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So far so great!


May 7, 2006 by ajmmmr

Coming from a Nextel phone, this Razr is great. Slim design and so far no dropped calls. Although I only have had the phone for about a week, I am very pleased. I have heard the problems with the phone and so far I have not experienced any. Discussing these with the sales person from Cingular, they explained that phones from around Oct. thru Dec. had the wrong software. After doing some research, it seems as though those issues have been fixed and have not been mislead.
I recommend the insurance, just in case.
My only issues is that the phone does not give you many ring tones, wallpapers, etc. Sure you can download and pay for them, but for the price you pay for the phone you would think it would have better choices.

Alot better Looking than it Works.


Jul 14, 2006 by thelastneo

I purchased this phone after having owned an AUDIOVOX PPC 4100 (which is a bit old for now a days).

I... like many people jumped on the RAZR Wagon. The phone looks amazing, its light weight, yet feels like a solid phone. I couldnt ask for a better looking phone.

My real issue with this phone is the lack of features that it has. Underneath the pretty shell of the Razr, you basically have just a simple 5o-60 dollar phone. This has been a huge turn off for me, which led to me selling the phone after having owned it for just 3 months. I know there are different versions of the RAZR, but this particular one the V3i just didnt cut it for me.

Looks Great
Nice Large LCD screen
Takes nice looking pictures & video.
Speaker Phone is Loud

Regarding reception. I'd be in an area standing still, and my phone would just loose reception, then in a minute or so, I'd have full bars. I have no idea why, and dont know if its normal.. but was very irratating. Especially when trying to send text messages

Lacks Instant messaging client AIM,YIM,etc

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What a phone WOW!!!


Feb 14, 2006 by jjgreene

This is a high quality, high class phone all the way!! it should erase any complaints people had of the original razr. it has a very clear digital camera, not that it was bad but an even clearer speakerphone, the same large screen w/ higher resolution,and you can no longer complain about the lack of memory. not only is the phones memory more than doubled, but it also has an expandable memory with a micro sd card slot. The 12 MB of memory the phone offers is nothing compared to the 512 MB card it comes with. which you can switch out while the phone is on!!

i also love the itunes. it doesn't have stereo speakers like the rokr, but to my ears i can't tell a difference. i can also use the headphones it comes with. I just might have found the last phone i will ever own. I find it to be that pleasing. I just wish Cingular would stop milking the v3 for all its worth and update to the outstanding v3i to complete its itunes series. This phone is not currently offered by any U.S. providers but is well worth the investment to purchase an OEM one from wherever you can find one.

V3R: Pretty Good Phone


Jan 31, 2007 by midstika

This is certainly an upgrade from the regular Razr. It's pretty much the same phone, but with a new look, and a few more features! My experience with the Razr's have been good so I definitely recommend this phone all the Motorola fans.

-Excellent battery life, I charge mine every 2-3 days
-MP3 Player, very easy to use and sounds pretty good. (I use mine at work! SHH!)
-Love the new look, Fire Red and especially the blue glow it has
-Same set-up as the other Razr's
-Really loud when it rings
-Speaker-phone is nice to have
-Bluetooth capable, very handy while driving
-Video Record
-External Memory! For pictures, music, games, etc...
-Can use same accessories if you're switching from another Razr to this one

-Has a 1.3 Megapixel camera, which the pictures don't turn out that good, somehow the camera on my pink Razr was more consistent with taking better pics?
-Doesn't come with software, which I already had some for my other Razr so, once again, it didn't matter

Over all this is a really sweet phone, if you like the Razr series, you'll love this one!

Decent MP3's, Great Reception


Sep 3, 2006 by SPC_GMan

The phone itself works great. I have always been a fan of the motorala phones, despite their flaws with ear pieces and the v220's and v180's terrible performance. here is a list of the pro's and cons i have found with this phone.

