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Jun 10, 2007 by SpoR

T-mobil Razr V3T.
It is a crappy phone but it definitely has some nice features.
Everyone already listed the PROS for this phone so I'll just agree with most of those and then list the cons.

-Slow UI(user interface)/processor.
-picture browsing takes forever because the huge pics and slow load time.
-Standby battery life is decent but the 'in use' battery life is short.
-The battery meter is never accurate it always says 6(full),4, or 2 never anything else.
-Sometimes when its low it won't beep to let you know you need to charge it.
-Ringtones are sometimes mixed up, I'll set a tone for 1 person but it will use another person's ringtone.
-If you assign someone a ringtone you will never hear the 'wind chime' for text messages anymore, just their ringtone. This is really bad because most times text messages need to be discreet.
-There is a clock display on both the inside & outside of the phone but there is no date display anywhere. To see the date you must go into calendar.
-When you takes pictures sometimes the picture will look how it did when you snapped it but when you upload it somewhere it will look different.
-The phone makes this little buzzing noise when you open it.
-The keypad sucks especially for texting.
-Also the D-pad (directional arrow buttons) sucks because its small & flat.
-Fragile phone, its made with mostly metal and glass as compared to others which are mostly plastic.
-Recorded videos maximum time is only 30 seconds.
--Major CON, I'm already on my 3rd battery because the first one would just randomly shut off my phone. The 2nd one completely screwed up and wouldn't turn on at all. Seems like the phone kills batteries.

Overall I would not recommend this phone to anyone.

A Disappointing Phone


Oct 17, 2006 by HotJava

The V3 RAZR is very disappointing, and doesn't even come close to the hype.


--Decent call quality
--Coolness factor
--Fits into any pocket without any unsightly bulge
--Easy to dial
--Easy to customize


--Screen can't be seen in sunlight
--Battery life totally sucks. It never came close to the rated life
--The external display is practically invisible
--Voice dialing is poor
--There's one phonebook entry for each number you have for someone. So if you sync with your Outlook, you'll have an entry for each contact's home, mobile, work, and fax numbers. Plus, you can only page to the first initial of a contact's name

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Dec 29, 2005 by msd18

I just recently purchase this phone from Saberpoint.com and it is AMAZING!!! The camera looks just like the 2 megapixel on the sony ericsson K750 i used to have and the transflash card slot is awesome. Much nicer finish then the original razr as well. Here are some pros and cons

Great Build Quality and finish
Awesome camera
External memory
Sleek design
Great MP3 Player
easy to navigate menu
Loud Speakerphone
Internal screen is BRILLIANT
Reception is top notch


Overall I am very happy with this phone, it works great as a cell phone and also as a media center, A++

Amazing update to razr!


Dec 29, 2005 by v710user

I had the razr before the razr v3i and i thought it was the greatest phone ever,well,i now have a new opinion as to what the best phone ever is and it is definently the v3i.i ordered mine from an online retailer and recieved it the next morning.the whole phones outside is a silver metallic color and the inside is black.the revised keypad is slightly flatter and easier to use than the original razr keypad.

pros- digital media software
amazing size
preloaded games(asian version)
easieness of menus

cons-price(not really a con because the phone hasnt been released in u.s. yet.i paid 722 after shipping and tax.)

Phenomenal Update to Razr


Feb 11, 2006 by cavman

I'm sitting here listening to iTunes on my phone through the stereo headset, browsing the megapixel photos and videos, using my voice to dial digits (without prior programming)and searching names in the phonebook by inputting more than 1 letter to search so that I can choose 'S T' instead of just 'S'.

I put the transflash memory card in the slot and store 100 iTunes songs as well as my videos and pictures.

If this sounds like everything you had hoped the original razr would have but didn't, then you are correct. The v3i is a PHENOMENAL update to the original Razr.

1) iTunes (just so cool on your phone)
2) megapixel camera (big uptick from v3)
3) videos (i didn't have that before)
4) voice dialing (it is impressive)
5) battery life (seems even better)
6) gun metal color (looks very classy)
7) RF (as good or better than v3)
8) bluetooth 1.2 (longer range)
9) blue moto light (no purpose, but cool)

None come to mind

I have the model from Singapore that has the iTunes button on it.

If you have had the v3 for awhile and are in need of an upgrade, this phone is for you. The v3 was the best phone I had ever owned (had it for 15mos) but this is now the best phone I have ever owned. Get this phone.

Excellent One Stop Device


Feb 28, 2006 by talkative

I hate carrying multiple devices - phone, PDA, MP3 player. Not to mention their chargers, cables. What a mess!

Now comes Motorola Razr V3i. Has everything in one thin device. Light and small. I'm very thrilled.

