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Treo Review


Jan 20, 2007 by Jorin

This phone is in a word a POWERHOUSE! When I first decided I wanted this phone, I was simply looking for a phone with the most features. In fact I had just ordered the LG Fusic! If you're like me and you are simply looking for the phone with all the bells and whistles, THIS IS IT. I wasn't planning on using it much for e-mail and all those corporate, business, white collar, type like things, but I've ended up using those too.
I guess what I'm saying is that it seems like there's a younger generation out there who feels like the best phones out there have to be .00009 mm thin, come with changeable faceplates, and have a really catchy name. And I would like to set the record straight... BIGGER IS BETTER!
OS- Extremely user friendly and tons of customization options.
Multitasking-Play music while surfing web or playing games! Take pictures while talking on the phone!
Downloads- Tons of fun and useful downloads (many of which are free) out there!
Cons: Let's be honest no phone could really be a 5! I slightly exagerated to a 5 because of all the overexagerators out there that rated it a zero.
Power Cycling-It does power cycle from time to time when it gets overloaded (cause I'm trying to do too much) but its nothing unbareable.
Maybe about once every two weeks. For all that this phone does, its an easy tradeoff.

Bottom line: BUY IT! And for all those people who say the Treo is problematic and has lots of issues... I see these phones and work with them on a daily basis, and 90% of the time problems with this phone is a result of what we technicians like to call "USER ERROR" (AKA ERROR iD10t)

Best Yet


Oct 8, 2006 by bartin

I have owned this phone since they were available from Verizon. I have read past post concerning the phone freezing but can say that since owning the phone it has not frozen once.
As far as battery life, I charge the phone every night, unless surfing the web a lot, then the battery may not last the entire day.
I love the smart phone capabilities. The contact list, calendar are easy to access and use, and the interaction is great.
This phone is not for everyone. If you only want a phone, this is not for you, and it is a bit bulky but you get use to that.

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Treo 700p


Sep 27, 2006 by GTlv4u

Just like all the other models, great features and design, but mine still freezes non-stop!!!! This may be the end for me and Palm.

700P, True "Smart" Phone


Jul 16, 2006 by merics

It's been less than a week since I purchased the 700P, but I'm a long time Palm, Win, PDA, user. I purchased the 700W back in May, took it back within 15 days, enough said. The 700P is far superior than it's windows cousin, smoother movement between apps, and everything works seamlessly. One of the biggest factors pulling me from Verizon to Sprint 700P was the price for data pack. VZW charges $44 for data plan no Vcast, not supported on the 700P. Sprint most expensive plan for their media pack (lot's included) is $25, coupled with phone plan, I'm getting both for the cost of VZW data minus phone plan. The suttle changes in the button layout makes sense, promoting less chance of hanging up on your party when trying to accomplish other task. The lack of wifi is not missed at all, the sprint data service is extremely fast and capable, why wait for being in range of wifi, when you've got all time access. The sound is pretty clear, made few calls and asked how I sounded, all feedback was positive, using speaker-phone as well. The included wired headset is crystal clear both ways, although it's tough to find the right spot for the included ear buds to fit snug. Had zero problems pairing my Motorola headset and is my preferred use of talking, followed by speaker-phone. The display is excellent, much better than the 700W, I keep my brightness at 1/4, works well all conditions, what I used on my HP4705. Palm is Palm, the apps haven't changed in forever, keep it simple, all you need is included to be both functional and productive. I did try out the Motorola "Q" as well. I liked the size and feel. Although, having the thumb wheel on the right side felt awkward, unlike my old Sony Clie NX80, wheel on the left. When I spend dollars, features play big, lack of touch screen on the "Q", I just pictured myself wanting to pull a stylus, u don't miss something til it's unavailable. Lastly, Versa mail pulls in my Yahoo and Gmail with ease. Sprint & 700P are keepers. Go get yours!

There might be hope for Palm after all...


Jul 11, 2006 by issai

Recent ownership history: Treo 600 (terrific phone, had some issues-- still keep as a backup PDA), Treo 700W (the worst phone *or* PDA I've ever owned), and now the Treo 700P.

Coming from my 6th replaced treacherous 700W (which I decided to put up on Ebay), which I've never installed any 3rd party apps on *any* of them, other than PDANet, I was only going to give Palm one last try with their latest incarnation before I settled on the mediocre-rated 6700. No, VZN Wireless wouldn't give in and finally let me exchange the 700W for another model phone, which has left a sour taste in my mouth.

After 3 days of ownership, I wanted to present my initial impressions. If issues creep up, I'll submit a "long-term usage" review later on.

PRO (vs. the 700W-- take note, WM5 dev. team):
- Basic functions, *including* using the Phone app, are now responsive! No more 10-30 second lag-- or even a complete software freeze-- just trying to punch in numbers. I've missed the responsiveness of my 600- but no more!
- One-button hotkey shortcut assignments (Favorites btns)!
- Hotsync WORKS vs. ActiveS*** 4.1.
- Camera app (not my priority, tho') is intuitive.
- Many common functions and operations have *very* intuitive shortcuts (did I mention responsiveness?). No more madly digging around in the "pretty" WM5 menu system to access the most common features...
- Pressing numeric buttons within number fields displays- numeric characters!! (vs. WM5, where the "Shift" key always needed pressing)
- Fabulous screen! Brighter, more solid (no more horizontal "interlacing" effect with the 700W...)
- 3-way and conferencing works so intuitively- the 700W seems like a joke.

