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Not a fan...


Jan 23, 2008 by Ireland492

-ringtone volume is very loud
-ear piecequality is decent (I've had a lot of trouble with dropped calls though. and echoing in the phone.)
- speaker phone is decent.
-MP3 player is nice, and you can listen to songs on it for a while.

-VERY BIG! You'd think it wouldn't make a difference, but it gets to be a big hassle! I can't hold the phone with one hand to text..its too big.It feels very industrial
-backing to phone falls off ALL the time.
-screen freezes easily, and buttons have a tendency to stick.
-vibrator is very loud. (louder than putting the phone on a ringer volume of three!)
-PTT button is very annoying, and easy to hit when talking on the phone.
-Because of how big the back of the phone is, its a little awkward to hold while talking on the phone.

Overall, a durable phone. I think I'm going to pass it off to my dad, since he might like the bulky feeling of the phone. Speaker quality is good, but doesn't out weigh the impracticality of the rest of the phone.

Very pleased.


Dec 11, 2006 by easttnfarmboy

I recently purchased this phone after carrying an old Nokia 6340i for years. I initially switched from Cingular to Verizon and went with a Motorola V325, but I sent it back before the return period ended.

I shopped for several weeks and considered many of the available phones. I finally settled on the V365 because it just seems like an overall solid phone. It is a bit bulkier than some others, but it much lighter than you would expect. I was leaning toward the RAZR, but it just felt cheap to me and it was difficult to get a feel for it in my hand. The V365 feels exceptionally well in my hand, but I realize everyone is different.

The clarity seems to be much better than the V325 I used for several weeks. The speaker phone is exceptional. My wife didn't even realize I was talking on speaker the first time I called her on it. She states that it is much better than my office speaker-phone.

The sound quality when playing MP3 files is better than you would expect; another advantage of the large speaker (which contributes to the bulkiness of the phone, by the way). You can add a MicroSD card also.

The battery life is very good, and I am comparing that to my old Nokia 6340i which seemed to last forever. USB chargeable.

The address book could be a bit simpler, but it's possible to add more than one number to an entry. You just have to scroll to "more" and go from there.

I have not figured out how to lock the keypad yet. It doesn't appear possible to mute the keys when in a phone call--even if you have it on silent, but they are not very loud so it is not that big of a deal (I would welcome clarification if this info is incorrect).

The camera and video work as well as they should. I haven't used the media features of the phone, nor the PTT.

I am anxious to see how well the RF factor is in rural areas, but in town and in buildings it seems very good.

Another plus, the arrow keys and the soft keys can be customized.

Very pleased!!

First moto ptt


Dec 2, 2006 by Wvpotomac

This moto is a replacement for my Razr .This phone blows the Razr away I think .I bought it directly from motorola to replace the iconic Razr. I've had it 2 weeks and wish I got it when I renewed my contract with cingy this past upgrade. The pro's definitly out way the con's .First better reception and clearer voice recognition,speaker phone is loud and clear, camera has better clarity than my old Razr. Ptt function is neat feature,mp3's are loud and clear, also able to expand memory on entry level clamshell ,+ bluetooth! Way to go Moto !!!!

Cingular PTT v365


Nov 14, 2006 by dadler22

There are many advantages to having a phone with a walkie talkie built in, however, cingular missed that. when they made a push to talk service, they added slow, not instant connections, and confusing beep noises, that sometimes didnt make noise. On the cingular commerial they have there phones with the nextel walkie talkie noise, and i tell you i would kill to have that compaired to the noise cingular has, which sounds like a dying nextel phone.

but now about the v365 specificly

-Device has one of the most POWERFUL antennas i have seen on a device in a long time
-Battery life is amazing
-Camera takes better pictures then 1.3 megapixel cameraphones
-comfortable to talk on
-soft touch body, with silver accent
-good buttons
-ultrafast fastap system, smokes razr
-Bulky fat phone design
-doesnt look like a new phone

that is it, the only con of this phone is that it is thicker than most phones out there, but still smaller than a nextelphone by a long shot, however cingular PTT, is not even close to a fair replacement for nextel

Very Happy


Nov 7, 2006 by bmega

I've had the V400, V551, V557, V3i and now the V365 and with each phone Moto has made improvements. The V365 is the best so far in this series of phones. A nice small improvement with the V365 is the ability to toggle to vibrate mode by holding down the # key. Moto finally got the message on that one. The exterior is rugged looking with a rubberized finish to resist showing scratches. The external speaker has been greatly improved on this model. It is loud and clear without any distortion even at the highest volume setting. Callers also reported to me that the speaker phone is loud and clear on their end too. Earpiece quality is good, although I always think Motos could be a little louder on the earpiece. Camera quality is good although I'm not a big user of the camera. The mobile E-mail option is nice. It notifies you each time you get a new e-mail on the account that you set up (Yahoo email, etc.) and you can choose to log-in and view it or exit. This is new on the V365 and is a free service (unless you log-in). The external display on this model adds the date which I missed on previous models. The ext. display is also easy to read without having to press a side button and "light it up." It has Push To Talk, but I don't subscribe so I can't comment on that. Nice, big, bright, clear internal screen. Battery life seems very good. I charged it on Friday and I still have a full charge today (Tuesday) with moderate use. The keypad backlight won't turn on unless ambient light is pretty low. I guess that is a battery saving feature. Overall, I'm very happy with the phone. Solid and feature packed.
Tightened-up User Interface
Good Battery Life
Excellent Speakerphone
Standard USB Charger/Interface
External Display w/date easy to read
Toggle to Vibrate with one button
Thicker than most other phones so you notice it in your pocket a little more.

