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Quite nice - like Motorola, a bit odd.


Jan 20, 2007 by sordello

I've owned a lot mobile devices and have used a lot more. Most were good, some are a pain! The Motorola has been a purely business device device in the past - this device is a lot more for play than a lot of previous devices from Motorola!

What I like!
It has a hardware modem! I have been using a Treo for over 2 years. There are many annoying problems with a virtual modem on a cell phone. I went back to the Motorola device for this reason. They have a real hardware modem built into the RAZR like most all other Motorola devices. I can now answer calls in an Internet session without locking up the whole system! I use my mobile device around 90% of the time for Internet service - Motorola devices are the best for this! No question...

The other thing I like is the standard USB connector on the V3# - what a wonderful idea. Use a common easily found USB cable to charge the battery - yea! nothing propriatory!!!

The sound quality on the speaker of my RAZR is pretty average. This is defiantly a downside although others who hear me tell me that my voice sounds perfect. I like good reports! Ok, I am talking like a geek...

I have read almost every review in this section and have found some interesting and some funny. The concept of Itunes on a Motorola is the funniest. Let see how that works as they are not compatible with anyone who will not accept their terms... LOL!

Most of all... Have fun! Bruce

Charge time


Jan 19, 2007 by Chrispyjha

I just got this phone yesterday and can someone (especially from the wireless business) tell me what is the charge time for this phone? Thanks

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Wow The New Dolce & Gabanna Razr


Jan 18, 2007 by republicboy33

I can honestly say that from day one since I retired my Motorola V3T I never got the compliments half as much as I do now I really love my razr and suggest that if you want to be noticed in any situation a razr D&G would be a good start !

T-Mobile Razr V3t.. From Dash.


Jan 13, 2007 by RSX8900

Well Here I go with yet, Another Review.

Well I decided to pick this up, I ended up selling my T-Mobile Dash, as I am anticipating the Cingular Apple Iphone.

I can start off by saying, I love the look of this phone.
The reception quality is great, voice & text is great.
I love the blue little light.

speed of text, and phone calls being made.
vibrate/ ringers

slow ui
settings area. is a bit flakey
feels a bit flimsy/esp keypad
front can be crack *like glass*

Excellent phone from T-mobile (V3t)


Jan 9, 2007 by yeuemmaimai

I bought this phone outright and then purchased a contract from T-mobile


Battery life
accepts 1GB transfash
Metal finish on face plate
ability to store numbers in your sim or on your phone or both
USB connectivity (drag and drop files)
when used with a moto BT headset works really well


menu layout is not the best

Phone makes calls easily and signal capture is very good and I can usually get 1 more bar of signal compared to other t-mobile/cingular users in the same location.

It looks like Motorola has built a quality phone once again



Dec 21, 2006 by austinxxx92

This phone is an amazing phone. The best feature has to be itunes, it comes with a 512 mb memory card which holds about 100 songs but you can get bigger memory cards, Another amazing feature is the 1.3 megapixel camera!!!!



Dec 20, 2006 by Motoboi28

I have had this phone for 2 weeks and I love it ! I owned the original V3 and I was always getting replacements I had my insurance on speed dial. But now I have the V3t and wow what a difference ! I would suggest this phone to anyone that wants a simple phone that does everything at a touch of a button.

Great But only in Silver


Dec 11, 2006 by grantsales

Recently purchased from a Cingular Store I got the better looking Red phone (V3r) and didn't know that it did not come with the software or the USB cable like the Silver (V3i) the V3i also came with a 512m transflash for you already that can hold 100 iTunes and also the USB Headphones.

Great Look
Ring Volume Is Loud and Clear
Great Reception
Lots of accessories Available
Better Buttons the the previous V3

Camera Is the most worthless camera i have seen yet on any phone. Including the original camera phones.

Camera constantly turns on by itself in your pocket

Ear Piece volume is horrible (But you can flash this) and Ear Piece sound quality is bad
All pre-loaded Games are Trials

Only some of the pieces of the Frame are "brushed aluminum" (looks like a bad puzzle piece)

The V3r Only looks cool as stated above, and there is no difference from any V3 to V3r unless you buy the USB cable and Software. Cingular really messed this one up.

My T-Mobile myfaves Motorola RAZR V3t


Dec 9, 2006 by gemaster34

This is one of the best phones I have ever had.
These are the pros and cons:


*Great reception(full 5 bars like where ever I go)
*Great call quality
*Sleek, slim design
*Great Speaker phone
*Loud Ringtones
*Bluetooth (Allows bluetooth transfers and headset)
*Picture called id (On internal and external screen)
Color External screen
*Voice dial (Doesn't need to be programmed)
*MP3 Player
*Can put Music Videos on it
*Internal SD Card expansion slot
*1.3 Megapixel camera does great photos
*Video camera


Almost Ideal


Nov 30, 2006 by George Knighton

I've had this phone long enough that it's almost time for a new one.

It's an international, unlocked V3i being used on Cingular.

The single best attribute is the RF signal capture. It's simply excellent, being able to pick up signals where other phones fail, and being able to hold a good call of long duration when there is a single bar showing.

Ideal form factor. Perfect size.

Needs better battery life. If you've noticed those 1900 MAh [sic] Maxcells for sale on eBay, please save your money. I've tried two of them, and they simply lose their oomph after a short while. Within a year, they'll be no more long lived than an OEM 700 MAh battery.

The Motorola UI is a minor issue. It's not necessarily perfectly instinctive, and it is slow. It just takes too long to move from menu to menu, especially when you're trying to hold a call while also manipulating other features.

This is probably my favourite phone, relatively, of all the dozens I've owned.

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