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Let Me Tell You


Jan 5, 2007 by lgdawg07

This phone is great for beginners, but if your not a amateur user you better upgrade. This phone's memory capability is very small. If your a download freak, as far as ring tones, games, etc., it doesn't have enough memory. Once you take one or two pictures you have to start deleting things. I just got the phone not even a month ago & I'm all ready to upgrade to a phone w/ expandable memory. It's a nice phone but the memory capacity stinks.

Good if you don't care about having a good phone.


Jan 3, 2007 by annalouise

I got this one as the "freebie" from Cingular. Frankly, my one before was such a piece of crap (some Sony-Ericsson clunky, overpriced dinosaur) that I was happy to get a phone that would dial through, let alone anything. But this phone is truly mediocre. 4 pictures, 1 custom ring tone, 10-20 texts and the memory is gone, down to kbs or so it says. Dropped calls constantly and I don't know if that's the service or what, but my dad has that problem with his older Nokia and my mom never does with her Sony.

Lousy, ugly menus to be predicted. Huge type in text messages was minimized but was not easy to figure out. Took me forever to put the darn thing in silent and you think that it would be as simple as turning the volume down. Speaking of which, crappy sound, can never hear anyone, and apparently I have the volume all the way up even with the phone pressed to my ear. Slow internet but not as slow as my old phone, so it has that working for it. Cache is a piece of crap. It never saves my logins and I have to clear it after 10 minutes just to USE my phone. Couldn't take a picture the other day because I had no memory. I wasn't used to using the "0" key for a space bar in texts.

Another problem I have is the battery and bar views. Really, the whole interface is ugly. It's just not an attractive phone, in my honest opinion.

Hey, Nokia, why load a phone up with so many features and give out a measly 4 mb? It's a joke. It really is. Even for a free phone, you're still paying up to $50. I'm trading this thing in for a BlackBerry Pearl. No matter what any die hard Nokia fan says, you're living in the dark ages with this thing. Go with Sony or Motorola or anything but this.

- Lightweight and small
- Relatively fast web browsing but it constantly reloads or times out
- Camera takes pretty good pictures...

- ...But again, I don't know why they load up on camera features, text, web, IM, and give you only 4MB. What's the point of having any of it?

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Nice phone, BUT


Dec 25, 2006 by jndnaps

Well I checked out this site before getting the Nokia 6102i and I should have listened to everyone here that complained about the ear piece. This phones ear piece is terrible!!!!!! I have the volume turned up as high as it goes and I just can't hear through it. I have to really press the ear piece up against my ear to hear good. The speaker phone works great when the battery is fully charged, But when the battery goes down a bar or two, It gets pretty week. Over all it's a nice phone, A little to small from what I'm used to.. My last phone was the Nokia 5165 Dinosaur, But it worked great and I had that one for like 6 or 7 years. I would have kept it but since Cingular is changing over their system, It just doesn't work as good.. So I went with the 6102i as an upgrade and what a lousy upgrade it was. My wife has the Nokia 6030 and it works great, But it's still a bit to small for me. So I'm sending my 6102i back and I'll have to settle for the 6030. Every Nokia phone I ever had was great except for this one. The ear piece on the 6030 is great on my wife's phone and I can hear the person she's talking to from the other room.. So I say if it's important for you all to be able to hear who you're talking to, Stay away from the 6102i..

It's an excellent PHONE


Nov 25, 2006 by jcrisano

I've had the pleasure of owning the 6102i for about a week now. I've toyed around with it and even read all the reviews on this site about this phone. I will start off by saying yes the menus options are horrid. There deep and just annoying. I've read aboutr the camera issue. Originally I thought that would be a problem but there are two ways around it. One is hold the single right button on the side and that activates the camera, wheather the flip is closed or not so you casn take self pics. Two, if you dont feel like holding the side button you can tune the right soft key to activate the camera anytime you press it. You can do that by doing the following, Menu - settings - my shortcuts- right key selection- camera and your done.Next is the predective text option...personally I HATE THIS FEATURE ON ANY PHONE! If it doesn't work disable it. Thats what I did

Next is the LACK OF MEMORY. I have to agree the internal memory could of been better but if I wanted a MP3 Player, slicer, dicer, and all other gadgets then I would of brought another phone and watch the battery life drain rapidly.

The FM radio's ability to play ONLY WHEN THERES A ATTATCHMENT PUT ON IS ANNOYING. You cant use the radio's speaker capabilities unless you buy the headset for it or use your ear piece.

Clearing text messages after sending them so you can send another one has always been a part of Nokia's and am used to it since I live on Nokia's

Setting ringtones for callers is a little tricky but i figured it out. You have to create a group in your phone book and then add people into that group. The group can actually have it's own ring tones but not individual people.

