get a phone without one). Mp3 player, voice recorder (time is only limited to memory) Nice camera and video recorder, also only limited by memory capacity. Memos. To do list. Blue-tooth, IR port, tons of games and free applications. TOUCHSCREEN! Huge 320x320 screen, great for pictures and movies/videos.
Text messages has this "instant message" chat log sort of thing which I find very unique and exquisite - when you send a message, it's like your on AIM/YAHOO/xfire/steam or a chatroom - If your an avid texter, this feature alone is worth getting the phone.


Won't/can't set mp3's as ring-tones. Most ring-tones I create don't play the full portion (most cut off at 5 seconds or so, but the vibrate still goes off). Soft resets itself a lot (mostly with blue-tooth picture sending). SD card slot is out in the open and the card could come out easily. Only one alarm, and you have to go to the "world clock" to turn it on. (unless there is another way to get an alarm). Not a simple phone to use, and unless you can take advantage of it, don't get it. Sometimes you just prefer a simple phone that only makes calls/texts. PROPRIETARY data cable - I will never get a phone without a mini USB connector (who doesn't have 5 of them laying around?)

Love the Treo 700p (oddly they fall over often)


Mar 9, 2009 by drwiremore

Been a palm user since before they had phone components. Have had so many 700p's that when call verizon, they skip the analsis, and just send me a FRU (kidding about the no questions, but yes about how many I've had)

If you love Palm (as I do) this is the best palm phone out. I like the antenna as well, because it makes it easy to get it out of the case. Having tried all of 755 and centro, still love the 700p.

- touch screen is accurate
- good batter life
- graffiti is built in, you just need to down the 3rd party app to make it work
- short-cuts, love the graffiti time/date
- mp3 player, great tunes pTunes
- comes with a great collection of apps, dataviz document suite is terrific
- screen is brilliant, good brightness control
- plug in headset option. With the right headset, stereo when you play music, mono into both ears for a phone call. (Great way to mute background, although maybe illegal)
- pretty rugged overall
- voice quality good; speaker-phone ok.
- great camera and video, use it often.

- sure it may freeze, which is why you add backup buddy, and a SD card.
- the sd card doesn't have a cover, so occasionally you may loose it. For an expensive phone, embarrassed that I have a piece of sticky tape over the slot.
- no flash (would be nice)
- no wi-fi (not sure this is important anyway)

Overall: best palm phone on the market. Even if discontinued (as I write this note, 3/2009) a great phone. Have tried to replace it with something else. But with the desktop, palm phone, and features. It is the best I've ever had.

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Don't Waste Your Money.


Jan 7, 2009 by alkan

I would not waste any money on this phone. There is a constant screw-up with Bluetooth interface, phone would just freeze. Their (Palm) customer service is awful, they would direct you to the cell phone carrier, you can’t even speak to a live person. Folks, my advise is: Don’t waste your money on this.

It'll do for now.


Dec 22, 2008 by chocolateman85006

I'd love to give it a 5, but I can't.

Awesome keypad
Can create and edit documents.
Decent camera
Fast web and e-mail.
The battery is very good (I use many features, plus the stuff I added to it).

Reception isn't all that great. In fact, it sucks at time.
It's power cycled off on me.
The phone portion has turned off on me without my turning it off. It's not good if you need to make an important call.
No Facebook app or instant messaging.

I do plan to go back to Windows Mobile soon or even Blackberry (once they get Picture Mail [I have Sprint]). It's still better than the Centro, IHMO; but isn't perfect.

I love this Treo


Nov 7, 2008 by dandorusty

I have absolutely no problems with this phone. When I first got it I had the unlimited data plan with VZW for 8 months and I loved it. I had to stop because the plan was costing me $40 extra a month. But I recently saw that VZW costs only $30 for the data plan.

OK for a couple months... overall not so hott.


