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Jan 31, 2006 by uniworld

I have found my new V3i to be quiet impressive.

The option of Voice activation option impresses all my clients. But not always gets the name right. Nor the numbers but pretty close.

The camera is great (1.23MP)!

Expandable memory YESSSS that is what we all were awaiting for. Especially now that it comes with 512MB. Thumbs up Motorola.

Style is what we love the most about our RAZR's. The new color adds more class.

I seem to have only found one. which is the software. The phone locks up quite a bit sadly to say. I have seen it with my other buddies that have the same phone. 3 so farr have the same problem out of the batch of 7. Hopefully Motorola will fix this problem with a new software up grade. Other wise great job Moto.

Don't Be Fooled


Jan 11, 2006 by SB2002

Buyers Beware: This phone is sleek and sexy, but so was the first. Most people tend to buy this for one of three reasons - each with their own level of importance.

1) Halfway decent camera - 1.23 MP is no SonyEricsson W800i, but it's also no VGA 2001 camera either.

2) Speaker-independent Voicedial - voice activated dialing is no new technology - but not having to train the phone is something many people dream about.

3) iTunes (most important to me) - ***BEWARE**ATTENTION*** Most people believe that if they buy the V3i, they'll get iTunes - WRONG - The sites you are buying from simply copy and paste generic "About/Synopsis" paragraphs from manufacturers. Many places selling this iTunes *capable* phone will ship you a handset without iTunes. Instead, it will have a generic Motorola Digital Music Player.

If you dig deeper into the forums, you'll find many people are getting the luck of the draw when it comes to whether or not their handset had iTunes software preloaded. This, in my opinion, is bad business on the part of Motorola, and any site selling the product. The V3i has become synonymous with having iTunes software. And if the models you sell do not have the software, specifically state it on your site.

I digress.

The phone is sharp, sexy --- the voicedial feature is FANTASTIC. The camera is *cough* acceptable. Even the blue backlit "M" logo on the front looks sharp. HOWEVER, these minor upgrades are hardly worth the extra $$$ you'll pay. Having the convenience of iTunes may in fact justify the extra expense, but a V3i without iTunes is simply a different shade of RAZR.

Hold out - Motorola will get the point.

(would have given a 4.5 w/ iTunes)

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As a phone good, as a camera UNACCEPTABLE


Nov 9, 2006 by Goerge

This is a review of the Motorola V3T Available thru T-Mobile. As a phone everything works well.In addition internet on phone is fine.Camera is not the same as on the V3i.When you zoom in, it will not take a megapixel photo.The farther you zoom, the lower the resolution.Awful camera as a whole. Pros:Good overall phone. Cons:If you want a camera phone, dont waste your time.

READ Before Purchasing!


Jan 20, 2006 by scorpgc

The phone is beautiful! I ordered this v3i from WI as they had the best price, bar none. I noticed the prices on E-Bay went down drastically ($150 within a week!) which triggered more research, but not enough.

Calls made and received-excellent!
Text Messaging-excellent!
1.23 MP camera-excellent (it's a phone, not a 8 MP camera!!) But worth it-
Moto tunes and sounds-excellent! But it wasn't the i-tunes as promised-
Games-there were 6 or 7 on there!!! All were functional.

The phone came with USB cable, Stereo ear phones, Liion Batt, Euro charger with US adapter, leather case, CD and instruction manual. The phone feels great in my hand, and sturdy enough (former Nokia 6682 and Moto v600 owner).

WARNING: In spite of the great phone, it is NOT released yet in USA. The phone will NOT support Cingular's MMS (sending pictures and video via e-mail/text). The phone will not, cannot utilize Cingular's Media Net. I have read all the forums, tried every possible setting recommended but the problem prevailed.

I spoke with Cingular (technical/data support 4 times) and Motorola twice. The phone doesn't have Cingular's software so NOT ALL of the features on the phone are guaranteed.

In reading all of the posts on E-bay or WI or the other New York places selling this phone, they do not state this-but all of the cellular user forums have tons of threads relating to this problem.

Wait for the phone to be released! I sent mine back. Why purchase a $400-500 phone when all the features cannot be used? Stick with the V3c in that case.

Do your homework, and research this!

Good phone, but perhaps wait for U.S. release?


Jan 16, 2006 by jlevee

I'm really enjoying the v3i, which I purchased from saberpoint.com. My version (and I think most of the versions available in the U.S.) came from Hong Kong. That has not posed any serious problems, although it took me about a week to get all of the MMS and browser settings to work. A few pros and cons:


-- Great speakerphone
-- The music player (not iTunes) is solid, although I can't figure out how to program it to allow me to skip songs when the handset is closed (for example, at the gym)
-- camera definitely is improved from the v3
-- images are very clear
-- RF seems excellent (at least in Southern CA, where I live)


-- the software (like prior Moto phones I have had) remains a bit sluggish
-- I'm definitely noticing the absence of EDGE when Internet pages are loading

Overall, this is a very good phone. However, assuming that Cingular is going to release it within the next month or two (which is what other postings have suggested), I now wish I had waited because I have spent a lot of time getting the phone to work the way it's designed to work. Also, until the phone is released in the U.S., Motorola will not provide any support.

awesome phone!


Jan 17, 2009 by superphoneman

sweet phone. sleek, stylish, and easy to carry.
I've had this phone for a little over 2 weeks now and its great!

pros: every thing but the battery life

cons: battery life... its has okay battery life. not the best though



Jan 2, 2009 by bracelyn

i got the phone from a tmobile promotional offer. but after having it for awhile, it began to mess up.

-numerous friends never receive texts from me, or they'll get them an hour later when i've already met up with them.

-i do not received phone calls, but occasionally my phone will notify me that i've gotten a new voice mail.

-when the same person calls you and the calls are missed, it only listed the last time they called and not the first. doesn't seem like a big deal, but sometimes i'm curious.

-every now and again, i'll get a phone call from my mom and we can say "hi' but after our salutation, they phones stay connected buy won't let me hear my mom.

-the telephone charger the company sent me quit working after a year, so i went to the nearest tmobile store and got a new one for free, but it stopped working today, and the sales representative refused to give me another free charger. now i have to charge my phone on my computer and i'm worried this is even good for my phone. seems like the battery runs low real quick this way (on the computer).

it works when it wants to and sometimes that makes me happy.

Nothing Special


Dec 8, 2008 by MrGooch

I use this phone with ATT Wireless, RF is above average, the voice quality is just ok, but it is better then any other phone I have used on a GSM network. The menu system is laggy but battery life is good.

- easy to hold
- slips into a front pocket easily

- displays are not particularly good, poor contrast and color
- Buzzing when the backlighting is on
- Keypad is below average

Definatley Great Phone


Oct 31, 2008 by Bennyboy

great phone I used to one the Motorola v3 and it was a ok starter phone I liked it ok but you switch to the better motorola v3i/ t/ ect.


BIG screen
BIG key pad
ok camera little shakey
slim degsine
fun to use
Expandable memory
Fully customizable
Loud ringer
Good MP3 player
easy pc sync


Slow Speed when looking at pictures on memory card

UHH not the best


Oct 21, 2008 by chubbc25

I have the v3cm and it is basically the same i think and the razor is slow and it has no word or anything just abc or itap which is confusing to me and did i mention that it was slow as hell!!!!!!If you want a small compact phone and don't expect much from it then this is the phone for you!

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