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Very Satisfied!


Jan 8, 2008 by rejoicefulone

I have had this phone for about a year now with at&t(Cingular). I have been very satisfied with the performance of this phone. It may not have all of the bells and whistles, but it gets the calls made. I know it is no longer carried, but I would reccomend Nokia to everyone!

Great signal strength (Never dropped a call)
Easy to use
FM radio (gets better reception than my car)
Voice Dialing
Volume is sufficient
Customizable ring settings
Durable (I have dropped it over a dozen times)
Low memory (3 ringtones is all it will hold)

Great Phone, Minor Faults, but Worth It!


Jan 5, 2008 by alanalee2005

I had the 6102i for years! It's great!

~Product of Nokia = signal EVERYWHERE!!
~Crisp, clear display screen
~Great color graphics
~Incredibly easy navigation
~Ability to personalize pretty much everything, from color of fonts used to screensavers and wallpapers for both main and mini screens
~Easily accessed bluetooth operations- simply on or off (though bluetooth not offered in all 6102's)
~Camera takes great pictures, even a night setting
~Audio recording and messages - nice & loud
~Sturdy enough to be dropped/fall many times and not cause harm (great plus!)
~Loud volume, hard vibration of ringtones (always can hear/feel when someone is calling)
~Small but not too small
~Quickly charged

~Sound - The ringing & recording was great, but the volume never seemd loud enough on either ends of the phone during phone calls. I found that speakerphone helped me hear others in loud places. No place for earbuds.
~Memory - Never enough memory! This is really the phone's biggest con. You could never have many ringtones AND graphics, but had to choose which one was worth it to you. Still, it's not unbearable. I've had as many as 40-60 pics of various sizes and still have a few good ringtones
~Camera did not have any special effects (sepia, black n white, etc.) and you could only zoom after taking pics, and my cam only had 2 resolution settings, a really big or really little (had 3 diff quality settings, tho)
~Video quality made everything look gray'ish, but the sound was nice and loud
~Keys not raised enough to provide good differentiation among them (easy to get used to, tho)

In conclusion, this phone is one to get if you're the type who desires a little bit of technology from the new and good qualities from the old. It's the perfect clash of two different days... but not the phone to get if you're desiring great memory or super sound.

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No thank you...


Dec 31, 2007 by smartidella

Not feeling this phone at all. First of all very limited options on the wallpaper, and the way the menu shows up...I would have liked to been able to change that. Going through the menu was awkward as well. I think that was my main malfunction with the phone is the navigation. As far as quality..the reception is good, the speaker phone is good and the camera is decent...but just functionality with navigation is horrid.

Don't buy Nokia


Dec 3, 2007 by kristie monroe

This phone is the worst. First of all, the memory stinks. It can not hold many pics or ringtones. Every other phone I have used has been much better in this area.
Second, the camera does not give you the zoom option until AFTER you take the picture. That must have been a slight overlook on someone's part.
And the most important reason not to purchase this phone is NOKIA DOES NOT HONOR THEIR WARRENTY.
I sent this phone in for repair under warrenty and it was sent back to me as denied. The reason was moisture damage. However, my indicator sticker is still white. Nokia told me that I could have used the phone on a humid day. Holy cow, I live in St. Louis, what day is not humid???? Their customer service department was rude, unknowledgable and frankly I would rather call a service line in the Phillipians!

Very big disappointment


Jul 5, 2007 by olduffer45

Selected this phone based on NOKIA's past reviews and reputation. But have come to discover just how very wrong I was.

This phone is, in my opinion, junk! I have had mine less than one year and things just keep going wrong with it and breaking.
I have had to replace it now three times because of defects and not I'm a heavy phone user at all. Mostly it stays in my pocket in an off mode.
This phone has been a total waste of an adventure for me and I personally think of it as junk!
Best advisement buy this one!

I didnt like it at all


Jun 19, 2007 by SK90

I didn't like this phone at all

No pros

Very little memory
starts deleting voice mails even the ones you saved
The cover easily chips
Low Battery Life
Headset difficult to put in

6102i summary


Jun 15, 2007 by relloaski

this phone is very easy to break and pieces of its plastic shell often start to break really easily. its does however allow you to listen to the radio straight through the phone with the necessary headphones in order to listen to it though

Wonderful Phone!!!!


May 26, 2007 by B.Tuss

This is a great phone!! It gets great signal at my home (which is in the middle of nowhere).
1. Great Signal
2. Easy to use
3. Go To Menu
4. Loud ringer
5. Bluetooth
1. Bad Battery Life
2. Low speaker volume at the highest setting
3. Little Memory

Overall this is a great phone when it is used as a phone and not a computer/ringtone exchanger all of the time. Nokia has done a very good job and Cingular has been smart to sell this phone.

Almost What I Needed


May 20, 2007 by tzsm98

This was my first handset. Let me go over the strong points of this unit.
1- It is small and light.
2- It has excellent battery life.
3- The back-lit keys are easy to use even for my largish fingers.
4- Interior display is bright enough for all interiors.
5- Call quality is excellent (T-Mobile®/Oklahoma City)
6- User interface is easy to navigate.
7- It has a camera and shoots video.
8- It is 850 MHz band capable. This allows use of the phone in the hinterlands of Oklahoma.
9- Bluetooth®, pop-port™ and IrDA features allow connectivity.
10 - It has an exterior screen.

The poor points:
1- There is a distortion from the lens. Straight lines are curved.
2- There is minimal user memory available. It is not expandable.
3- Too small case bumpers lead to unavoidable damage to the interior LCD screen from keyboard - screen interference.
4- T-Mobile® firmware limits Internet access.
5- Screen is next to invisible in most outdoor settings.

I used this camera for about a month before having it flashed, unlocked and decustomised (v.4.90). The good points are still good, the poor points, except for the Internet access issue, remain. Flashing has actually helped the battery life.

Would I recommend this handset to another person? Yes! I bought one for my son as an upgrade from his most ancient Nokia® 3390. We've commonized our charger and battery use. With a DT-14 battery charging stand allowing us to keep a couple of extra batteries fully juiced we can always leave the house with a fresh charge in the morning. Good battery life is one of the strong points of this phone. He is a teenager so his battery requires a daily change, mine usually lasts two days.

The Bluetooth® and pop-port™ connections make use of the Nokia® PC Suite very simple. The IrDA allows my son and me to quickly transfer information between the phones. How cool is that?

Overall, it was a good first phone.

6102i can't hear callers


May 19, 2007 by cassie

I've always had LG phones in the past, but decided to go with a Nokia due to the USB port feature.

I recently got the Nokia 6102i and had problems with the sound going very low during calls. So low, that I could barely hear what the caller was saying.

I returned the phone and got a replacement. The replacement 6102i DID THE SAME THING.

Just returned that one, ordered an LG phone...

What is the point of having a cell phone if you can't hear your callers? (And yes, the earphone volume was turned all the way to the max on both phones.)

Been searching the net and found others with same problem....

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