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Gorgeous, gorgeous phone - still staring at at it after 3 weeks


Mar 14, 2006 by jeffreyfullyloaded

I'm 17 and have been an owner of this phone for like 20 days. Bought it for about RM1400 (about US$380).

Design, Build : This is obvious, but I still wanna say that this phone is soooooo beautiful lol. the only problem here is that the volume and camera keys are on the screen part of the phone. The screen is just amazing - huge and really bright. It'd be great if this phone had external keys to control iTunes but then i guess the phone wouldnt look that great anymore lol.

Volume : When yr playing songs thru the speaker or earphones, they sound totally GREAT. But when yr on a call, the volume is a little bit too low. I can hear just fine but it's gonna be a problem for some ppl. The speakerphone isn't great, just OK.

Battery life : On average use, it'd last about 2 n a 1/2 days but if u toy with it a lot -taking lots of pics n listening to music, it'll last like 1 n 1/2 day.

Ringtones : When you assign a ringtone to someone, it will ring for both calls n texts, so u never know if it's a call or an SMS till u look at the display. That's a little bit troublesome. (And pics stored in mem card cant be used as caller id for contacts in phone mem so u gotta move them)

iTunes : I didnt expect iTunes so it's really something totally cool to have. the bad is the horrid 50-song limit. Argh!! song transfer is SLOW but it's OK cause i love iTunes lol.

Camera : Camera is decent. Not the best but better than most. Would be better if it had flash :D

Extras : I miss da little extras like a stopwatch, world time etc. The phone comes bundled with everything!! Earphones, 256MB transflash, Moto Phone Tools, wristlet, sponge thingy to clean the screen, iTunes cd, USB cable. But i cant send or receive MMS though.

Some ppl have mistaken my phone for the old Razr so if u really wanna stand out, get the SLVR. This phone has some flaws and for its price, there r better phones but I'd still stick with this cuz IMO, this is the perfect combination of form n function!

v3i is perfect for tmobile!!!!!


Jul 24, 2006 by liandrajade

I'm a T-mobile master dealer in nyc...and let me say that the v3i has to be the best phone i have ever used with my tmobile service....


The reception is beautiful, the sound quality of the speaker when listening to itunes is perfect.....

the camera was slightly less than perfect but then again you have to adjust the settings the 1st time you use it...the bluetooth syncs fast...

overall since i have had bad experiences with unlocked phones this was a complete surprise that everything worked perfectly with tmobile service.....i downloaded tetris from the tmobile website directly and had them re-send ringtones i had paid for with my original razr....picture and video messaging works perfectly....text messaging...perfectly...it's like this isnt even an unlocked phone....

it was very easy to configure to tmobile service, all you have to do is go to this link:http://tmobileus.wdsglobal.com/phonefirst

follow the instructions and install the browser settings and away you go!!!!

you can set up tzones and picture and video messaging as well and this works for any unlocked gsm phone that you are using for tmobile....

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Not bad,\....buttt


Sep 8, 2006 by big88twin

First off I had to get a new phone because I had lost my beloved Nokia 6230. Cingular seems to be phone challenged so I settled on the SLVR L7. However I wasn't totally impressed so I returned it for the new V3i. I liked the larger screen and the way it felt in my hand, and it seemed to be an OK phone. However, I discovered that the blue-tooth was very difficult to pair, the smart button was way to easy to fat finger when opening the phone putting it into camera mode, but the biggest issue I had which caused me to return the phone was the screen. Turning the screen slightly to the right cause it to wash out, and turning it slightly to the left caused it to darken. Cingular tried to say it was normal for an LCD screen, but none of the other phones including the SLVR L7 did it just the V3i. I decided to take back my SLVR L7.

Speaker phone
Large screen
Easy to hold and operate
Flip Phone

Screen washing out
Smart button on side
Hard to hot swap SD card
No extended battery option

I wish cingular would reconsider the N phones by Nokia.

