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UT Starcom has lost a customer


Mar 23, 2007 by Drillspot

I have this phone just under a year now. It was worked pretty well for me, although there have been issues with the battery life as well as setting up the e-mail (which could be user error).

I have this phone through Sprint, and for the past 3 months, the phone would not hold a charge, but works when plugged in, so I took it in to Sprint's tech department. They could not help me, unless I was willing to wait in the store, for 2 hours. They said they most likely could not fix the issue anyways, so they suggest I send it in to UT Starcom for a warranty fix and/or exchange. I took their advice and sent it in to the warranty department.

I was a little sketched out by their warranty as they just advised me to send it to an address, no authorization number needed. I sent it insured, just to be on the safe side. I had not heard from UT Starcom, so I called their warranty number again. Luckily they were able to find my information/phone. I was advised that the motherboard was broken, and was not able to be fixed, but that the phone had been sent back out to me. I figured that was fine, I could still use it when I got it back while it was plugged in.

I got the phone back today, and found out that the UT Starcom technicians had taken out the USB port used to plug in/ charge the phone. I called and asked why, and was told that my phone had major physical damage to it and did not work/could not be repaired. This is not true, as it has never been dropped, has no water damage and it worked before I sent it to them.

I now have a $500 dollar phone that is of no use to anyone, and will now have to spend at least that much money to get a new phone just to access my e-mail.

So be warned - do NOT send this phone in for repair! If you do, I wish you luck and hope you have a better experience than I have had.

Brilliant Phone for most


Jan 7, 2007 by ciao4now

i have had my phone for over a year now and have had a very strange love hate relationship. there are alot of simple things that one must know about the phone before purchasing it. there is not really a way to access the speaker phone option before placing a call, but i am not sure why one would want to. There are several different versions of the phone. i have exchanged mine in about 4 times for the same model and the problems ranged from the miniscule (bad battery) to the extreme (my phone having A.I. and making calls on it's own).I suggest that anyone purchasing this phone make sure they have the new updates (sprint's website has it available) and adjust the screen for power saving. lower the light on the screen and it is also easier to see outside (or at least this is what i have found to work). there are a few bugs to get past like the frezzing up, but then again thats just Windows lol. this is not the most compatible phone with Mac i would reccommend something with the Symbian or a Blackberry.It does work with Mac OS just not well.
the connection problem with Bluetooth is very easily solved with Bluetooth 2.0 products. i would definately advise shying away from anything less becuase it has problems sometimes reccognizing and connecting (even with the internet).
FYI there really is no need to download minimozilla for the phone becuase it slows down the functionality (so i have found) and i would reccomend skype for wifi calling and pocket Divix. the Ir port is not great so i would watch out for IR transfering and use Bluetooth.
*LOCK the PHONE if you get it or you may have a few problems with unecessary internet connections and phone calls which drain power at the least.
overall this is still the best pocket pc phone out there and definately one of the best pda phones. i have tried everything from blackberrys to treos and i keep comming back to this phone. it is very easy to use for most

Great Phone; Great Purchase


Jul 26, 2006 by MrStylz

After wavering back and forth, I purchased this phone. I have been quite please with it and it has many many features that I wasn't sure I would use or not, but have.

After reading reviews, my main concerns were:
1. Not being able to read in the sunlight
- This has not been much of an issue, I can still read it just fine, it's just a bit tough. Not a problem.

2. No voice commands.
- I got a copy of Microsoft's VoiceCommand. It cost me nothing, so not much of a complaint, but I wouldn't want to spend money on it.

3. Battery life
- Using WiFi, bluetooth, and surfing for a few hours a night, it still lasts me at least 2 or 3 days. Awesome for what I use it for.

4. ActiveSync
- So far, so good, v4.2 is out and it's great. I use GoogleCalendar and downloaded a plugin for Outlook that grabs my calendar and so now it's on my phone, couldn't ask for more.

