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Great Well ROunded Phone


Jan 28, 2006 by topazguh112

Pros: I've had this phone for a week and I've learned everything there is to know about it. It's pretty user friendly, the pictures are grand, and the easy uploading of videos and songs onto the device are wonderful. The internet connection on the device is great, and for the price of $15 through Sprint, you couldn't ask for better. Ringers on the phone are very loud and the availability of extra storage onto the device is a plus. Bought a 512 miniSD on ebay for $30. That's a $40 save from the Best Buy price of $69.99+tax.

Cons: ALthough this is a great phone, for $600, I would have preferred a perfect one. I LOVE this phone, but it does come with kinks. The Windows media player is worthless(NOT LOUD ENOUGH), needs more memory storage on the phone itself, the speaker is ok....but it could be better, and the slide does sometimes come unhinged. Not enough to downgrade a great phone though. Great PDA/Phone combo!

great phone, some key features missing


Jan 25, 2006 by brandiebear

Overall this phone is a breakthrough!
-the smallest smart-phone I've ever seen! There's no way I would have bought it if it were ginormous like all the others.
-excellent reception and call quality! I went over the cascade mountains and had broaband EVDO access the entire time. It was amazing.
-keyboard is fabulous for heavy texters/emailers like me. It was the main reason I bought it.
-love the windows operating system! Makes it really easy to transfer files to and from your PC.
-i like how there are separate off buttons for the device screen and the telephone part of the device. that way you can still use it on flights, if you turn off only the phone part.

-The speaker is garbage! The speakerphone volume isn't loud enough and when playing music it sounds brassy. If you're gonna put a media player in the phone, at least make it sound good! But it does sound tremendously better with the included stereo headphones/earpeice.

-NO picture mail! This is the biggest hugest mistake ever. Why spend $600 on a phone you can't picture message with, when you can get one that will do it for $500 less? I was almost ready to return this phone when I found out it couldn't do picture mail, but I eventually got over it. At least I can email or store them on my memory card for printing out, which you can't do on an ordinary camera phone.

-No off button? Maybe I'm stupid, but I haven't found one. The power button on top only turns off the screen, not the entire device. The only way to turn the entire thing off it to take off the battery. But turning off the screen does enormously impact battery consumption, and I like how even if you turn the screen off you can still get calls.

Overall a wonderful investment. I figure five years from now, it'll still be top of the line!

they should have waited a littel longer


Oct 5, 2005 by joselatorre

before i get started i would like to say i have only had this phone for one week.
pros. its small and nice on the eyes the blue tooth is great the windows 5.0 is also great.windows media 10 is great to

cons:internet not as fast as they say it is.
the key pad very weak. i have had to hard reset it 5 time already it dose not let you delete any internal programs nor move them to a storage card the signal is bad on the phone i have been with sprint for years and never had such bad reception on a phone. the camera is not as clear as they say it is
the icons are very small and hard to see or tap on it is very very slow it must be because the memory is almust full from the factory. the antenna is awkward and should have been internal the cradle is also weak in design it is hard to put ppc in and out of it will break soon enough.

i just wanted to add that i have had every signal ppc phone and handheld you could imagine from the treo's to the hp's i 500 i600 hp6315 blackbarry and every thing in between and before the 6700 i thought that i had found the best phone ever in the ppc 6600 and i guess i did because in my opinion the 6700 is not what it's crack up to be.the 6600 is still the best phone out there yet. in our quest to make these phones smaller and smaller we keep on losing features.

UT Starcom has lost a customer


Sep 3, 2007 by moedaddy

My friend had this phone from sprint,he had problems with it locking up on him.
I no this is not a forum for this comment I am about to make but I had to say something about this guy before me,the one who sent his phone back.
There willing to give you a new phone for free,whats the problem bro.
You said you have insurance,right.


Too Much Frustration


Dec 15, 2006 by Tony34

First of all, I'm a little techno-challenged - but not ignorant of what works and what doesn't. This phone is not ready for distribution. It did not even get an honorable mention in the January '07 issue of Consumer Reports. (Does that tell you anything?)

PROS: BIG Sliding keyboard. Promise of more USEABLE memory than the Treo. It's a PDA.

