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Great basic phone with some extras


Dec 31, 2009 by hepresearch

My brother gave me this old phone, and I tried it out for a couple of months. This T-Mobile Nokia 6103 was a nice looking little phone, although the stub antenna was a little annoying. I liked the full color outer display alot, and the FM radio feature was nice, first time I had ever had that feature in a phone. The signal strength in the Lancaster County, PA, area was excellent, though in York County, PA, the signal was poor at my parents' house. I ended up passing this phone on to a family friend, who as far as I know, is still using it to this day.

- great signal strength, will pull in signal even in most weak areas
- will make calls on no bars, as long as the operator logo is visible
- outer display is full color, and relatively large
- battery life is fantastic, needed charging once every three to four days

- FM radio requires a wired Nokia headset to be plugged in
- the hinge seemed a little on the flimsy side, but then again my brother had already used it for two years

Overall, this phone is another example of Nokia's legendary signal-pulling, battery-sipping, abuse-taking phone designs. Great show again by Nokia!

Nokia 6102i/6103


Feb 9, 2007 by Mich

As a Cingular agent, there is not a better standard phone on the market than the 6102i. TN is a bumpy, hilly place; an engineer's nightmare. This makes reception a top notch obstacle. Obviously, in areas like ours the very best reception phone is needed and that's where u will find the Nokias'-at the top of the list. Cingular will not confirm this but their engineers test and rate them best to worst. After speaking with the engineer over my area, I found what I had experienced was backed up by the group-Nokias' were ALWAYS at the top for the best possible reception. Also, when I would attend Cingular meetings that included the engineering group, I always notice Nokias are the phone of choice. Even back in the day when there was no "Flip" style Nokia.
I refused to carry Ericsson and then Sony Ericsson in my store and my Customer Satisfaction went way up.
Now, that is not to say that every person I sold a Nokia to loved the setup, feel or general look of the phone. BUT u must come to a simple decision: Do u want a phone that doesn't knock your socks off in style or features but will make a call more times than the others, OR do u want a really pretty, very fancy, Doorstop???!!! How good is that Sony that plays MP3's all day long but when u need to make that all important call it says "No Service"??? My business depends on my honesty b/c I live where I sell and it's a VERY small town.
Just b/c Nokia is the strongest doesn't mean it's the easiest to use. First, make sure u change the main menu to WORDS, not Pics.->Menu>Menu Options- This makes navigating much easier. Also, this phone is shipped with the EAR volume VERY LOW. U can ONLY TURN THIS UP WHILE IN A CALL. So, call your house and ANSWER. While the minutes are ticking, press the UP key on the left side of the phone. This will raise the volume to an audible level.
In store u can talk to a good rep who will help u with your phone-look til u find one and buy there. Loyalty still counts for something!!

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Very Disappointing


Jun 13, 2006 by daddu18039

I purchased 2 Nokia 6102i at a Cingular store on June 10 and returned them both 2 days later. Unless you are in a very quite enviorment the ear-piece volume will be to low for you. We tried all the different settings but nothing helped. This was a problem for the older model of this phone also. We were also disappointed with the speakerphone and ringer volumes. Surprisingly the signal strength was not as good as I would have expected from a Nokia.
The inside display was very bright and clear and other caller herd us very well. The phone had a nice feel but did not seem very sturdy. In fact the antenna cover came off of one of the phones. Overall we were very disappointed, we expected a lot more from a Nokia.



Jun 8, 2006 by Steffanie0407

I am so in love with my new Nokia 6102i. I have had it for a little over two weeks and it is a fabulous phone.

Blueooth, you can send ringtones (that are unlocked) pictures, and almost anything through blue tooth

How the phone is set up is extremly easy and dependable

Changing the size of the text when sending a text message, and it has a message counter so you know how many messages you sent.

Great overall quality

Not enough memory, I have purchased 2 ringtones and I have three that I have gotten from a friend through bluetooth and taken 1 picture and I only have 1 Mb LEFT. Which stinks!

The volume in the speaker is not as loud as my last Kyocera phone

Speaker phone could be a LITTLE louder and it is in a weird place not at the top or bottom, but in the middle when the phone is opened.

All in all I love the phone it is a great product of the fabulous NoKiA!

fair but...


Mar 11, 2009 by j man

pros: durable and long-lasting
great battery life
cons: glitch with ringer volume
quiet- hard to hear who you're taling to
few features

Reception left to be desired


Aug 15, 2008 by bcram11

I've owned the Nokia 6103b for over a year now. It came as the free phone when I signed up. Short version: buy a better phone when you sign up. I live in a rural area in the Midwest. My reception is horrible. I can be standing outside at times an only have 1-2 bars of signal. Dropped calls are not rare either. Outside of the reception ability of this phone, I'm otherwise satisfied.

Battery life and volume are good. Speaker phone is great, you can actually use the speaker phone when the flip is closed. I'm one of those people who use the phone for phone calls only and no texting, internet, photos, etc. For a basic phone call using phone there are enough features.

Just be aware if you get this phone and live in a more rural area you have a case of the "what?!? I can't hear you!"

Stay Away


Jul 12, 2008 by prcupay60

I have had two of these phones in the last two years. The first one I got replaced under warrenty because I couldn't read the screen or the letters on the buttons any longer. When the phone is closed it rubs. After a couple weeks the second phone was already starting to have marks. When I called about this on the first phone, T-mobile said that "that is a known problem and we will replace the phone" THEY SENT THE SAME MODEL. But was stuck in a two year contract (that won't happen again)
After about three months the volume control stopped working. My son was able to take the phone apart and set the volume at a decent level and then we just left the botton off and covered the hole with tape.
Have had some problems with weak signal and dropped calls.

Overall good phone


Jun 18, 2008 by Evan Glueck


Great battery life
Sound quality and consistency
Layout good - placement of menus, etc - easy to manuever


Cheap plastic casing
Very basic camera - e.g. no zoom

Evan Glueck



Mar 13, 2008 by tenevolence

Bad phone, I am a repair tech for AT&T and this one is a miss. NOKIA is usually known for quality phones when it comes to sound, picture resolution, and signal. This phone has all those problems. Of all the phones I repair on a regular basis it's these and razrs. The components are weak and come detached very easily, especially the volume button (which sticks out enough for you to accidentally break it off main board) and the charger port. If you are looking for a NOKIA get the 6126, I have it, they corrected most errors in it.

Nokia 6103


Jan 18, 2008 by therealdeal66

1. Low Volume on earpiece - this seems to be a problem is some Nokia phones.

2. Very little memory 4.2MB internal doesn't allow you to download much at all.

3. Camera is getting a bit dated with 640x480 but it still works pretty well.


1. Still has the old style voice dial which you can program with your own voice!!! At least it can recognize the names programed.

2. Bluetooth works well, allows easy sync with outlook and your computer as well as voice dialing - Pairs easily.

This phone really packs in the options for a good price. In comparison to the new phones that are out by Nokia you will spend much more for similar handsets.

If your service provider is adequate in your area this phone performs very well, gets very good signal strength, has nice Internet browsing options and really does the job.

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