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Awesome Phone


Dec 7, 2006 by caesar6591

My sister has the V3i on Cingular. I have the SLVR. They are pretty much the same phone. We traded phones for a few days. Here is what I think of it.

PROS ---

--- iTunes. sweet feature. only 100
songs but we both have iPods.
--- Great Reception (Detroit, MI)
--- Can make your own ringtones.
it is a pain to do. look in the form
for this phone. i've posted instructions
on how to do it.
--- Loud speaker.
--- Bluetooth. Amazing with my H700.
--- so much more.

CONS ---

--- can't store multiple numbers under a
person's name. you'll see that on all moto's.
--- there really isn't any. ohhh the camera
is supposed to be 1.2 megapixel but it
totally sucks. i think it is worse than the
VGA that my SLVR has.
--- no clip, no headphones...

this phone is great. other than those few cons i really enjoyed using it. it looks like any other razr except the "m" for the moto lights up blue. if you want to stand out, get the SLVR. right now there is an awesome deal on cingular's website. $199.99 on two year. you also get 25 free songs on iTunes. pretty sweet.

not as bad as they say


Apr 22, 2006 by quickwiz00

i got this phone about 2 weeks ago and everything seems to be working fine. the i-tunes is fine except the whole 100 song limit. the camera is pretty descent, not the best out there but still good. the memory card storage really is helpful. the quad band is really a good thing for those of us in the U.S. i first wanted the v3x but because it only had 1900mhz(for u.s.) i decided to buy the v3i. i cant say that i regret it. if your thinking of the phone i say go for it.

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Jan 7, 2006 by SonyEricssonZ520

This is the best phone i have ever owned. Their are only a few bad things about this phone.

- No EDGE. (I have heard rumours that they will be releasing a version with EDGE sometime in March 2006)
- Should have a 1.3 MP or 2 MP Camera

- Transflash Slot
- MP3 and iTunes support
- Up to 10 MB onboard memory
- Same Ultra Slim Design
- New Alluminum Keypad and Outer Casing
- 1.23 MP Camera (Pretty good)
- Internal Antenna
- World Phone (Quad band world roaming)
- 65k External Display
- GPRS (class 10)
- 262k TFT QVGA Internal Display
- New Games and Apps
- 1000 phonebook entries
- MP3 ringtones

Don't buy this phone. TO MANY PROBLEMS!!


Oct 16, 2006 by Forest

First off, the phone has that great blue light on the front when you get a call or hit a button, that just made me want it. WOW was that a mistake. I have owned this phone for four months and in that time I have had to replace that OEM outer screen 5 times. $15 dollars each time, you do the math, were talking alot of extra money here.

I feel that the outer screen is to large and caused it to be more likely to break. I have never had this problem and I have carried a razor for about 4 years. ( all replacesments were OEM)

The features are like every other razor but with itunes & a memory stick and a blurry camera.

It's faster than all other razors I have used. I do buy and sell phones for a living so I have played with every razor out.

Other problems I have had are the speaker stopped working and itunes is a pain to get your ringtones on.

Most of the other info you need is on the main page as far as stats/features. I just wanted to get my opinion out there.

Love It!!!!


Sep 16, 2006 by ested23

The V3i is WAY better than the RAZR V3. I am so happy that I upgraded this phone! I've been playing with it all day and its fun!!
Camera, sound and call quality, address book, all the features, are great. This phone does wonders!!! ;o)
I would've given this phone a 5 but NO phone to me is perfect, but its near it!

Absolutly Amazing!


Feb 20, 2006 by codymclean

I don't even know where to start with this phone, i have had every service, and lots of Motorola's. As many of you may know, Motorola's are great, but usually have some huge software problem, or break easily. I have had the first Razr V3, and thought it was an upgrade to my V600, but wasn't great. I gave up with it, and continued to search for my perfect Moto. After using the V360 for awhile, I noticed the V3i on Ebay. I quickly fell in love with this phone. The battery life is amazing, the color makes it look even more elegant, unlike the plain silver, the screen is even clearer than the original, and iTunes! The 1.3 Mega pixel camera is amazing, and not having to struggle with limited memory is also a bonus.