Oct 14, 2008 by traisagoodwin

Before i got the 700P, i had the 650P. the reason i no longer have the 650P is because it got in a fight with a brick wall and didn't win! I had insurance luckily, and got the newer version of the 650 (the 700p). I really did like this phone for the first month, but after that, i realized what was wrong with the phone. It will freeze up very frequently, especially when i am trying to text. It will never send a pix msg the first time, it takes like 5-7 tries to make the msg go through... It is a good phone, but if you have a short temper, its not the phone for you...

Sorry Palm lost another dedicated customer


Sep 2, 2008 by spgrogers

Have been a palm customer for many years. Have tweaked and played with for many years.But now I use it for business very, very unreliable. Same common complaints as everyone else freezes up, sometimes cant see who's calling in. Bad , Bad Palm you have lost a very loyal customer for many years.I love the touch screen and applications of palm, but the reliability is just not there.

not great


May 29, 2008 by jprado

fun phone to use but it will freeze alot and restart itself but the worst is that i can only make one phone call at a time with my bluetooth and if someone calls me when my bluetooth is on it will restart it self gurenteed.

I gave it 2 full years ...


May 21, 2008 by kre8iv1

I originally bought the 650p almost two years ago. I had 4 of those in 3 weeks. I pleaded with Palm to upgrade me to the 700p. They begrudgingly obliged.

I got the 700p. No problems until the headphone jack broke (after over 1.5 years of use). Then I had to get another one. I just got it this week (another 700p).

I cannot get it to stop "brain farting". It locks up for no reason, the system sounds just stop working, when a call comes in I can't answer it (it displays the incoming call screen, but none of the keys answer the call), it won't hotsync at all. Currently (as I am writing this review) it won't come out of the "welcome" screen.

I REFUSE to pay another $300 for the 755p. I will be getting a BLACKBERRY device.

Palm - I owned a PalmPilot by USRobotics for years WITH NO PROBLEMS. I upgraded to the Palm Vx before getting the Treo. My husband told me NOT to get the Treo, but I had FAITH that your Treo was a sound investment. I gave you almost 2 years to make it right. I feel your company is ready to disappear from the market if you don't fix this thing and MAKE IT STABLE. Get your sh*t together before you go out of business.

You are the Windows VISTA of cell phones.


You have lost a former loyal customer.

I must say Im impressed....


Feb 3, 2007 by cathartic8881

I recently switched to Verizon about 3 weeks ago(formerly with Tmobile) when I first switched I got the LG EnV, it was a nice phone, cute features but just didnt have the capabilities that I was looking for...I am coming from a Tmobile MDA and that had EVERYTHING. My main concern was the browser capabilities of the EnV..which it had hardly any. I was told by VZW that since I had exceeded my 15 day period after purchasing the phone I was stuck with the handset but "as a courtesy" they would take 25% off a PDA phone that would have the options I wanted....needless to say I was not pleased. Prepared to cancel my contract I went to a VZW store and talked to the rep who had originally sold me the phone, explained my situation and within 10 minutes had walked out of there with the Palm 700p, they sold it to me at the price they would for a new customer and subtracted what I had spent on the EnV(which I purchased online) I was THRILLED. I ended up paying 325.00 in total and just mailed my 100.00 rebate. I love VZW!! They have amazing customer service and stand by there word! Ok, now that I have tooted Verizons horn I can get on to the phone...

In short the Palm 700p is amazing. I love all the features and its easy to use. I HATE Windows OS so the Palm OS is a breath of fresh air. I purchased a 1 gig memory card for 15 bucks and loaded about 200 songs on it which I jam along to during work and I used my favorite tunes to turn in to ringers using a 3rd party app called minitones, which was free and so far so good. Average camera, good keyboard, nice options and customization...I am pretty much in love with it! I would recommend the Treo to anyone who needs all multimedia capabilities and all the other bells and whistles(i.e., music player, text msg, email, web, ect..)


kinda minor...
-the handset will do a soft reset on its own once in a while
-cant change the email notification

I can over look the cons based on the price and customer service :)

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