5. To use WiFi, you have to turn off the phone.
- Well, this is annoying, but luckily, it's hackable, which I haven't done yet but plan on doing so. It won't be a problem for long.

6. Phone makes random calls unless turned "off" after every call.
- Let me set the record straight. Turning this bugger "off" as it was said doesn't turn it "off", it puts it into standby. You still get calls..it's basically key lock. You push a button at the top and the screen goes blank and locks the keys. When you get a call, you answer it. You can either put it in your pocket and it goes into standby by itself or turn it off, then pocket it. It's how every key-locking phone works...Perfect for me.

7. Bluetooth has a hard time picking up my headset, it doens't always work how I want it to. A bit annoying, but not a concern usually.

8. Entire keyboard not backlight.
- All of the main keys are, but the shift keys are not. I don't really care personally, all of they keys I care about light up and that's fine by me.

So far, I love this phone and am happy with the perchase. I wish the volume could be louder, though!



Dec 23, 2005 by tmsstunner

WOW! I've been selling phones for a while now, for T-Mobile and Alltel. I MUST SAY, though no phone is without its flaws, this is the best pocket pc phone out there, period. I have had first hand experience with the Verizon SPH-i730 and honestly, the ppc-6700 is a much better phone.

This is the firts ppc phone to run windows mobile 5. It could be a bit faster but because of the way wm5 uses memory, it slows it down a bit, maybe a second, but not long enough to make a profound difference. The phone has it all: WiFi, Bluetooth(fully functional), EVDO, Infrared and also a sliding keyboard! Which I must admit is an absolute breeze to use, though it could have been spring loaded, which is not a problem, just a nuisance. There is a 1.3 megapixel camera/video that takes EXCELLENT photos compared to all other U.S. phones I have used. Also the screen, though only supporting 65k colors, is beautiful. It has all your standard ppc apps and also has pocket excel, word, and powerpoint. There is also a mini-sd card slot which accepts up to 1 gigabyte.

The phone does have a few bugs, (and I mean maybe 2 or 3) that will be fixed with bug fixes for wm5 from what I hear. As far as the internet connection, I am fortunate to stay in Cleveland, which is Alltel EVDO. I have attained 4 megabytes per/sec!!!(2wire.com). Even with areas of little to no coverage, which are scarce with Alltel, the phone still handles the net with ease. The Wi-Fi radio is powerful and fast, and connects extremely easy. And Bluetooth works great, even using bluetooth DUN.

Verdict: I spent $629 on this phone, because I couldnt wait for Alltel to get it for me. I swear, the best 600 bucks Ive ever spent. If you are reading this and deciding between a treo, i730, and this awesome ppc6700, GET THE 6700. Sprint carries it and does Qwest and Alltel. GET IT!! The i730 is not a bad phone, just not the 6700!!

First PDA/Phone and a great choice


Aug 20, 2006 by joshica

After carrying a PDA and a cell phone for years, I wanted to combine devices. I am very happy with this phone. I was just learning all the features on this phone and then realized there was a firmware update available. After I did that, I really enjoy the added features. I have Verizon and have the unlimited data package. Wow, that makes this phone even better. I use the PDA features everyday because of my calendar/contacts needs. I just learned to use the phone as a modem for my laptop and now I have high-speed internet no matter where I am at. With that package, the wifi feature isn't that fabulous, however, I still use it every once in a while, because it is a bit faster.


1. Laptop power in compact package. This has a built-in keyboard that is very well-spaced. Makes texting fast and easy. Also has a stylus for using the touch screen. However, almost every feature is accessible from the joystick or soft keys.
2. Bluetooth for hands-free phone use. Bluetooth devices pair easily with this device.
3. WiFi for those that don't choose to purchase the unlimited data package.
4. Ability to use the phone as a modem for a laptop, is a must with the unlimited data package. Connects at high-speed. (Stream XM or Sirius radio, if subscribed)
5. Camera built-in. Adequate if you forgot your Kodak.