The best feature is not advertised very well. The V3i can do bluetooth sync with Microsoft Outlook!!! The package I purchased came with Motorola Phone Tools, and it flawlessly syncs my outlook calendar with my V3i over bluetooth. And great range, I can sync even when my phone is in a different room!

And having a MicroSD slot is a big bonus. Load up music and play away! Allows up to 512MB cards (wonder why the upper limit on card size -- but that's a minor complaint).

And great RF and works on every GSM band anywhere in the world.

Minor gripes are - phonebook isn't really great and, the phone is TOO nice. I'm worried about scratching it!

V3i with iTunes


Feb 28, 2006 by HITMONEY

I bought the v3i 2 weeks ago through sellularphones on ebay. Paid 350 incl shipping. They said it had iTunes and it did.

Going from a v710 to a Black V3 Razr earlier this year I was dissapointed to saythe least with the RAZR. The v710 had it beat in every aspect except maybe looks. Independent voice dialing??? I had it on the v710 a year and a half ago. expandable memory? again, had it on the v710.

Now, I am a RAZR fan with the V3i. It has every thing I loved about the v710 with the looks of a RAZR.

I am on the Cingular Network and I have my browser running, and picture messaging working no problem. Someone said here that it doesn't work.. it does.

Go to https://secure.mouse2mobile.com/clients/newcingular/ota/configuredevice.asp

when it asks for the phone type, just select V3 RAZR, the settings will work for the v3i. Enter your phone number and you will recieve a text message that will automaticly set the settings on your phone. You will have to do it once for the browser and once for MMS. WALA! Everything will work.


One word: Awesome. Utterly PWNS the V3


Sep 14, 2006 by oftech

I decided that I needed an upgrade from my z500a, so I bought the V3i online (Cheaper than Cingular). I myself have encountered problems before with the V3, and think it's an overrated phone, simply because it's so thin. IMO, they should have waited, and just come out with the V3i :D

- Looks! Better than V3. And the Keypad!
- Sound Quality: Amazing! I can be in a pretty loud place, and not have to turn up the volume all the way (I haven't figured out if it's the phone or my bionic hearing :P). Also, whoever I'm talking to sounds clearer than on my z500, v220, or the V3. The mic is also great, since no one has complained that they can't hear me, even when I'm somewhere loud. The speakerphone works great and is plenty loud. Never have to turn it up all the way, even if on the highway. Ringtones and music sound great, too.
- Battery Life: Excellent. My z500 could only get a max of 3-4 hours talk time, including sending a few text messages. As for the V3i, I spent 3 hours on the phone, used bluetooth a lot for transferring files, and sent a few text messages, all while having the phone on vibrate or ring and vibe (which btw, is the greatest profile ever), and put it to charge with 2 out of 3 sticks remaining.
- Screen
- Messaging
- Expandable Memory
- Motorola Digital Jukebox or whatever it's called.
- Camera (excellent quality)
- Menus (Easy to use, easy navigation)
- Reception (I'm on Cingular) (Always holds a strong signal, and always has great sound quality, even with only 1 bar)

The only real con I could think of, other than a few things I think the UI should have (the time while you're on a call, for example) is Bluetooth. I haven't paired it with a headset, but it paired with my computer and Moto Phone Tools in less than a minute. The transfer is semi-slow because it's BT 1.2. It took roughly 5 minutes to send 8 megs of data to the phone. Maybe if I connected it through USB it would work better. 8)

Overall, and AWESOME phone! HIGHLY Recommended :)



Oct 3, 2006 by juliusa

Nice phone, except for one little problem...
while all else makes it passable, recently iTunes 7 came out and guess what folks? THE MUSIC DOES NOT SUPPORT EITHER THE V3i, SLVR or ROKR!! Seems the two companies are fighting about it and leaving us in the lurch...AND the forum about it on iTunes has been LOCKED DOWN! No word on any intent to fix...people who pre-ordered music were forced to upgrade to iTunes 7 to get it, but found it does not work on their phones. I GAVE UP, and bought a new NANO. After I had lost my music by attempting to go back to version 6, I had to fight to get it all back from APPLE. A letter to the NY Times I copied them on got an instant result after DAYS of nothing but canned replies. SO STAY AWAY FROM THIS PHONE, as its rumored there will be an iTunes phone in January or thereabouts from Cingular and APPLE (see CNET). Stay away from Motorola iTunes phones for now if you don't want to waste your money. I loved mine (see my review under SLVR), but now forget it!

Great Phone So Far


Sep 18, 2006 by daddu18039

I've had the V3i for one week and it has been perfect. Cingular branded phone came with everything you need; Stereo headset, data cable and 512k trans flash card.
The screen is large and clear.
Interface is easy to learn.
Speaker-phone is loud and clear.
Itunes is great, easy to use and connected to PC without any problems.
Call quality is very good.
Battery has been good Can go 3 to 4 days with moderate usage.

Speaker in the earpiece could be louder.

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