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Mixed emotions


May 13, 2007 by ghuffman

This is my first PDA phone and I have had it for about six months. Overall I have mixed emotions about the phone.

-Good with MSN messenger
-Internet and WiFi connectivity so far is good
-Love that there are many ways to access things on the phone (joystick, styllus, on screen keyboard, and pull out keyboard). So far the pull out keyboard works well and is very sturdy.
-Also love the games that are able to be downloaded.
-The calendar and tasks are very easy to use and a great help.
-Active Sync works well with contacts and calendar.

-Screen cannot be viewed very well in the sunlight. Not a problem because I don't usually use it outside.
-Only the primary buttons on the keyboard light up, the ones that you use with the "shift" button do not. Again, not a big deal because I don't use my phone in the dark.
-Must reset wallpaper everytime the phone dies or is reset.
-Active Sync is a little hard to use when downloading music from the computer.
-Active Sync does not work if you have security software. You must disable the software before you use the active sync or it will not read your phone. This is not really a problem now, but it was very aggrivating while I was trying to get it to work for the first time.
-Text messaging works great but I have had problems lately with the phone not receiving some messages.

-Cannot open hotmail attachments
-Not very many or good ring tones come with the phone. If you make your own ring tone it delays incoming calls and you end up missing them.
-Speakerphone volume is not very loud
-Phone locks up at least once a day
-Phone makes "random" calls when turned off
-Having problems now with the phone shutting off in the middle of the day and cannot be turned on unless you take out the battery.
-Battery life is not good. Must charge phone every night even if there is 70% battery left because it will die in the night.



May 12, 2007 by bsamson

The phone was fair when it worked. Being windows based I guess I should have suspected the software & OS issues such as it freezing up. The software/hardware obviously didn't support one another well. For example, when sliding the screen to reveal the keyboard ... the screen would at times NOT change. The phone is EXTREMELY over priced!

- Neat Form factor
- 802.11 compatibility

- Battery Life
- Touch screen keypad
- When the battery was below 100% and the phone's backlight dimmed ... the phone would become unresponsive for extended periods of time.
- TOO many more to list ...

Look, take some advice ... save yourself some time, frustration, and money and go with the Treo (700p), or Blackberry. I hope to God Sprint cancels this phone soon.

Could Be Better


May 5, 2007 by jasonwade

I have had this phone for about 6months, I really liked the email and instant messenger while i was on the go. I upgraded from a blackberry and had really had mixed felling about this phone. I was able to do all my work while on the go with Microsoft word and excel. The downfalls to this phone that I have had has been, deleting text messages that had been sent and received, after about 3000 text messages the phone would really slow down. I had to have the pone replaced 6 times due to this issue, had to have it replaced two times due to it freezing up and was unable to reset the phone with out removing the battery and restarting it. I had spoke to a rep over the phone about fixing this issue with the messages and was told that there was nothing that they have heard about it. When calling to get problems fixed they would transfer me to person after people. They then went to inform me that there was nothing that they could do except to have me do a master clear about every thirty days to get the messages to go away. This was a LARGE inconvenience to have to do every time it froze or slowed down. The camera on this phone is really good and loved the pictures that it took.

Very NICE phone


Apr 15, 2007 by mstngdtb

After having this phone for a little while I have to say it is awesome. I am still learning all the tricks but it seems to be working good.

Pros: easy to navigate, keyboard is spaced well, bluetooth works good, battery life seems to be very good, and there are lots of features to keep you busy learning.

Cons: sometimes makes random calls while texting, freezes up every once in a while for no reason, somewhat hard to learn with no past experience.

All in all it is a very nice phone with lots of features!!!

Awesome device


Mar 28, 2007 by jcalcatms

**(Verizon VX-6700)**

I have to say that I totally love this thing. For years, I have been using a very powerful PDA that was full of features, including a 1.3mp camera with light/flash. The only thing this PDA lacked was a phone, which I had to carry around separately.

Operating system: Windows Mobile 5. Somewhat odd after using Palm OS, but very easy to get used to and just as good, if not better.

Sound/speaker: Small speaker underneath camera mirror on back side. Definitely not stereo, and not incredibly loud. I'd say 'loud enough,' but it doesn't project extremely well for speakerphone calls or for playing audio, even with the volume all the way up. Loud enough, however, for ringers to be heard in a car traveling in the interstate with music playing.

Multimedia player: Windows Media Player. Very nice. Just like most versions in the last couple years, though quite limited compared to the real thing.

Camera: 1.3 MP with capture light, NOT a flash. Good quality pics and videos, though definitely not a suitable substitute for a good digital camera.

Accessory apps: Has EVERYTHING. Even Word and Excel for Pocket PC! You can view Power Point presentations. Scheduling and task managing apps very friendly.

Internet: Very fast, Internet Explorer is very familiar and easy to use. Works best in landscape mode.

Battery: With standard battery fully charged, talk time is excellent. Standby time is good, but leaves a little something to be desired. EXTENDED BATTERY AVAILABLE FOR THIS DEVICE (vs. unavailable for the Palm Treo 700p/700w/700wv)!!!! Adds some bulk but makes it the Energizer Bunny of Pocket PC phones!!!

