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Just returned it...


Jul 7, 2006 by Donna33322

This is not the Nokia that I know...

good size, easy to read display (although my front display had a defect)
navigation is very customizable

difficult to hear caller
small buttons, bad lighting on keypad
Slow to change screens
Limited built in rings, wallpaper

I'll keep looking but for now I went back to my 3220. It really is a good little phone. Just wish it was bluetooth.

Very Different from the 6101


May 8, 2006 by mauizenman

Just got the 6103 and am impressed with the things that Nokia fixed from the 6101: earpiece volume excellent, faster menus and a rubberized finish to grip the phone. I actually like the stub antenna since it gives you something to grab on to. Menus grids are a little bit different too.
Battery life is great and what I like about Nokia is that you have more than just 3 bars to let you know where you charge is.Good solid phone.

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6102i-Not at all as good as I expected


Sep 16, 2006 by afblue

I have a 6102i with Cingular in Arizona. It replaced an LG C2000. I figured the 6102i would give me all the benefits I've heard so much about-excellent signal, enhanced features and the reliability that Nokia is raved about.

My experience was less than impressive. I heard a lot about deep menus, hard to figure out how to access features such as the camera and the annoying fact that you have to erase text messages. I didn't think it would be a big deal. Turns out it is, or at least I agree with those previous opinions. You have to go through a ridiculous amount of menus and selections just to send a text message. God help you if you want to use your camera and then MMS a picture or video. The predictive text and hard to figure out way messaging is set up is just a huge pain-not at all easy for the technologically challenged, or even those who know their way around. It's just a huge pain, it really is a difficult phone to use. To sum that up-the phone is not "User Friendly" because of so many deep menus and excessive button pressing just to do one thing. I also got much better service with my LG, surprisingly. This phone froze up on me three times the first day I used it, once a day since then and it drops calls quite frequently.

Fast web service
Loud and clear speakerphone
Excellent call clarity, zero static

Difficult to access features, especially camera-no shortcut camera buttons
Have to erase text messages after you send them, no matter what
Gets a signal almost everywhere, however it drops calls surprisingly
Freezes up without notice-even during a call
Mute is menu-driven, no shortcut

I put it side by side with my wife's new little tiny Pantech and it won over the 6102i hands-down. If it weren't too small for my hands, that would be my phone of choice. What a surprise that my VERY broken LG STILL outperforms my new 6102i...which is going to be traded in for a Sony W300i or maybe a Razr. This phone is just not worth the hassle.

Nokia 6103 w/ Rogers


Aug 28, 2007 by pc_loadletter

Good phone decent reception. I traded this phone up to a 6682 and i personally prefer the new one.

6101 you have competition


May 13, 2006 by ZHIAN6310

Solid, looks better and feels better, used it all day and talked for three hours none stop with the Bluetooth on, did very well, any one that wants a Nokia flip phone for a good price this is the phone, I will use it for another week and let you know if anything different. I hoped the menu was a little bigger

6102 i...6102 i love!


Sep 2, 2006 by sugarkisses8735

I've only had it for one day, But i've had man phones before this, so i can figure stuff out pretty fast. I LOVE THIS PHONE!!
style, black and white silver, clam shell can close and take a pic.
can close it with speaker phone.
can change outer display.
can edit pics ON PHONE.
camera (VGA 640-480)
FM radio (kinda..)
voice recorder
T9 texting (must have)
i have cingular, and i live out in the middle of NO WHERE. it takes 45 minutes to get to a mall. but the reception is wonderfull.

speaker phone isnt that loud
voice recorder skips but just a little
video is kinda lame, but he, ITS A PHONE!!
phone is a litle thick.

all in all its amazing.
im paranoid now im going to drop it.

nice phone for cost


Jul 27, 2006 by smith2306

this is a great phone for the price a bluetooth flip phone from nokia with great reception i travel at my job so i need good reception.

pros: great reception, bluetooth, design, radio, camera video, and other good stuff:)

cons: could possibly use a bit more memory

Sad excuse for a Nokia


Jun 20, 2006 by twoclones

This phone might work in the city but it is a paperweight in urban areas! Signal strength is simiply terrible compared to the Nokia brick phone I retired. Sound quality is very poor as well and if you hold it wrong, voice calls sound like bees buzzing.

The bluetooth worked quite well as did the Nokia PC Suite [FREE as compared to Motorola's $30 phone tools] Text message Reply feature works on only one of my 6012i phones :-(

I have arranged to return this phone after less than a week of use and ordered a Nokia 6682. It's costing me $200 more to get a quality phone! How sad is that?

Love this phone!


Jun 10, 2006 by TexasBooBear

I have had this phone for a little over a week now and LOVE it! I had originally gotten the 6101 but received a defective phone and ended up upgrading to this one and am glad I did! This phone is worth the time and money! Nokia once again provides durability and signal strength that I have come to count on! Lets just say my BF has one of those flat phones and I have every feature he has with out the problems (I can see my screen outside and I can use my phone inside where we have a very low signal no matter what!) plus I have the radio feature he doesn't!

Pros: everything from signal strength, external color screen, to the radio and blue tooth. I'm having a great time customizing it as well!

Cons: Have to have a headset plugged in to use the radio and I can't seem to see the images that I set for individual caller ID's in my phone book other than that I can't seem to find any cons at all!

Can the Nokia 6102i be "The One"???


Jun 8, 2006 by FETNU

After being a devoted fan of Nokia phones, I decided to stray with my last phone and purchased the Motorola V400. It was a great flip phone with a ton of great features that Nokia could never come close to touching. So, after falling in love with that phone, my new phone had some pretty big shoes to fill... that's when I saw her, the Nokia 6102i. She was small and thin with a sleek, black and gray, clamshell design. Her little stub antenna, built in camera and video recorder, speaker phone, FM radio, Bluetooth technology and front external display were only some of the features that first grabbed my eye. Could this be "The One" to steal my heart???

See my complete review here:

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