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This is by far the best phone


Mar 15, 2007 by bratleyj

This phone is the best out there, having tried most of the phones that cingular now the new at&t has, this one is the best, the sound is great, the ptt is awesome, way better than nextel, the ptt uses the persons phone number instead of some 15 digit code and you can turn a ptt call into a regular phone call if you want, try that with nextel!

The speaker is great, good clarity. The camera takes good pics for being on a cell. It's meaty yet light weight. If you drop it, it's not going fall apart into a million parts. There is no case for it other than universal but give it time it's a new phone.

You can put more than one number per person, if you do not know how you can go on to cingulars web site and go to device tutorials, it even shows screen shots so you know if you are on the correct screen. You can put individual ringtone for specific people in your address book but to do that you have to have address saved on the phone itself, same thing for adding pictures to specific people. I have a 512 memory card in mine and I am able to save info from my computer like pics or music and pull it up on my phone instead of having data cable and software. I do hope by writing this it will help people with either thier decision to buy or if they already have this phone.

Strong Phone!


Dec 12, 2006 by r06er

This V365 on Cingular is replacing an LG3200 on Alltel because Alltel has poor coverage in Florida rural areas and the LG is weaker than average in reception too.

The pros and cons listed by others apply here also.

The gripe is having to pay $30 for software to use the USB feature of the phone to move pics and phone list info to a 'puter.

It really feels fatter but the major transition it to Moto ways of operating the phone.

I haven't yet found out how to vibe and ring at the same time, but vibe isn't that strong anyway.

This input from a senior citizen using cells since 1982!

Beware of the V365 evil twin!


Jul 3, 2007 by MOM2307

Researching this phone, it is shown to have an mp3 player as listed on the moto site as well as many others but I purchased mine through cingular (now att) and later discovered that it has no mp3 player and their site lists it as such. I've talked to moto who informed me that I should take it up with att, att says it's the manufacturer's problem and that I should take it up with moto. What a waste! If you go to the moto site, you can go to manuals and click "how to" . You will see a demo of the access of the v365's mp3 player listing it as "digital audio player" under the games/applic. area but this is not so on my phone. If you check the "user guide" on the site, it has directions regarding the digital audio player. The guide that came with my phone does not list any such thing. I have "playlist" under my sounds folder at the end of my listed ringtones. When I hit playlist, it asks for a name and prompts me to create an audio file which leads me back to my ringtones to select from. There are no instructions in my book for this. The moto rep told me that is was for ringtones and another said it was actually the mp3 player but could not tell me how to operate it. Beware. There are two different versions of this model on the market. By the way, I could download songs and place them on my card with my reader but no show on the phone. I even made sure the storage device was switched to mem.card. This is not what I paid for.

extreemly pleased


Jul 3, 2008 by sagger_

I had a Nokia N75 before this and I hated it. This phone works great.
great sound
loud ringer.
always full bars for signal and the best of all the best battery life in any phone I have owned.Very easy to hold and talk on.Very durable.Nice feel to the rubberized grip.If only it was water proof.
it doesn't have all the features the n75 or the v3 have.I can live with out them.
Great phone,going backwards for the best of the best.

So Not Happy


Jun 19, 2008 by cmslady

About a year ago my company switch to this phone. At first the phone was good, we did have a couple of problems at first but got them fixed. Now that the 1st year is up and the phone warranty is out I've had nothing but problems. We have about 40 users with this phone and in the last week I've had at least 6 people come up to me with the exact same problems, frustrating yes. The phone hangs up while a user is on a call; it powers itself off, dropped calls (a lot), and calls not coming in. This all happen about one year after getting the phone. So now I'm checking into other phones that are rugged that would be good for our company.



Apr 6, 2008 by catdadx

This phone rocks. it is a music phone and has a nice, nice battery life, the phone is a bit chubby but if u have big football player hands like me, you'll love it. it`s speaker phone for the ptt function is very very very loud. can be embarrassing if your out in public and people hear it. the ring volume is very very loud!! which in my case is a good thing, the vibrate on it is very very strong and cant be missed unless you just want to miss it! however there is one flaw on this phone i cant let slip, the back battery cover comes off every time you use it. its something you get used to but be prepared for that otherwise this a solid entrant into the race for a good, durable down to earth phone!!

i like it!


