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Oct 15, 2005 by dmv-law

After going thru six i500's in less than two years, I trust that this MS OS will be more stable than the Palm-based i500. It took a lot of helpful handholding from Sprint to get my nearly 1000 contacts moved over to the Outlook-based contacts on the 6700. I can't wait to get extra batteries, car and home chargers. But I'm limping along okay for now, taking the charger cord out of the cradle and bringing it back and forth between work and home. (It plugs into the bottom of the phone at the same port as for cradle use, so no need to take the cradle unless syncing at more than one location.) My only serious concerns are that epocrates.com and avantgo.com (free software downloads for PDAs) don't appear to support this phone yet. Sound quality, heft, intuitive ease of use are why I give it a 5.0 on a scale that goes no higher. I'm a two-week user. Addicted. Just get me more juice!

PPC-6700 Review Close to perfect!!


Sep 22, 2005 by majikhat

I am new to the Scoop and here is my review to on the 6700 since i receive it 24 hrs ago:

So far this phone Rocks! has a very nice form factor and has every thing you need for and on the go person. EV-DO is such a nice thing to have for browsing on this thing. Adding the WIFI is even better i was able to use it at work and at home. Keyboard is a lot easier to use than other devices I have had in the past. Screen is very nice and clear. I was able to pair a Jabra headset and it works very well so far. This by far is Sprint's best device for the Mobile User!

My only complaint is that they need a smart-phone that will do Ready-Link. I am also having trouble getting the WIFI to work with WPA. Other than that it is a solid Smart Device

Take some time with it.


Feb 1, 2006 by Milez5858

I started by reading the negative articles on this phone, and truly the issue's people bring up don't have much bearing if you take the time to learn the phone.

"If all else fails, read the instructions", although it's very intuitive.

Keep in mind that there is some killer 3rd party software out there.

Complaints include: Contacts difficult. Spend the $30 for MS Voice Command. You will never have to touch the screen to look anyone up again.

Treo's and Blackberries IMO have different applications. Treo is a PIM with a cell added on. If PIM is you main desire, then that is the right product for you. Blackberry is an email machine and great for centralized information. You can't beat it in it's class. The PPC device, in our network, is allowing ppl to trade their laptops in. They have a desktop in the office, and while traveling they are able to stay connected via email, text messaging or MSN.If they need a more robust computer they connect to their desktop via Terminal Services.

It's just not possible to do on ANY other device and that's why this one gets the great score.

No device is perfect. 15 years in IT and I have yet to see it.

Those who gave negative feed back on this device don't seem to have done the proper footwork ahead of time to choose the best product for their needs.

Easily fully flashed


May 14, 2009 by Mints912

This phone was a good phone to have on cricket. It was easily flashed over to work with full feature list picture and internet. So I liked the phone with all of its features the battery just was very very subpar I couldn't even get a good day out of it without panicing to find a charger lol...but the good of this phone was while it wasn't going dead it had a number of pros

PROS: Camera, video, Microsoft word, powerpoint, excel, and touch screen ability

CONS: battery life, freezing all the time,



Jul 3, 2008 by marmardav




May 14, 2008 by MR.BANKZ

so like i just got the pocket pc for sprint about 4 months ago.im one of those people when i see a phone i get and i had my eyes on the Sprint pocket pc.which when i finally got it i was really ecstatic but it wasn't long before i noticed the glitches...
-the phone is great for finishing a quick essay in the middle of class
-and text msging is great
__________-thats about all_____________
-this phone cant hold a charge at all
-sprint doesnt have picture msging for any pdas
-the wifi isnt that great
the service
-and the touch screen is horrible
-not to mention the buttons blemish really quickly
overall if u have no intentions on using this phone to talk by all means take it on a test drive but if u need a compact pda with all the right qualities this is not the phone for you!!!

Biggest POS


Mar 10, 2008 by jsn_elliott

This is the biggest POS phone I have owned. If you do buy this phone get insurance for it. The next thing I would recommend is that you get something the will make the battery cover actually stay on the back on the phone. Ive lost mine twice just putting my phone in my pocket. Just a few months ago I got a new one of these. The touchscreen is going out, the scroll ball is broken, and Ive only dropped it once. I haven't been able to get on the internet with either one of my phones. The only positive I would have to say about this phone is: the applications are easy to find and the QWERTY keyboard has never let me down



Feb 24, 2008 by meggster

I've had this phone for a year and a half. I love the BIG touch screen and the key board. It's super easy to text on. If you don't have internet then you are limited to what you can do. It freezes up quite a bit, and make sure you take your charger everywhere you go it dies super fast! I hate how big it is... it's giant and I want a new phone but I did fall in love with the key board and touch screen.

My 6700


Feb 18, 2008 by Latinjoe

My UTStarcom PPC-6700 phone which I've had for over a now year has been a great phone. I had an issue with losing both the sreen pens but I called the warranty dept and they sent the revised version but only send me one which I still have. The screen is hard to see in the dark. I like the fact that it came with a case, earphones and car charger.
It took close to 6 (six) months to get my rebate from Starcom but after many calls finally got it. Great PDA.

A work horse!


Feb 1, 2008 by DaDJ

I've owned my Sprint-branded PPC-6700 for over 2 years now. While I've recently been eligible for an "upgrade", I've decided not to take advantage of it.

I researched this phone before it came out and realized it had all the features I needed, and would use.

For example, it has WIFI, Bluetooth, and EVDO. It can also be used as a "phone-as-modem" to allow connectivity to the Internet from a laptop avoiding the need for a PCMCIA Cellular Modem card and another sprint bill or extra charge.

The phone has held up amazingly well. I travel 100% for my job as a consultant and this phone has worked everywhere I've taken it. I have upgraded the firmware a few times, which allowed me to take advantage of some features that Sprint had disabled (Such as using Phone-as-Modem mode over Bluetooth).

The phone has only recently started to have some cosmetic issues. For example, the little black dot in the joystick fell off, and the rubber strip on the back of the phone also fell off. (I am about to buy an extended battery for it, which will come with a new back anyways).

I did have a few problems with the phone bouncing between 1X and EVDO connection (difference between about 60kbps and 700kbps) while on projects. I was able to solve this by switching a setting in the phone which required the Universal Unlock code which I had to "aquire" from Sprint. Once I had that code, I could force my phone into EVDO mode when it had trouble locking on to a strong signal, and that solved that problem.

The only thing I would change, if I could, about this phone are the following:

* Speed of processor: I would like a much faster processor. I generally have alot of applications open and sometimes a boost would help.
* Screen Size: Being a UNIX guy, being able to do a 80x25 character "text screen" would be helpful. To do this, I would need a VGA screen (640x480) instead of the QVGA screen (320x240).

Overall, I'd definitely buy a newer model when one comes out that meets my wishes.

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