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May not be an Ipod, But can an ipod make calls!!


Mar 1, 2006 by hotjjpcool

Bought this phone two days ago for $300.00!!
Best phone i ever owned!! Can not think of one bad think to say!! I download 2 1/2 hours worth of music and much more room to go!! Speakers are great!! Can use the phone on a plane while traveling ( Go to plane mode. ) Lots of talk time!! No dropped calls so far!! Phone color, shape and size, PERFECT!!! VERY SLICK!! You will be noticed by talking on this baby and believe me if at a party, turn your phone / tunes on, you will be the center of attention!! This may not be an Ipod and hold as much songs but than again lets see someone use the Ipod to make a Phone call!!
A++ in my book!!

Beautiful Phone!


Feb 12, 2006 by shie0023

I bought this phone off Ebay 3 days ago and received it today! I slipped my SIM card in and everything is rockin-n-rollin! I-Tune works, the phone works, everything works!

Now, I'm not a cell phone guru and know all the stats for this phone, but for a normal "joe-schmo" user, this phone is just a piece of art!

I also have a 512 MB transflash card installed and lets just say, I now have a MP3 IPOD! If you like Razr V3, then this is the one to get! It's not released in the US yet, but the Singapore lots from Ebay are just as good. Like I said, I am a Cingular customer and I just slipped my SIM in and I'm good to go.

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Razr V3i


Sep 15, 2006 by Versed

I needed a smaller and thinner phone, so I opted for v3i, I found it simple to use, worked easily with itunes on my mac. even the speaker with music seemed loud and clear.

OK, I'd like it if itunes would be greater then 100 tracks, but thats an Apple issue.

Worst Phone in Production


Jan 14, 2007 by xspeed9190

I have worked in the cellular industry for seven years. This has to be the worst phone ever made. It is all hype and advertising. I remember a few years ago when the phone first came out I thought it looked cool but saw it had no features. When the phone came out and was $500+ it was great there where no problems or recalls. Ever since it has dropped below $300 the quality has gone down hill. Its just funny watching people walk into my store and go right to the razr. I just want everyone to realize moto is not the same company from 10 years ago that made the star tac. They dont worry about quality , just revinue. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PHONE.

Simply Amazing, Great Upgrade From V3


Oct 7, 2006 by AgentSteffen

So i recently purchased this phone from MyWorldPhone.com, for about $250 with tax. this phone has been wonderful to me for the past month ive had it.

Ease Of Use
Speaker Phone

When i hook it up to the PC it always wants to auto open itunes instead of letting me open my P2K software.

Basically i use my employee sim through Dobson Cellular and i have great reception and have never dealt with dropped calls. if you know how to customize via PC this phone is the MOST capable phone of personalization and customization. i would reccomend this phone 100%.

Worst Phone I Ever Bought


Jul 12, 2006 by wandering_ascetic

Poor picture quality.
Sub-average to average reception.
Difficult to use controls.
Calendar is hard to use and holds little
Battery life is 1-1 1/2 days.
Speakerphone is fuzzy, poor sound quality.
Limited number entries per person.

Difficult to do, but controls can be
personalized a great deal.
Speakerphone is loud.

Overall, hate using this overpriced phone. Buy something else.

Most returned and complained about phone


Jun 29, 2006 by JB123

The only nice part of the phone is the size and the speaker quality. The phones battery is horrible, the reception is very bismal. They are very fragile and easy to scratch as most cell phones are especially flips. itunes sound limit they should allow expansion memory for this phone.

Pros - good design with good intentions
- size and color
Cons - Battery life
- fragile
- poor sound quality unless on speaker
- itunes song limit

p.s. i work for a cell store and i have never seen as many phones baught and returned within the month. They are by far the worst cell phone Motorola has produced.

ton's of on going headaches


Apr 22, 2006 by rmad2502

I purchased my V3I (new, unlocked) on the net about three weeks ago, I have nothing but headaches since, yes it a beautiful phone but after that it’s been nothing but bad news.

1) The biggest problem has happened many times. I go to answers a call and the phone hangs or locks up, the screen goes completely white, forcing me to either close the flip top or turn the phone on and off. The caller gets dumped into voice mail.

2) The phone has lost my customization setting three or four times, Can’t see any reason for this to happen and it’s never happen on any other phonei have ever had. So all the various setting for volume, ringer type, alarms, etc all get lost and have to be re entered.

3) I had heard how antiquated the software is, so I shouldn’t be so upset, but Motorola software is so far behind other MFG in all regards, ease of use, number of options, flow of logic, customization capability, etc

4) As for the using the phone to connect to the net, I did get it to work with help of some people who have reviewed this phone on this site…thanks. But for some unknown reason that has stopped working as of late.

5) The other annoying problem is I get text messages from the Cingular system, most of the time I discount from my voice mail session. Never got this on Cingular with my last two phones and can’t get a fix from them at this point, not sure where the problem is coming from, but it looks like it’s the phone somehow.

This phone needs some updated software to fix many of these bugs. It’s back to Samsung for me! The only thing I will miss will be the actually quality and looks of the phone, but at least I won’t keep missing my calls. I was quite shocked at how many problems I have had.

Loving it more day by day.


Apr 10, 2006 by starwind

I've had this Gem for about two months now and after some hacking at home, I love! I was a bit frustrated with the earpiece volume, but I fixed that with a little gain table tweaking and now it's to my liking. The display is beautiful, better than the V3 in my opinion. I was also able to boost the itunes song limit from 50 to 100. The camera is 1.23 MP, but the quality is lacking. Wish it was equipped with edge,GPRS is kind of slow.Reception is top-notch.Other than taking the time to make some minor adjustments, I think this phone is perfect!



Apr 3, 2006 by south3jersey

this is a gimmick phone, plain and simple. it comes with no features at all. save the two hundred or so dollars and buy a phone that isn't as slower than a snail. the only reason that anyone would ever even consider buying this phone is because its small. but, it is so "sleek" that the button on the onside are hard to press in and even harder to use by feel alone.(which any good cell phone user should be able to do)

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