Key layout: When closed, number of external keys are sufficient to do most anything, but dialing requires that you use your fingers on the screen, use the stylus, or just scroll for your contacts. When open, keyboard is smooth and easy to use.

Ease of use: somewhat difficult for quick phoning, but otherwise wonderful!


after having many i finally found the right one...


Mar 26, 2007 by Christofc7

here in recent times i have had the q, the treo-both p and wx. i had no intention of getting the 6700, but one day a man, very bitter about his 6700, was so eager to get the q and get rid of his phone that he actually gave it to me! besides the fact that the 6700 doesnt have as much memory or battery life as the treo and the lack of built in gps (thats why it got a 4.5) this phone completes me! the form of the phone is fun , and despite size, its attractive and practical. the potential for this device seems ulimited and while my initial feelings of the device were negative and annoyance, after finding the proper hacks and doing a little research, i was able to speed up the processing power of the device, learn most of the general ins and out and make it fully customizable for me. if you have some patience and are willing to put in a little work to make your phone awesome...this is the phone for you.

Excellent Device


Mar 23, 2007 by li2327

I just got my ppc 6700 for verizon a couple of days ago. I absolutely love it so far.

Not to heavy
Excellent keyboard
Large screen
Easy to navigate
Pretty good camera
Email Client-Easy to use

Not enough theme selection
Red notification alert instead of orange so notification stands out more.

I'm very pleased.

great phone, better ppc


Mar 15, 2007 by pillagingjack

I have run the gamut in phones. I have had all of the cool phones, including the 700w, env, v, chocolate, flip chocolate..you name, I'm sure I've had it at one time... Anyway, so far this phone is rock solid. This phone will tether to become your modem for your laptop, however that feature is burried in the system, and if you need help finding it, send me an email. The PIE is great, and the screen is beautiful!! Some definite enhancements needed are SPB Pocket Shell, which gives the today screen a much needed face lift. Also, it wouldnt hurt to have Dynamo on there, which is free on most freeware sites. This lets you see everything thats open and pick which page to go to and which to close permanently. Cant be described with words, so check out some screen shots... The PPC end of it is great as well. It syncs like a charm and does everything it should do. Another enhancement is getting the extended battery. The standard battery is fine, but getting the extended one will greatly increase your enjoyment of this phone. Search around, as the extended battery is usually about $20 and is a heck of a lot cheaper than buying the standard one.

An overall decent phone.


Dec 4, 2006 by Moruitelda

As a Verizon employee, I'm acquainted with our entire line of phones. I chose the 6700 due to the slide out keyboard, screen size, Windows Mobile operating system, and Bluetooth functionality, and because non V-Cast phones are not required to be locked against non-DRM MP3s. I have had an overall positive experience with it, but not positive enough to recommend buying it over the less expensive Q, or the well-designed Treo.

In regards to screen issues - you need to turn your backlight on. Occasionally it will randomly turn off, go into your settings and turn it back on. It's brighter than most phones, and should be visible in all but the brightest sun.

In regards to the MOTO V3M charger being interchangeable - yes, that's what I thought, but to be sure I checked the statistics of the chargers. The charger for the 6700 operates at much higher power output - it's designed for the phone. Using the RAZR's charger may void your warrantee, may result in less than stellar performance or battery life, and will result in longer charge times. Just FYI.

-Bright, vivid, large screen. Responsive with stylus. On screen keyboard useful for some applications.
-Comes with BubbleBreaker, absolutely the best video game ever.
-Bundled with Microsoft Word and Excel Mobile, as well as software for ActiveSync.
-Built-in browser implemented fairly well.
-Slide-out keyboard makes texting, e-mailing, and word processing a breeze compared to other phones. Full QWERTY layout (compared to shared buttons such as on the Blackberry), with larger keys than the Treo means that it's very easy to type on.

-Battery life. I have to charge it every night, it won't last 2 full days. If you buy it and want more, be sure to purchase the extended battery.
-Voice dial through a Bluetooth headset will not function while the phone is locked. This made me sad. I can answer calls, but not send them.
-Software is a bit buggy.
-Slow performance. Often lags, requiring hard restart.

I wanted to embrace the VX 6700, but I couldn't.


Dec 1, 2006 by chocolateman85006

I'm not gonna give the VX 6700 anything less than a 2, but I surely can't give it a 5.

1.3 Megapixel Camera/Video (2 Megapixel on the camera setting).
Sliding QWERTY Keyboard
Wide Variety of 3rd party programs
Easy to sync.
Windows OS (I was silly to think that Palm Or Symbian is better).
Superb Mp3 playing (could even make them into ringtones).

FREEZING!!!!! It froze on me even with one program running. (I can have 10 running on my Q and it's no bid deal)
It falls prey to the bluetooth neutering of Verizon (the Q doesn't)
Soft resets all the dang time! (a brotha ain't got time for all dat!)

Though the cons were few, they were enough for me to utilize Verizon's 15 Day Guarantee. I went back to the Q because all i do on the VX6700, i could do on the Q, and it's smaller. I may try Sprint's PPC 6700 in addition to my Q, since their bluetooth doesn't do all that; but that won't be for a while.

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