- No more pretty WM5 menus. Then again, I don't miss it.
- No "Today" screen built-in. But the 700p's "Favorites" buttons accommodates.
- Bluetooth handshake, strangely, required a soft reset. But working fine every since.
- Finding out available memory wasn't intuitive.

Hooray for Palm, for not ruining the 700p!

Treo 700p is Palms Best So Far


Jul 4, 2006 by ejlawler

First of all, the idea that a PDA Phone is just for the business man is untrue. I'm a college graduate (May of '06) and I just purchased the Treo 700P (Sprint). The phone is amazing!!!!!!!!! It is ultra clear, I have had absolutely zero dropped calls. Everyone says that they can hear me and only me on background noise. The sweet spot on the speaker of the headset is HUGE. So smartphones you have to position just right to hear on, this is not the case with the 700. I had a 650 and loved it until I sold it (hard time; college student). I feel that the functions of the PDA is beautifully snitched together with the phone. Just for business man, I think not, the 700p is for anyone who has a busy schedule and needs to keep up with contact info. Therefore students, businessmen, soccer moms, whoever will benefit from this phone. Now of course there are some drawbacks to the phone all have their cons. With this one the deleting of contacts are a bit nerve racking. Three buttons to delete. The PRICE is the biggest drawback. It does cost a pretty penny. And there are some other small things like no grafitti. But this is well over shadowed by the 1000's of software that can be added as well as the speed of the phone itself,(and if you in a EVDO city like I am in Birmingham then the phone will moved faster that some of those old PI or 486 processor that were some of our first computers. If you have a 650 then keep it because there is not a huge difference in the two except the price, but if you dont have a smartphone and looking to get one this is the Best!!! Well in my opinion.



Jul 2, 2006 by Sliczna3

Personal Phone History: 5000, 6000, 4900, 8100, a700, 5500, i500, 8200, 7400, i600, 5600, a800, 8300, mm-5600, mm-9000, a900, mm-9000, 700p.

-Very flawless
-Love the function of having a chat box instead of individual texts
-Very loud, possibly like a sanyo, when VolumeCare is used as application.
-Beaming works great
-Bluetooth works wonderfully
-Great Reception
-No resets or problems with touchscreen.
-Extremely user friendly
-Works also for Navigation (extra $300) and mapquest is phenomenal
-Internet is much faster than on Sanyo 9000
-Has improved calculator
-Great programs for viewing pictures

-no flash
-picutres are small for incoming call contacts
-some money must be spent on futhur applications that enhance the phone features tremendously

Solid Upgrade but may not be worth it


Jun 7, 2006 by dsmmsd18

I gave this phone a 5 out of 5 because the phone is an amazing phone and there is NO other phone out there right now that is better. However if you are a current treo 650 owner an upgrade may not be worth it for the price. The phone has EVDO which is nice if you surf the net, but if you do not use the internet there are really not many plus. The camera seems pretty much the same in quality, the speakerphone on the 650 is actually louder than the 700p. AND NO MIDNIGHT COLOR THEME? Whats up with that, I liked that on the 650. The phones interface is pretty much the same as the 650 except for some button lay outs on the phone itself. The phone is a great all around phone and anyone looking to get a new phone this would be the top of the line

Not perfect but VERY good


Jun 3, 2006 by ZHP

Ok the bottom line first- would I pay the very high price for this phone/PDA again? YES! Do I wish it was better? Yes. But really at this point and itme is ANY "Smartphone" perfect yet? NO.

1> Its a Palm device meaning 1000's of 3rd party applications, simple interface and ease of use.
2> Excellent Screen- better resolution than the 700w x 30% and very bright.
3> Decent battery life- better than I expected.
4> The unit is not blazingly fast but is "snappy" reading and writing large video files from the SD card can be sluggish.
5> Has most of the PHONE features covered- many smart phones forget they are PHONES.
6> The keyboard is more usable than I thought- yes it is cramped but actually is OK.
7> Simple screens- kind of retro cool.
8> As a Palm syncing is very easy
9> Gets better reception than other Sprint phones I have used however this is always subjective as to where you live.
10> Camera is better than I thought- 99% of cameras in phones su*k at this time, they will get better- people actually are buying cell phones for cameras? Wait until 2009
11> EVDO works well
12> Actually view MOST web pages in readable format with the Blazer browser-
13> Size - it really isnt that much bigger than normal bar phones.
14> I like the new button layout
15> MP3 player sounds very good I was surprised- no Ipod but close

1> No Graffiti. Yes I downloaded Pennovate Notes (and paid for it) it allowed me "free form" note writing abilities but for this price really it should be included.
2> Unit is fast but could ALWAYS be faster
3> PALM OS is stale and could be better- such as NO DELETE BUTTON!! If I have a list of contacts calls I have to press 3 buttons just to delete one line item- this is stupid
But WIN CE is not perfect either.
4> It is VERY expensive-meant for business
5> pdf viewer, while graphics show nicely text is next to unusable.The 320 x 320 screen simply is too small to view pdfs. I like to read offline- cant with 700p

this is a good phone FOR BUISSNESS


Jan 11, 2007 by lakyn01

I like this phone. I use it for business purposes. My friend and i got one at the same time i work for the wireless company. So we have to have smart phones* for business. My friend on the other hand (who does not use it for business) always complains how there are no "cool" features.

Pros (if you are using it for business)
microsoft(on some of the newer models)
big screen

no mp3
camera is grainy
battery drained during email

So i recommend this for someone who is looking for a business phone. example: you wants to email and do microsoft spread sheets
otherwise it is pretty boring.

* for those who dont Know smartphones are business phones. Ones who have email and microsoft

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