Havent found any!



Sep 8, 2006 by Atassm

Great phone overall. I bought it to use overseas Last April, 06. I had one problem I couldn't receive messages in other languages. It only worked on two languages. I know I have to download the others as I need it. I should not have needed to do that. Software is poor and causes drop and frees. One of the big draw back is the phone memory is not on the memory card. It is in the phone memory. You can't choose to install phone book on memory card. Synchronization software is poor and lots of data lost from phone. Be careful before you copy or synchronize.

One of the BEST phones around.


Aug 26, 2006 by nkonemann05

Though it hasn't been released to most stores in the US yet, this phone is by far one of the best Motorola has offered to date. I've had the V3i w/iTunes for about a month and have had absolutely NO Problems with it. This battery compared to the original V3 is awesome. The iTunes feature is great, especially when you find yourself in a Dr's office waiting room or similar situations. Even if you don't have iTunes there are other Java based MP3 players that work great and have no limit.

I'm with Cingular and have had no problems getting my phone to connect to MEdia Net or sending MMS. (Just copied the settings from my V3.) If you know about Motorola phones you should have no problems at all. If you don't know, there are PLENTY of good forums that can help you out.

As far as price goes, I paid $230 from ebay that came with the works (OEM case, OEM headset, MicroSD card, etc...). Phone came with European flex version (software) which I replaced with one compatible with cingular (thanks to the forums I referred to earlier). I've had no problems at all with reception, even with the old flex.


Good camera
Great sound quality
iTunes works great
Good reception
Easy to use
Great features in such a small phone


Songs take awhile to load
Only 50 song limit
No way to skip song while phone is closed

Great Deal and Features On V3i


Aug 25, 2006 by opdaddy

Let me just say that I got this phone for only $300, which I think is a steal. Also, my phone is not branded, so that may be reason that my phone works great.

Sleek design
Bluetooh 1.2
1.3 MP Camera (works like a charm)
Video (average)
GPRS is quick
Memory card slot
Easy to install your own games
Very easy to hack to upgrade
Loud speaker and ringers
Display is nice
Texting is fast and easy with iTap
reception above average (Cinguar)

iTunes limitd to only 50 songs vs. SLVR and ROKR's 100 songs. (This can be easily hacked)
Wish it had EDGE
Wish the software was more like Verizon's version.

All in all, this is the best flip phone I have ever owned. I would suggest getting a case from Cingular, they have a hard plastic case that snugs the top and bottom portion of the phone, making it feel like cell phone armor. It protects very well.

Also, I found a good place to get some games. Point your browser to www.LetsMoto.com. After downloading games to your pc, just transfer to your memory card. Folder is under Mobile/kJava. Then just go into your games from your phone and switch storage device to memory card, and hit "Install New". They should be there.

Hope this helps!



May 8, 2006 by CHIEF_JADE

its great, i only ever buy motorolas cause i love the menus and all the features. i previously owned a v300,v551,v220,v635,v3 balck and silver and i just bought the v3i today i was waiting for it to come out it just came in stores for rogers 3 days ago, it has every option u can think of but its missing 3 things

-so lets go with the bad first
there is no flash for the camara it was really nice on the v635 and its weird you can get the v3x and it has flash but its not quad band

-and second the screen i wish it was all touch screen that woulda been awsome i seen the ming/a1200 and it has it that was a kewl feature i think im gonna order it in a few months

-3rd it could have used a better camara like 1.23 is all right but iv seen phones with 3.2 and 4 megapixals motorola should step it up

good things

-memory card
-looks nicer than the original
-kewl blue light
-i like the k-pad but i wish it had the message button

"all around its the best phone iv ever owned"

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