The speaker phone is impressive.
The bluetooth ability is good to have available.
Long battery life.
Earpiece could be a little better necause if it moves away from your ear you cant hear the pers at all. All in all this phone is awesome. It has quarks and annoyances but all phones can be annoying.

Great Phone!


Nov 24, 2006 by dwebb

I got tired of waiting for the 6126, and Cingular had raised my monthly rate because of my old phone. This Nokia 6102i replaced my 4 year old Nokia.

I have not been disappointed in any way with the 6102i. I've read all the pros and cons, and haven't had any of the problems that others have reported--maybe I just got lucky.

Excellent reception and voice clarity--my number one priorities.
Volume is good and loud. I've had no problem hearing the other person. I don't have to "position" it in any special way on my ear. I did activate the 'automatic volume control.' It was okay before I did it, though.
Loudspeaker is loud and clear.
Backlit keypad and screen are excellent.
Menus are easy to navigate.
Camera is okay, but I use a real camera when I want good pictures.
Loud ringer.
Great battery life.
Great design, look and feel. Feels very sturdy in my hand--nothing flimsy about it.

I've used this phone over a month and have not found anything wrong with it. I don't feel like Cingular should have raised my rate because of my aged phone, but I'm really happy to have this new one. It's fun!

An Excellent Phone!


Nov 8, 2006 by HemiVic

I just picked up the Nokia 6103 from T-Mobile after having the non-Bluetooth (6101) version with Cingular for just a little over a year. I really love the BlueTooth upgrade which is very convenient! I love the simplicity of this phone! Great reception, good camera, solid construction, and just the perfect phone for the common man like me! If your looking for a great phone with Blue Tooth than I highly recommend the Nokia 6103!



Oct 19, 2006 by iwirelessREP

Ok, the last guy that left a message/review is retarded. First off, dropped calls come from the NETWORK not the phone. Nokia's are known for their ability to get better reception. They do, some networks are better with Nokia's some aren't, but they are still one of the top dogs on reception. And the whole deal about having to delete the text message. Here's what Nokia's do, and they've ALWAYS DONE that, so you should have done some research. Nokia's text message is set up so that it doesn't erase your text message after you send it or before you send it. This is a great feature. Because when I'm texting someone and I accidentally hit the "END" key, it's still there when I go back to it right where I left off. Also, if I get a phone call and have to answer it, and accidentally back out of the text, it's still there. And, if I text someone, and they don't text me back for a while, and I forget what we were talking about, it's there. If you don't like it, you can push two buttons to clear the text. Open up the text message and push "Options" then "Clear Text"...WOW HOW EASY! Nokia's MENU has always been convenient. If you are switching from one phone, NOT A NOKIA, over to a Nokia, than you will probably not like the MENU. It takes some getting used to, but I sell cell phones for a living and NOKIA'S are the easiest phone to get used to and the best for text messaging and reception. Do yourself a favor, stop blaming the phone for dropped calls. You said so yourself you had full reception. That's the networks problem. Maybe you should switch carriers.

Nokia 6102i great phone


Oct 11, 2006 by treb312

I've had this phone a couple months and having several Nokias before this, I am not dissapointed. Nokias are very reliable (I've never had to replace one)and the menus are easy to navigate once you get used to them. I really like the go-to shortcut key where you can put frequently used items. My wife just got an LG and it doesn't have this feature. The flip phone is nice since you don't have to hit a key to hang up, just close the phone.

-Good looking phone, well made.
-Great screen and many features.
-web browsing is faster than previous phone.
-has bluetooth

-Your ear must be right on the speaker hole to hear well.
-speakerphone is not as loud as my last Nokia, it is behind the screen when phone is open. They should put a speaker port on the inside of the phone too, just below the screen.
-you have to order separate multimedia package (from Cingular) in order to send pictures, audio.

If You use your phone alot, this phone is not for you


Oct 8, 2006 by jfrehs

I owned 5 of these phones if 3 weeks. I had 2 that were red and 3 that were black. All the same. If you are some what "hard" on your phones, need memory in your phone, or just simply rely on your phone, this is not for you. Heres my breakdown.
Looks good.
It's Nokia.
It's a mid range Nokia that plays MP3.

Horrible Memory.
"Rubberized" paint chips off within days.
Feels cheap.
Screen goes out.
Dropped calls(only phone i dropped calls with out of 43 phones).
Screen freezes.
Numerous software issues.
3 MP3 Ring-tones and 2 pics and your memory is done.

Total Disappointment


Oct 1, 2006 by jackcicely

No memory, hard to use menu options, cheap exterior, hinge is flimsy, I can't even take pictures anymore because I have 5 ring tones and a game, do not purchase this phone, the samsungs T-mobile are the best!!!

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