I give it a 2 thumbs up. v(^.^)v


Aug 25, 2006 by KrnGuy000

The RZR V3i has a clear display and beautiful sound quality. It has bluetooth and other interesting things other low quality phones don't have. That's how you know this phone is pretty good. The 1.3 mp camera isn't as clear as the Samsung SGH-T809 from T-mobile but it's the next best thing. The number keys are the same as the other RZR's and a number of my friends have this phone. This ultra thin phone is great and I would recommend this phone to everyone.

Razr v3i


Aug 22, 2006 by cellmahem

I lve the razr phones and the more they put into the better. It seems like they just keep cramming features into these things!

I just got the Gold Dulce & Gabanna razr and love his phone gets all the looks, take a look at it http://www.mybesbuyonweb.com

I paid $419 for the phone but comparable to the v3x, v3m, and so forth I am happy with what I got!

nice pone


Apr 28, 2006 by viafire

One of the coolest phones out there with it's super thin sleak design. The new Razr v3i delivers the same great design, but now with iTunes, making it that much better. The speakerphone is very clear, and the 1.2 megapixel camera comes in very handy. One of the best things it has going for it is that Motorola is the leader in bluetooth headsets and syncing it is simple. The only draw back with this phone is that because it's in such high demand that it's expensive. But I got mine for free, just copy and paste this link into your address bar and check out the site: phones.freepay.com/?r=29711800



Aug 10, 2006 by linda_hadley

This is my 5th phone from Cingular in 5 months. The first three were the same phone and all stopped working shortly after receipt. The V3 is great!! Love the sleekness and the fact that my ear and mouth are where they should be on a phone. It also works in my home, which is a first because I've never been able to receive or make calls on a cell phone when I'm inside my house. It also has good voice and hearing clarity. My kids were always complaining they couldn't hear me on my other cell phones and vice versa.

Pros: Can slide into a pocket or purse easily; snap-on covers can be purchased if wanted; battery charges quickly; decent camera; no outside antenna to break or damage; great voice and hearing clarity--even hard of hearing people can use; receives signal in most places

Cons: Vibrate and ring do not work effectively together; short battery life

All in all, this seems to be a good phone with a few bells and whistles included for those who like to have some fun.

V3i DG


Aug 4, 2006 by cmjars

This phone is amazing and handles my the few requirements I have (text messaging etc...) with no problems.

*Seems Faster
*Updated OS
*Takes 1 GB MicroSD

*No iTunes

AHH! how many times till i learn?


Nov 29, 2007 by tanc138

I started off with a bad deal on this one and it just got worse. The first phone I had to take back and replace within 48 hrs. it would not log on to the web AT ALL. manager swapped it out not a problem. This second phone functioned fine until one day I was ironically calling customer service to find that it looked like my circuit board under the keypad burnt out and the phone started making random menu functions and digits dialing without me touching the keypad. After a LONG and irritating process of warranty repair (cell one not Motorola) they sent my phone back saying nothing was wrong when it was plainly evident the had done nothing except say here's your phone. All they had to do was power it on to see the problem. After several heated calls to customer care I settled for a deal for a new phone of my choosing for $50 (to equal insurance claim) I still think this was total b.s. all this occurred in my first four months of service with cellone. not a good way to start. So this phone is my third razr and it works perfect and I love it... until recently, my battery is dead in half a day. Damn, when will I learn. I will never buy another razr.

color (black)
keypad size
available accessories
good loud speaker phone

screen shows dirt/prints really bad
battery life
lack of memory, i can't store much
bluetooth does not have a strong connection and I'm using a motorola bluetooth earpiece
everyone has a razr

when the phone works it's outstanding
just too many issues to stay happy.

Just awful!


Jan 25, 2007 by quitena

Pretty form, but NO function. I had the phone for 10 days, and missed and/or dropped over 50% of all calls. Sound quality was not great either.

Since the basic function of a phone should be to make/receive calls, I found this phone to be absolutely useless. I exchanged it for the sync/a707 and love it!

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