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Great email and phone but not a good combination device


Jan 21, 2006 by gadgetjeff

The look and feel of the unit are great in your hand. The screen quality is excellent and the keyboard is the best of any of the new devices out on the market. As a phone it works well but lacks the user friendly features found in the new Treo 700W. I found it very uncomfortable in my hand after a while and looking up contacts to get phone numbers, it does not compare well with the Treo 700W. Using email is great as this keyboard is the best along with the screen orientation make this a great machine for heavy email and web browsing.

Great Screen
Look and feel, rugged and attractive
Keyboard is the best
Screen Orientation for email and web
Both Wi-Fi and Blue Tooth

Adding contacts or looking them up is cumbersome
Buttons are too low on the unit and are uncomfortable for real world use
Mini SD card means most people need new cards

If you want a great email machine and don't plan on trying to use this in heavy road traffic with one hand then this is a great unit as it has the most to offer at a very attractive price. If you want the best of phone functions along with email and want to use one handed while you're driving then the Treo 700W is a better device.



Jan 13, 2006 by premium81

More than I ever expected with this phone!!! I was the first to buy it with Qwest on the day that it launched and the EVDO works FANTASTIC as does the Bluetooth!!

I quickly became more than comfortable with the keyboard and love the slide out design!

A MUST for those who want an all in one and COMPACT device! BETTER than the TREO!!!


good phone


Jan 13, 2006 by shed890

this is a good phone
period. the pros are
to many to list.
the only bad thing I
have experienced is when the memory gets
full the browser slows down. I get around that by putting everything on
the memory card.
the evdo sucks @ certain times during
the day but that's due to the network being working to the
max. I gave the phone
a 5 because though it
has some other weaknesses I have learned to work around them & utilized it to its full potential.

Mixed Feelings


Jan 24, 2006 by orangeprowler

I recently purchased this phone through Verizon. I am very impressed with some of its features and quite dissapointed with the others. Interenet browsing is great. Screeen orientation changing is nice. The handwriting recognition is very helpful specially if you text alot, sure beats using the key board. Using the device as a phone though is a bit cumbersome. Definitely get the bluetooth, as the phones weight will get to you after a while. Finding contacts from contact list is a pain while driving much easier when you use the stylus. Poor ring tone selections, although you can download. Signal strength is inferior to Treo700w I compared both side by side.
Pros: Great gadget for web and email. Awesome screen. Smart
Cons: Annoying phone. Lousy battery life. I expected alot more phone features for the money. No voice dialing. For the money it should have a lot more phone options.

You have to be kidding


Nov 4, 2005 by raider2

I own my own business and i travel a great deal not out of my own state but site to site, so I am always on the phone. Having said this, my review is as a business user. My sevice is Sprint and I had a Treo 650 which I was very happy with but I wanted a mobile device that used the MS OS.

I gave this a .5 because it turned on and then it turned off. Then it turned me off.

This in no way compares to the Treo 650 so don't be fooled and if you use a phone for business (not as a toy) this is a really bad choice.

pros: none I can think of outside of, hey the bluetooth wasn't bad.

Cons: battery life is terrible. using the PDA features and actually talking, you know doing business, I didn't get more than 2 hours of battery time.
Web, like getting my POP emails, forget it sssllllooowwww, it took nearly 5 minutes to download 23 emails.
Not that I care about picture mail but you can't do it with this one.
I mean really it is supposed to be a phone too right? Dropped calls, terrible reception, really bulky, flimsy key pad, had to reset the phone on a regular basis.

I got rid of my Treo for this, and it was a terrible mistake. I have used this for about 2 weeks and quite honestly it has been the biggest waste of money.

Man this phone is amazin


Feb 22, 2006 by Wireless236

I mean what else is there to say about this phone, I divorced my wife for this phone. man this thing is really amazing and I think whoever created this phone should receive an Medal of Honor. Great phone overall but there could be something better, I mean they really need to come out with something more creative. This is a good phone but overall I'd rather go with the new treo 700. Thank You very much.

great phone but has a few issues


Jan 24, 2007 by stuartkresge

This is my first smart phone, and I purchased it to replace my pda and phone combo as I got tired of carrying both devices. After lots of research I decided to get the 6700 over the q because it had the keyboard. Now that I have had it for a few months its an ok phone.

PROS great internet browser, ok phone quality, camera is good lots of features for the techie like me.

CONS wont teether to laptop for internet access from anywhere (even though rep at Verizon told me it would!) on screen dialing, background light is very hard to see in the day time. No voice dialing.

overall its a great phone though.

Best Mobile PC / Wireless Phone


Aug 15, 2006 by mrphoneking

I have had all the phone companies and every phone that is made out there. even phones that are not on the market in the USA yet.

Anyone looking for a cool phone that is not cheap this is the one the only cons that i have found is that the text is very small

I'm happy with my purchase despite the disadvantages


Aug 11, 2006 by audi0016

First and foremost, I enjoy reading other people's reviews because buying a PDA phone isn't an easy task. I spent three weeks thinking about which phone to get.

I end up with a verizon audiovox 6700 for three reasons: affordability, purpose and previous experience.

All of my phones in the past have been audiovox. They get the best reception no matter where you are at.

The unit is a bit bulk, yet comfortable. It fits snugly in the palm of my hand. I hardly use the slide out keypad because its hard to type with long finger nails. I rather prefer the stylus and use the touch screen keypad.

Making a call is different with this model because you have no choice but to use the touch screen either from your contacts list, call history or dial pad. You could pull out the slide out key pad, but that takes time (seconds, but noticeable seconds). Lets just say, when you're on the go and have to make a call, you might benefit from a place where you can stand or sit still. This model does not have voice dailing but I hear there is software you could purchase to remedy this shorthcoming.

Ring tones and speaker phone are not loud.

When I was setting up my blue-tooth, I had a hard time pairing the devices and it doesn't always work, but I manage.

Activesync is awesome. If you're consistent, then you should not have any problems with data lost.

Battery life is great. I used it for a full 24 hours without recharge and it reminded me to recharge so that I would not lose any unsaved data.

All in all, it is a good purchase for the price. I just hope that it will last me the two years before my next upgrade.

Why Did I DO This?


Jan 30, 2006 by BAR2SHE

VERY DISAPPOINTED! Can not tether to my Laptop for occasional use. Audiovox said this is a Verizon mandated restriction even though it is possible on other carriers. Current version of MS Voice Command not compatible. If you don’t answer before end of SECOND ring it goes to Voice Mail. Verified by Verizon as a problem on more then one phone in different parts of the Country. I wonder why I purchased this phone.

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