Great Phone


Nov 5, 2006 by prodrigu03

Dear fellow "Cellphoneites",
I have Cingular and The Motorola V365 is one of the better phones on the market that is offered by Cingular.

The pros are these;
Camera, the zoom is Awesome even when you print it.
Video, Awesome playback and zoom
Weight, reminds you that you have a cell phone in your pocket.
MicroSDTM expansion slot for up to 1GB extended memory. Awesome to store those "precious" moments and trans. to your computer or other phones.
Internal Display; Nice picture, clear, Excellent.
Voice dialing; Awesome.
The best feature, you can store addresses.

Fellow Cellphoneites, I hope this helps you with you decision in choosing this fine phone.

2 year contract or having to pay full price, easy fix goto the "Site" that offers the Motorola V365, you will be surprised.
Can't change the face plates
Names; still have to put the persons name several times for different phone numbers.
Looks fragile
Not that many accessories i.e. holsters stuff made for the phone, not universal.

Address Book


Dec 6, 2006 by ponnie71

I have no idea what the people are talking about when you say that you can only put in one number. If you scroll down to the word MORE you can add another phone number as well as an email address.

I just got this phone about a month ago. This is my second Motorola and I enjoy it the same as the first. This phone takes awesome pictures. They are so very clear. The phone has a lot of great features (which are easy to use if one READS the manual). The technology is great.


1) If you want your phone call to be a secret, don't count on it, I can put my phone on the table and hear the person talk (even when not on speaker). The calls are crystal clear.

2) Can hook the phone to your computer and download anything that you have saved to it.

3) Text messaging can be put on automatic wording or not. I was typing and getting frustrated when words popped up, but that can be taken off. It is good when you want to type quickly, but bad if the wrong word keeps popping up.

Many more but I don't have the time to type.


1) Not many options for phone ringers. I guess they just want me to buy some (smile).

2) You cannot use any other Motorola products like chargers etc.

With increased technology, I am sure I will find more, but overall it is a wonderful phone.

Super Phone


Nov 12, 2006 by svboy3284

This phone is one of the best Cingular phones I have used.

- Speakerphone is excellent, having loud and crisp clear sound.
- Great signal
- PTT feature (which works great)
- Not heavy at all for its size
- Battery life is GREAT!
- Takes decent pictures (zoom is great), and video
- MANY other great features

- Thickness
- Outer display not color
- Only one number can be assigned to name



Dec 8, 2006 by musewebsites

Okay, so I got this phone, and yes, it is kind of bulky, but the way it performs! Oh wow, it's the best phone I've ever had. I have been with Nextel, Sprint, and I'm now with Cingular. With Cingular I have used the RAZR, V400, and the SLVR, with Sprint I had high-end phones, but I have never had a phone with such a clear reception! It's downright impressive. I know thin is in, but I'll take what other's have been calling the "Moto BRIK" over any others.

-Clear screen
-Awesome clear calls
-AMAZING battery life... for a moderate phone user, you should only have to charge once or twice a week, instead of every other day like with the RAZR.

Bulky, if you care too much about that sorta thing.
But I'm not going to take off points for that, because it has nothing to do with the function of the phone, and to be honest, the phone is kinda cool looking.

Good mix


Oct 21, 2006 by allim7399

I was won this phone in a contest a few days ago. I've played with all the functions, but I have not used it with my service (Cingular) yet so i'll just review the functions.

-Super loud speakerphone
-Durable (built to have back cover fall off if dropped to absorb shock)
-Nice bright screen
-MP3 player (NOT iTUNES!!! Woo-hoo!)
-External memory (insert or remove card without taking our battery! Woo-hoo!)
-No cap on songs on MP3 player (instead of the 100 song cap itunes sets)
-Internal Antena
-Can use bluetooth with PTT feature (except to respond...you still have to push the PTT button on the phone)
-Buttons big enough to press with nails and easy to feel. (not like stupid v3 buttons)

-Hinge seems a little too small...seems like will break if dropped right on the corner.
-MP3 player is a little different to use and hard to find at first. (it's in the sounds like ringtones instead of in it's own application)
-Thickness...but I understand why it's that way. (to house the huge speaker)
-External screen not in color
-No little mirror next to camera to line up self portrait.

Overall I'd say this phone is a good mix of function and durability. It seems to have been made for a young construction worker! (or someone who abuses phones!) :)

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