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Sep 4, 2006 by stlboy

Im only twelve i think this phone is awesome it has bluetooth. i cant wait to get the bluetooth headset.The phone has all of the options u want. GO BUY THIS PHONE.

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I like it


Aug 12, 2006 by whiskey7

I am happy with the a640.

+Good reception (I tested reception against other Sprint phones by entering a Sprint dead zone and checking the point at which they lose the call)

+Good call quality. Calls are very clear and natural sounding. Little to no interference or audio drop out. No noticeable degradation in sound in weaker signal areas. Sound is also clear for the person you're talking to. Earpiece volume is plenty loud. Service-wise, Sprint is absolutely the best for clear calls.

+Cool minimalist menu options (there are 3 options for menu style). Also, lots of other customizable options not on most phones.

+Battery life is average, but there is battery-save mode if needed (where the screen is dim and keypad doesn't light up)

+Screen is nice

+Phone looks great/sleek. It feels sturdy. Though, the glossy black plastic collects fingerprints.

+OLED external display is awesome. Only problem is it is unreadable in bright sunlight.

+Camera is better than average for a phone camera. I just wish you could send photos via Bluetooth (Sprint crippled the BT capabilities so you have to pay for their picture service to get pics to your computer)

+Speakerphone is so-so. There is actually an external speaker used for speakerphone. It is nice that you can have speakerphone on with the flip closed.

+Phone has two different charger inputs. The phone comes with a charger that has the long, flat plug. But the phone has a second charger input that accepts the simple male input that most other recent Sprint phones accept.

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Aug 16, 2006 by guessone

wicked phone, i miss my a680 though cuz it has some funny videos. but yeah the a640 is really nice and has all the features that a person would want.

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Oct 9, 2006 by ab30494

I haven't got this phone yet, but its on its way.

I seen mostly good reviews on it. it looks

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Still going strong


Nov 9, 2011 by TimeWeaver   updated May 6, 2013

Carrier: Sprint

The fetching Mrs. TimeWeaver and I both got this phone for our Sprint family plan in late November of 2006.

It is now November of 2011 and both phones are still going strong, working great. We don't need a data plan, not even texting, just the phone, and while we've considered updating to newer phones we just can't seem to justify it.
Both of our A640s still work as if they were brand new.

The only drawback is the inability to upload photos to our computers, which means we'll lose the pics when we finally do replace our phones.

Otherwise, even though it's discontinued and long gone, the A640 is really impressively good.

Update 5.6.13
About a year ago we finally updated our plan (Sprint family) to a data plan (Sprint everything) and got iPhones (4s), which we love.
The only reason we upgraded to a data plan and replaced our phones was for my work. Our Samsung A640s were still going strong, got good reception (Sprint, in Phoenix, AZ) and quite frankly worked great. Our only issue was that after five years our battery life was beginning to degrade, but only a little bit.
The fetching Mrs. Smith and I both still agree that our Samsung A640s were the best mobile phones we've owned to date.

Of course, we're really enjoying our iPhones, so ...


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Not A Good Buy


Dec 31, 2007 by WJ2003

Last year it was time for me to re-up on my plan, so I had the option of upgrading my phone. So I selected this particular phone, big mistake.

My biggest problem with this phone was when I closed it, it would shutdown by itself. I would close it and put it in my pocket, without knowing that it was turned off.

Nice sleek look
Not to many dropped calls

Powers itself down automatically
Reboots when it wants to
Limited to Sprint ring tones
Speaker phone not loud enough
Ring tones not loud enough
Camera is not the best

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Love it, kind of .......


Nov 10, 2007 by tyler002

Nice features
Easy to use
Battery life Great
Signal is amazing, with my old phone the NO memory card space
Sometimes it will shut off, I have no idea why, I close the phone after a call, (flip it closed) and when I go to check the time it is off.... Also sometimes it just turns off in my pocket, so that really sucks
I have only had this phone for around 3 weeks and it started from day 1 so, hopefully it won't get worse!!
Well I would suggest this phone, but try to get a warranty so if it turnes off on you then you can return it.
( On Virgin Mobile it does not come with a warranty) Well.. only 10 days

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No like this phone...


Sep 25, 2007 by brooklyn007

I, too was won over by the good looks and free price of this phone. However, there are a few annoying problems that have prompted me to be, after 6 months, looking for a new phone. (I wanted one earlier, but have been trying to stand this phone.)

*Pretty (nice blue on black outer display)
*Works normally
*Functional camera
*Nice Features (blue tooth, camera, calender, alarm, ready link, voice memo...)

*Battery life sucks
*Mysteriously turns off without warning (sometimes this is brought on by letting clamshell snap shut; I have to be oh so delicate with closing phone)
*Calculator only goes to hundredth's place on decimals (I think this may be common with Samsungs; I don't like it b/c math done on calculator is inaccurate, and I can't calculate mileage reimbursement)
*Ringer is not as loud as I would like it to be; I miss phone calls
*Clamshell falls open when phone is on belt clip or not completely vertical (I have an elastic hair band around it to keep it from opening)

I can't wait to have a Sanyo again. They are much better phones all around: very durable, loud, strong hinge, good calculator, etc. If none of my cons matter to you, then OK phone. But if you would be bothered by the cons, avoid this phone! You'll just end up getting a different one; save yourself the trouble.

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Great for a phone


Aug 24, 2007 by royalgem49

This is my third cell phone. When i got the a640 it was great. Then i moved now i get a lot of dropped calls in my new home. I have to move around in my home sometimes to get a good signal. The camera is not the best. The calls i get have a great clear sound. The speakerphone is not great but is ok. I love to be able to see who calls before opening the a640. The outside display is great. I like the sleek design. The battery only holds a charge for 2-3 days. If i use the a640 for 30 minutes to 1 1/2 hrs i need to charge it again. I had a nokia b4 the a640 i could use it for a week b4 needing to charge it. I have not used the BT or the RL. The phone book is one of the best. Never had a problem w/vm alerts me when i receive them. TM could be better. Don't use it much. Inside display is great can't change colors on it. Don't use it for the internet. Some of the ringers could be louder. If your looking for a great phone get this one.

Has a great design
Works great as a phone
Clear sound when using
Outside display is great
Great inside display
Voice mail is great
Speakphone is ok
VM is great

A lot of dropped calls
Camera could be better
Battery needs charged offen
TM could be better
Ringers could be louder

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Broken after two days.


Jun 21, 2007 by ilovejimmypage

This sucks, because I absolutely adore this phone. Everything else about it is perfect, but it's worth coming on here and talking about what's really going on. My keys are frozen for some reason and I didn't do anything to it. I close the phone and the inside screen light stays on, and is slowly draining the battery. Also the screen isn't frozen because the digital clock on the screen is constantly keeping up with time. There is nothing on the outside screen at all, and when I try to turn the phone off it reacts to nothing. When someone tries to call or text my phone, it has no reaction. I had it on the charger all night to avoid having it dead in the morning, but the charger being in did absolutely nothing, and it's close to being dead now. I emailed the company and the network, because I'm about to go to school and they don't even open until 9am. If anyone has any suggestions, or maybe if I did something stupid to lock my keys, I would really appreciate them getting back to me.

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