1. Periodic freeze-ups that are resolved with a simple reset. A bit annoying but not a big deal.
2. Battery life is a bit of a concern but I just got more chargers for work and for the car.
3. Had to get a firmware update to get certain updates. Luckily I got it before too much info was on my device.
4. Reception is a bit less than my previous phone. However I did switch cell companies too.
5. I'm really having to search for some cons.

All in all, having a PDA and a Phone but only carrying one device is outstanding. I love this phone.

must have 3rd party programs:
Pocket Informant
Magic Button
many PDA games.

Verizon xv6700 ROCKS!


Jan 23, 2006 by cwilkins

I got the 6600 the first day I was eligible for an upgrade, having heard nothing definitive about an eminent 6700 release. It was nice, but definitely had its cons. The 6600 reviews on this site sum it up well, so I won't repeat. The xv6700 release was announced about 3 weeks after I got the 6600. Luckily, Verizon took pity on me and allowed me to trade up, though I still had to wait another week for the official release on 1/19. While I waited, I read the 6700 reviews and fretted whether I would like it better. What had me worried the most was loose keyboard and smaller screen. But once I saw it, I was in love. Looks like the keyboard problem is fixed and the smaller screen is still 320x240 and allows for a smaller phone! And the 6700 has landscape mode, plus I love the new black and silver color scheme. WM5 is also easier to navigate. You can do a lot now without having to pull out the stylus (which now stows away fairly snug).

Cons? Well, you may or may not like the joystick. I'm not as fond of the new layout of the outside buttons, but getting used to them. Why won't the camera button actually pull up the camera? Already had one lock up, fixed by a soft reset. (The 6600 locked up at least 6 times in 3 weeks, and I know about shutting down unused apps.) There are a few minor bugs here and there. ExtROM version is 1.05.201 WWE.

Ultimately, I'd have to say that if you're interested in a pocket PC phone, I don't think it gets any better than this!

I'll try to post some pics in the forum if someone doesn't beat me to it.




Apr 4, 2006 by Brockie2

I have owned this phone for over 3 months now and absolutely love this phone. Dont be scared by the bad reviews others give. They are probably "wanna bes" that just carry around this phone but have no clue how to use it to it's full potential. If you mean business this is the phone you need. The only con I have about this phone is how hard it is to see in the sunlight. When you are in the dark and need to see the keyboard, just press a button and then you can hit the delete key and it lights up! I would suggest buying an extended battery for it also, I found that out 2 days after I bought it. The regular battery only lasted me half a day. But overall this is an outstanding phone! A must buy!

Nirvana (so far) vs. other phone/PDA's


Feb 4, 2006 by jscottod

After having owned literally every higher-end phone made over the past 3 years for Verizon incl. LG, Moto, Samsung, Audiovox, TREO 600, 650 and 700w; the XV6700 does just about everything I have asked of it. I thought I had the perfect phone in the 700w, but OMG is it buggy. I had constant freezes, failure to 'wake up' from power save state. Soft & hard resets almost daily. I tried 4 different 700w's and they all had problems. I rated a 4.5 only because I haven't had it long enough for a fair long-term road test.

- No bugs, freezes, etc., necessitating a reset
- Excellent voice quality in ear, speaker (in a quiet environment), and bluetooth. Something I disliked about the Treo's was you couldn't hear yourself in the earphone. This phone allows such
- No static w/ BT earpiece (vs. my Treo)
- Small PDA. Not a holster kind of guy so easily fits in my front pocket. Side-by-side with Treo it is very similar in size
- Bright, HUGE screen, especially when in horizontal mode
- Ability to ring THEN vibrate, or ring AND vibrate. I like to feel ring if in loud space
- WiFi!!
- Excellent RF reception
- Battery life - a full day plus..
- mini-USB vs. proprietary connector
- keypad easier to use than Treo
- No complaints with joystick. I have precise, steady hands and rather like it. Heavy handed folks might not.
- Acceptable Camera resolution with useful flash
- Well thought-out side buttons that aren't easily accidentally activated while in pocket
- love the rough, matte black finish. Doesn't slide around in my hand.
- not probs with keyboard not staying open
- music quality excellent with earbuds

- One out-of-the-way dead pixel. Not enough to go through exchange process
- needs brighter back light on keyboard
- mini-SD rather than SD.
- only a small handful of ringtones preinstalled, but can always use your own customized ring tone. Must convert MP3 though
- uhhh, golly. Short con list.