1. Too many resets required when it locks up. (sometimes 15 times per day)
2. Memory disk comes out at will...USE TAPE?
3. Makes calls on it's own, poor key-lock function.
4. Tries to log on to wireless connections as you drive by them. Yes, you can cut off that feature, but it cuts itself back on. This interferes with the phone function.
5. Sometimes screen will not light up at all without a reset.
6. Drops calls more than my previous Verizon Phone by a factor of 10. No change of plan or area...it's the phone. I usually have to reset it after it drops a call.
7. Phone will re-dial an extension # while in the middle of a call. Say you call a business that requires that you dial an extension...sometimes the phone dials a seperate call to...#211 or whatever the extension # is. Very annoying, and usually requires a reset before phone can be used again.
8. Docking station (USB Sync) already broken. Still under Warranty, but a real pain to go to the Verizon Store for a replacement.

I'm a happy guy usually, except when trying to function at an acceptable speed when using this phone...DON'T BUY IT...wait for the bugs to be worked out with the next model!

I would be happy to hear from anyone who has a simple solution to any of the above.

phones ok but i like the 6600 better!!


Apr 30, 2006 by bigack

its a great phone, never had anyproblems but the screen is way to small for me!! there are no cons i can think except the screen size!! the 6600 screen is alot better, and really both phone are just about the same!!! if your a PDA geek then get the 6700, but if you want size where you can see the screen get the 6600, good luck!!!



Mar 23, 2006 by mpsc

First, I'd like to say that I have read many articles on this phone before buying one. Compared to other phones, the cons weren't sufficient to deter me from getting one. I've had two Treo 650's, both GSM and CDMA. Although I love how the Treo feels in your hand, the precision built Treo doesn't make up for several huge flaws. I was very scheptical about the PPC-6700, mostly because of the look of its construction in pictures on the web (looks too plasticy)and the name brand I have never considered a top brand. So, I'm hard headed. I ordered it anyway, returning my Sprint Treo 650 after finding out that the 650 will never have EVDO capability. So here is how this phone lines up:


OS. Windows blows Palm away in terms of multitasking, features and power. Treo 650 doesn't measure.

Memory. 128MB of memory kills Treo's low volatile memory.

Form factor. If you complain about using two hands to use your pda, then you're just too damn lazy. The keyboard on this unit is awesome. The feel of the phone is fairly light and construction is surprisingly well built. Slider locks well into place in both positions. Phone can be used single handedly. Nicer than Treo.

Camera. The 1MP eye on this baby rocks. It's nice and has many features, although it could do a bit better in low light conditions. The video recorder also rocks. Better than Treo.

Screen. Okay, I've heard many guys complain about not seeing the screen outdoors. Get your eyes checks. Although the shiny surface does create some glare, I can see the screen just fine. Much nicer than Treo.

EVDO. EVDO. EDVO!!! This is the last nail in TREO 650'S coffin. It gets up to 700Kbps on the web.


NONE. Those of you complaining about speed, resolution, stability, low lit keys, etc... C'mon, what the hell are you comparing this to... a Centrino laptop? This phone is PERFECT. So it uses up battery... So what? With so many features... I don't mind charging it twice a day... ya lazy asses!!!

not so hot


Jan 30, 2006 by cpk8402

horrible, this phone is too heavy, and to cumbersome to use as a phone. there are no programs out there that work for it yea either its not a very good phone for the money. need a phone first so this is probably going back. and verizons wireless sync has totally screwed up my email situation, it's overall a horrible phone.



Jan 28, 2006 by patlisa225

great pictures and great for realestate

no voice dial problems


Jan 27, 2006 by kensmall

If you want a phone that costs $400 and a 2 year contract but has no voice dial this is it. Granted everything else is ok. BUT, ms voice dial v1.1 or v1.5 will not load. there is a link on this site to some Major hacking to fic this. I just tossed my samsung i700 for this and the phone is cool but SOS from this phone. The manufacturers info sucks completely. No pdf and you have to connect to their flash site to find out incomplete info.
I phoned verison then audiovox then ms and they all did the traditional hing and blamed each other.
Now I have to become a hacker to get tit to work. I think that fir this much money that is unacceptable.
What is wrong with Audiovox (and for that matter samsung) they expect us to pay a fortune for hardware that doesn't do the basics and then buy software to add what comes on some free phones.!!! UGH!

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