Jan 31, 2008 by dbrowstein

First, let me say that I need a phone for work, not music, videos, too much texting, web time, etc. Mostly, I just need to make and receive calls, lots of calls. Storage memory and battery life are 95% of what I need in a phone, and of course, I need it to hold up under the abuse I give it.

I just got this phone 3 days ago. It replaced a Nokia 6555 (which met none of the above) that I got 3 weeks ago and hated. I have used Sony/Eric for many years before that.

Anyway, like I said, I've had it for 3 days. Yes, it's bulky, ugly, minimum bells and whistles, but...

Pros: Excellent battery life (I have not yet recharged it!); great signal strenth/re-ception; large phone book capacity (w/std memory); easy and straight forward to use; durable, rubberized exterior

Cons: Slow web access; difficult to look up names in the address book (you can only put in the first letter); limited tone selection (for ringing, signals, etc.); it's heavy and not very pretty, even ugly (very objective, huh);

I give this phone a 4 (not 5) mostly because I don't use all the function it is supposedly capable of, so...

Fantastic Choice


Jan 7, 2008 by cwaltum

I first tried the Razr V3xx because of all the raving reviews. The first one had a short and the screen kept going blank. The second kept turning off by itself. I got both from the same store so maybe they just had a bad batch. On my third return to the store I was ready to try something else. I had read the reviews and decided to give the Motorola V365 a try. Wow, what a surprise. This phone is fantastic. I won't go into all the different features because they have already been mentioned and are accurate reviews. If you want a phone for the primary use of communication this is a no brainer. Of course it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of some of the other choices but I don't need all that stuff.

If you are an adult who wants a fantastic phone that gets good reception this is the right choice for you. This is the first phone that I've had that I get great reception no matter where I'm at in the house. It even works well in my basement where I got a very weak signal on other phones.

If you read the manual it doesn't take long to figure things out if you've never had a Motorola before. The battery strength is also great. I fully charged it two days ago and with average use I still have full battery strength. The only thing I've not figured out yet is how to change the external display. I'd like to put a picture in and can't figure out how to do it. This is not a problem though. More of a minor nuisance. In my opinion for the price you won't do any better than the V365.

Rate it high!


Dec 12, 2007 by dlynn22

Great phone. I had a Razr and the Nokia N75 - and this tops them both! It has clear reception, a strong speakerphone - everyone says they can't tell I'm on speaker - doesn't pick up the background noises - which is great. My husband wanted a phone close to the Nextel he used to have, and this is it. It's comfortable in the hands, easy to use, easy to dial numbers (I have long nails)and hands down is 10x' better than the Razr. The battery life seems good - although I'm a big talker. Everyone I know is on ATT so we talk a lot! I manage to have to charge the battery at least every other day - but with the Razr, I was charging it twice daily, so that's a plus. I would definitely recommend this phone. It's user friendly, easy to use and easy to find the applications you are looking for. I thought I would keep hitting the PTT key whenever I was on the phone because of it's placement - but I haven't managed to hit it once yet. Volume is 10x's better in my ear than the Razr was. I could turn the phone on full volume and still not hear people clearly. Most of our family owns Razr's and we all had the same problem with the volume. This phone is hands down the best!!! It was free with the deal I got - and that is another added plus!! I would definitely recommend this phone. Now we own two of them.

Good Phone


Oct 29, 2007 by nebbor

I had a Motorola v220 for years, time to upgrade. I did my homework and read all the reviews I could. I wanted to stay with Motorola because I like the menus and I rather not have to learn another. The v365 has good reviews...so I went with that. I have had the phone for 2 weeks now and I agree with all that give this phone a thumbs up. I am not a thrills cell phone user, just needed a good basic phone...the v365 is just that. I have a hard time hearing, so I am very pleased with the external speaker much louder than my old v220. The antral speaker is clear as well. I only have one issue with this phone and that is the charging design. They made the usb port both for transfer and charging....you have keep messing with the port tab cover getting it open...I may just end up cutting it off.

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