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Free and Feature Packed


Nov 12, 2006 by Gothalyptic

I just recently joined Sprint on a personal level (I have used them as a dealer line previously) this phone was free, as I didn't want to spend a lot of money, it was perfect. With bluetooth, a camera, internal antenna and a hidden (as I call stealth) display, it was a no brainer as to which free phone I should get.

My only gripe about this phone is the speaker phone volume as previously mentioned many times. The same held true for my RaZr I had through Cingular, though the razr was able to be modified, I haven't yet found a way to increase the software volume on the speaker phone.

I would highly recommend this phone to anyone who wants to join sprint and wants a feature packed free phone.

-Great signal continuity
-Bluetooth works flawlessly
-Large easy to read outer display
-Good quality internal display
-Feature packed and FREE
-Great internal speaker volume
-Great noise cancellation with the windows down in my truck

-Lack of MP3 ringers
-VGA Camera
-Low external speaker volume
-Leaves fingerprints all over it

Get this phone, you won't be disappointed.



Sep 11, 2006 by eiloo

Great phone!

Excellent reception... in areas where T-Mobile is spotty and Cingular (Orange and Blue) are non-existant.

Great interface. Great screen. Decent Camera.

Owned it for 2 months so far.

not the best...


Aug 28, 2006 by Jonathanlc2005

if your looking for sleek and style then this is the phone for you. however if your looking for signal strength and clarity. its not for you. i work in selling sprint phones and this is the most returned phone because of it dropping calls, clarity of phone calls, and signal strength. the camera isnt conviently placed, and alittle slow.

battery life
analog roaming
camera shows on external lcd
camera quality

signal strength
dropped calls
internal antenna
no color menues, black and orange???
too lightweight

honestly if theres anything i can prefer, it would be a sanyo phone. as my family told me. the car may look good in the outside but will run like **** on the inside.

get a sanyo and you wont regret it. katana is a better option

A640 Review


Jul 19, 2006 by bfbchief

I just ported from Nextel to Sprint and got this phone. My Nextel service wasn't the best and I didn't want to get a real expensive phone. When I saw this one was free I said what the heck....I have not been disappointed.

Sure this phone doesn't have all the bells, but for a free phone I find it to be pretty featured packed.

It has Bluetooth, Voice SMS (which I guess is like recording a message and then sending it via text message not sure if this is on all Sprint phones) Ready link (which coming from Nextel I use and don't really find it that much slower) The camera while only VGA I think takes great pictures. The ones I have taken have come out very clear. I do admit I was a little scared to get a phone with an internal antenna, but so far this phone has had pretty good reception. Where I don't get Sprint service it has no problem picking up a roaming signal from Verizon.

I love the all black design. Very sleek
Voice SMS
Strong Vibrate

No flash for camera
Speaker for Readylink and Speaker phone isn't super loud (but remember I am coming from Nextel)
No memory card

If you are not looking for a phone that has it all, I STRONGLY recommend this phone. Again for FREE you can not beat it. It has everyone that most cell phone users need.

Good Little Phone


Aug 23, 2006 by Kimbrie

I am a Sprint Rep at a third party store and when my poor phone gave out I was faced with several new phones with all kinds of varying technology. I chose this phone because it did not have anything more than what I was looking for. I love the Bluetooth and the fact that this is a Samsung phone with Ready Link (walkie-talkie). I use the ready link all the time and love it. The camera is not too bad, way better than the one I had in my LG 225 that I had before this phone. The price is definitely another positive feature of this phone. Basically this is the phone that fits my lifestyle...you could not part me from it.

I like this phone...


Jul 5, 2006 by ChgoMike

I had two phones with Sprint that I would switch back-and-forth with, depending on my needs. A Treo 650 and a Samsung A880. I'd use the A880 when I wanted something small and light. My A880 was stolen recently and I was looking for a replacement as my Treo is too big and bulky for my current needs.

- Small and lightweight
- Black and sleek
- Cool outer LED display
- Internal antenna
- Tactile and obvious buttons
- Bright display
- Clear speaker quality
- Doesn't try to pass itself as an MP3 player
- The camera, which I don't need, is unobtrusive
- Vibrate mode is strong enough
- Signals have been strong in Chicago
- ReadyLink capable, if you use it

From my perspective and what I want in a phone, none. If you want a music player and/or a camera for images or movies, this isn't the phone for you.

FWIW, other phones I've used lately include a Nokia 6030, Samsung A930 and a Sony W810i. So far I like this phone the best...

The Best phone ever made


Mar 12, 2007 by nenita1218

Well after like running every store for a good cell i got upon this cell phone and quite frankly i like it. It has the best clear photo shots clear calls and i have signal where no other cell phones has signal. I have it with sprint which helps me because i live in Puerto Rico and here there is mountains everywhere which was suppose to be a bad reception but no it came out to be the best. Inside a rain-forest real deep in the mountains i have all the strength signal a cell phone has.

Its sleek
BEST reception
Black on Black design
LED design is real cool
Easy to navigate menu
Voice dial easy to manage
Voice memo perfect for anything important you want to call
Loud ringers
You can hear the person loud and clear
Voice sms perfect when u don't want to talk to a person
Pictures clear as a digital camera
Blue tooth Capacity

If u are trying to buy a good phone cheap or free this is your phone i guarantee it. You will not regret it

My A640


Jan 1, 2007 by arkansaschik

I've had my Samsung A640 through Sprint for almost 2 months now, it is a pretty good phone so far, well I have dropped the phone like almost 20 times but it still works good

Great clear camera

I love the blue outer screen

The menu settings

Well basically, the only con I have is that by the phone being so dark from when I dropped it you can see the scratches, but I am satisfied with my phone.



Oct 11, 2006 by protelbrown

Well all in all i am quite happy with this phone. I like the default menu. The black and orange makes it less strenuous on your eyes when using the phone at night.
I have only two complaints:

1: the speaker is a bit weaker than i'd like but it is clear.

2:The camera is a bit blurry at times. and no video, thats a bummer!

The sleek look and the external display are sweet. although its all blue LED you can still view the camera from it. i thought that was cool.

If you're looking for a phone that has form and function this is a good choice for sprint customers.

Very Good Little Phone....


Oct 1, 2006 by X-scale

I don't know why people include things such as "no flash with camera" or "no mp3" as CONS when reviewing phones that do not inlcude such things. It's like buying a Honda Civic and feeling that lack of a $3,000.00 Mark Levinson stereo is a "con". The A640 sports just what it was designed to include, and no more. And that it does very well. It has Bluetooth, Camera, Speakerphone and more. For the price it can't be beat. The features it does have work well, albeit not the greatest, but all the goodies do their job.


Neat looking package.
Lots of features.
Good Samsung quality.


External sub-display impossible to read in even low to moderate sunlight.
Speakerphone sometimes obnoxiously difficult to manipulate.

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