Best phone I've ever used


Mac user that's quite happy with the phone


Dec 27, 2006 by rfronk

I'm a Mac user and have read about the inherent syncing problems with the phone, but still decided to buy the phone.

Firstly, there are fixes around the problem with the phone not working with Mac. Especially since Missing Sync now works with WM5. However, you do have to buy it, so that's a downer.

-Switching from phone to PDA is too easy.
-Phone sounds great and gets great reception (alltel)
-WM5 is really neat to work with, especially since my previous phone had Palm 4.0.
-Connected easily to my Mac via bluetooth.
-very nice size for what the phone is.
-contrary to what others have said, I have had no problem with the keyboard. There is a pound key over the F, and a star key over the N.
-Camera takes great pictures.
-Wi-Fi is awesome, I can't believe how well it works.
-Battery lasts me easily 2 or 3 days before i have to recharge it.

-Screen is a little hard to see in the sun, but what phone isn't?
-when using the keyboard, the antenna is in an awkward place, but I'm used to it now.
-uses miniSD as opposed to SD, which would be cheaper than me.
-Have to purchase third party software to get phone to sync with mac. Or spend 15 minutes putting the info in myself.
-screen easily gets smudges, but again, what phone doesn't. Got some screen covers from RadioShack.
-Wi-Fi a little complicated to get running. I'm still not entirely sure how switch what network I'm connected to, but I got it to connect to my home network.

Overall, I would definitely make the purchase again if I had the chance. I picked the phone over the Treo 650 and 700 because of the bigger keyboard and bigger screen. I chose this phone over alltel's blackberries, well because they were blackberries.

I'm a casual user who wanted a more sophisticated phone that had the ability to keep track of everything I do in my week, and it is simply great.

PDA/Laptop Phone


Dec 17, 2006 by xv007

The XV6700 is a pda/laptop first and a phone second. I too have had some frustration with this phone, almost getting a new phone, but after the new update, all is very well. The new update has voice dialing and a slew of improvments. I have read every single review and some-to-most of the complaints and issues are user error or just plain dumb. Who scrolls through their phone book in direct sunlight?

Anyway, the 3rd party software for this device is outstanding. I am a web developer, and when I am actually mobile, I can create websites with this 'phone'. Of course, I cannot cut Photoshop graphics on it or anything, but everything else is code and upload. No matter where I am I have access to servers and help maintain clients online business. While on a call I can use the phones features and programs, like take notes or use word and go through my emails.

The main reason I did not give this product a 5 is, yes, because nothing is perfect. But the phone part of this [eh-hem] phone, is not too good. I use a bluetooth ear piece anyway, so no big deal, but holding this device up to your ear and/or using the speaker phone, if you can call it that, is NOT efficient at all. When in a car, you will not hear it ring, nor will you hear the person on the other end very well, unless you have an ear piece or even a bluetooth speaker. The other issue, is that it is windows...I mean, I thought I would never hear myself say: "My phone crashed, I have to reboot my phone."

I am assuming when this phone went through the process of approval for public release, when they got to the phone part of the phone, it must have been around lunch break. Because someone decided this part of the phone was good enough and then they all left and went to lunch.

There are lot of tools, programs and a few good hacks that make this phone a lot better than it is straight out of the box. With some knowledge and understanding of hardware and software, there isn't too much this thing can't do.

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