Great reception
Non-I Tunes model holds up to 2 gigs of songs
loud speaker that sounds great
Same easy to use menu systems
decent camera 1.2
Good battery life considering the features

No high-speed data connections (edge, 3g)
voice activation could use some improvments

All in all the phone was well worth the money to me. I bought a european model and flashed it with cingular software, all i spent was 180 bucks, great deal!!!!

i am impressed


Aug 25, 2006 by aacbryan_g

i had the v3c from alltel before now i have the v3i with t mobile. i will have to say say the only downfall is the t mobile but thats not the phones fault. the memory is the biggest improvement. my v3c had a great amount of embedded memory i mean 30 megs was pretty good i was just running out. the camera is the same on the i as on the c, which is ok. but the music player is great! motorola did good this time

V3i Very cool


Jul 12, 2006 by nickyscoops

OK let me start by saying I am a phone junkie! Is this the best of the best? Nothing is perfect. I came from a regular v3 in black and I like this better. OK so lets get on with the Pro's and Con's.

Great look
Battery life is great not sure why every one else is having problems.
I tunes is just way cool to me.
My phone is Unlocked big plus.
Great reception.
Ear piece is a little bettor than regular v3.
Picture quality is great.
Video also a plus.

Limit to 50 song down load.
All gsm Motorola Razors have a poor ear piece.
Few minor glitches with this phone as far as technical.
I have read the phone lights up with some funky colored key pad mine is no different from my V3.

All and all it's ok so far. One weak in testing. will get back to you.

What was that June 2nd posting about?


Jun 3, 2006 by sfo

Poor battery?
Over six hours talk time isn't enough?
This phone isn't perfect, but it's close!

nice phone


May 8, 2006 by elefthev

this phone is definitely one of my favorites out there. i originally wanted the v3x but decided on getting the v3i because of the looks and because it is quad band(i live in usa). the phone does get fingerprints all over it, and they are pretty hard to clean. the Gprs is kinda fast i dont now why but i do know that it loads web pages and t-zones a lot faster then my old v600. the memory card is also a great plus. the external screen is pretty much useless for picture viewing; it lacks color. the internal screen however is amazing. the speaker volume is also something to brag about. If you live in the U.S.A. the phone is def. top notch and u should definitely consider it.

Simply Gorgeous


Mar 31, 2006 by cwosigns

I've had the V3i for a few days. It's not my first Motorola phone, as I've had a V300, V600, V3, and SLVR L7.

The design of the phone is gorgeous. When you buy a phone like the V3i, you have to admit that you're buying it for the looks. There are cheaper phones out there with more features, but there's nothing to rival the sex appeal of the V3i. The gunmetal grey/quartz color of the metal is hard to capture in photos. Looking at it on my desk right now, it gives me the feeling I get when I look at a car like an Infiniti G35 or BMW. It's a classy, modern look and the shine and finish are beyond the V3.

My version has iTunes with a dedicated iTunes button, and it came with a 256 MB Transflash card. It also came with a leather holster, stereo headphones, a leather handstrap and a small thing to clean the screen with. Even the box opened very iPod-esque, with each end sliding out in tandem.

The screen is bright and clear, and you can read it easily in all lighting conditions. The small outside display is marginally better than the V3. The iTunes app works as expected, and the sound from the external speaker is adequate in quiet environments. The camera is 1.23 MP, but the quality is lacking I feel.

One thing that isn't necessarily a con, but that you should be aware of, is that this phone isn't currently available from a carrier. That means it will take some time and tech-savvy to get it set up to use the internet and retrieve email and send MMS (picture messages). Howard Forums is a good place to look for that kind of advice. The people there have been a huge help in getting my phone set up.


-Classy modern look
-Improved screen technology
-iTunes syncs and works flawlessly
-Reception is top-notch
-Battery life is amazing


-Slow GRPS instead of faster EDGE
-Camera quality
-Antiquated Moto menu & interface
-USB 1.1 connection is slow

Nice handsome phone sporting last year's specs.

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